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  1. “They were fans of the show in the way that crazy Internet people are fans of the show. They would want to know everything.”


  2. I don’t know if this was mentioned yet, but, I saw Knocked Up yesterday, and BJ Novak, Craig Robinson, Ken Jeong (the Asian in Michael’s Improv Class) and Steve Carell making a cameo as himself. Now, as soon as I saw Allison Jones was the casting director I saw this coming, but I thought I would tell you all.

  3. I have a question about the reairing of “Phyllis’ Wedding.” What happened to it on the right side of the page. I thought it aired after Diwali. Can someone tell me if I missed it on a non-Thursday night reairing? What’s the deal?

  4. I originally listed it when NBC announced that ‘Phyllis’ Wedding’ would air tomorrow. I just checked the listings, again, though, and it has been removed.

  5. Good Melora interview… I was just watching “Friends” and realized she was on an episode (“The One With the Stoned Guy”- Season 1, disc 3 if you wanna look it up on the DVD) And is it me, or does her nose look different? It was a long time ago… Hmmm…

  6. I was at the io show as well. I saw you saying hi to Ms. Angela, but I didn’t want to interrupt. I got to say hello to her as well and while we were waiting to talk to Melora, she was sweet enough to get Melora’s attention for us.

    They were all fabulous and funny in the show.

  7. ouch is right… rubbing face to take out the sting.

    on a lighter note- it was great seeing you in the audience last night, tanster. angela just tore up the stage, didn’t she? she can kill with just a heave of her american doll sized chest.

  8. I read that “crazy Internet people” comment, and my first thought was like Tori’s: Ouch. But upon consideration I don’t think Jenna really meant it in a mean context. She’s been so above and beyond generous in her fan interaction (though less so since her career has taken off) that I think she’s genuinely appreciative of the support, if perhaps just a little taken aback at the overwhelming amount of it.

  9. Re #12: Oh no! I hope no one takes Jenna’s comment at face value. She obviously meant it in an affectionate way. And come on…we know us Internet fans are crazy, and I myself am proud of it!

    Without crazy internet fans, there would be no way the campaign to reinstate the CBS show “Jericho” could have been mobilized that quickly, and I’m personally very happy for fans of “Jericho” that their efforts saved their show from cancellation. I think all of us would have done the same thing if the threat of cancellation presented itself to “The Office” as well.

    As you have mentioned in your post, Jenna has been over and beyond generous in her interaction with fans of “The Office”, and she is genuinely grateful of our support. This is her loving way of acknowledging us in the article, so to speak. I don’t think any of the cast/writers/producers of “The Office” would wish for lesser online support.

  10. I think people are being a little to sensitive about Jenna’s internet comment. She was basically saying the crazy internet people are the ones who love the show, and that they are crazy about the show, not crazy in real life. And isn’t that true? Jenna loves the internet people, she is. If she thought we were “crazy” she wouldn’t write the blogs.

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