Birthday greetings!

Kate Flannery

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Whether she’s tossing back another vodka Big Gulp as Meredith on The Office, or shaking her groove thing as Cassie Chew in The Lampshades, please join me in sending Kate Flannery the happiest of birthday greetings!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kate!
    I wish you the best and I love your show, I hope that you guys get to outlast Lost through 2010~

  2. Have an incredibly Happy Birthday, Kate! Hope you’re having a kick a** hiatus!

  3. Happy Birthday to Kate! Can only hope its a fantastic one! And I for one hope that one day for my birthday (yes, let’s focus back in on me) I can get to see the Lampshades in action!

  4. Happy birthday, Kate! You’re incredible–thanks for keeping us updated with your tvguide blog.

  5. Happy Birthday Kate!!! My birthday’s the 11th; why couldn’t I been born a day earlier!?

  6. Its my Birthday as well June 10th 1984. Wow, does that mean I am a flashing drunk?

  7. THANKS EVERYBODY! I had a great birthday!!!
    Thanks Jennie and thanks to all of you for all your warm wishes. I saw a bunch of the Office gang today at the Evan Almighty premier. It was a blast. I can’t wait to get back and see everyone everyday.
    I had a great BIRD DAY!
    My birthday, my rules.
    (the real meredith)

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MS. FLANNERY!! Well, it’s a belated wish now, but I hope you had a great one! We all love you!!!

  9. Happy Bird-day! Luckily you’re not a year older because you work at Dunder-Mifflin where time stands still!

  10. Another belated birthday wish, Kate – you looked awesone at the Evan Almighty premiere – you go girl!

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