1. Steve is SOOOO charming! I liked how he was explaining the acronyms about Alan Arkin’s Fan Club. He was cute with the little head gesture. A lot of his expressions definitely resemble Michael. I also enjoyed his list of overused phrases (DO NOT go there), most of which Michael use!

  2. I love to see Steve on the big screen, he’s a great actor. Evan Almighty opens in theatres on my bday! And John Krasinski will be on Regis and Kelly on my bday too! What a great gift! :)

  3. I just wish that Steve had said “basically if Michael Scott says it, stop using it!”

  4. Steve seems like such an educated guy. Did anybody else get that impression while they were watching this interview?

  5. yeah i loved how half of those phrases are used daily by michael scott … i wish he had acknowledged that.

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