1. not bad…

    basically ryan is in scranton and says something to the effect of ‘im your new boss. you have to respect me like you did jan”

    scott replies, ‘whoa, i dont swing that way’

  2. At the start of it, there’s a brief, funny glimpse of Michael giving Jim an obviously unwanted hug. :)

  3. I missed the air five.

    I’m also looking forward to Seinfeld buying NBC and turning it into the biggest Lane Bryant in midtown.

  4. Is that Creed sitting in the back corner of the conference room? Is it just me or is his hair really dark??

  5. Did you guys see Creed’s hair in the background? It’s black! lol, what in the world?

  6. I’m sure Earl will be good. 30 Rock looks great as usual (good to see Jerry again) and, thankfully, Michael doesn’t “swing that way” after Ryan requests to be treated like Jan was treated. Can’t wait!

  7. Wait, I know that one promo aired during Chuck last night. But is there another promo up? I see on previous comments that they saw Jim and Pam air high fiving each other. C’est vrai?

    I guess I will have to see to find out.

    But if someone could post up the clip that would be equally appreciated! :)

  8. What’s with Halpert and all the PDA. Geez, dating Karen for over 6 months and we only saw them hold hands once. Now he’s kissing Pam in cars, and her holding her hand walking down the street…and of course then there’s kissing Michael at his desk. Geez, Jim.

  9. It’s so good to have JAM back! Can’t wait to see what was behind that air high five. :-)

  10. Best night on Television…period!
    I’m so glad that Office and now 30 Rock
    are back on…and even though I miss that Scrubs
    isn’t back on yet, I’m more than content as long as
    the Office is extended by half an hour!

  11. thank you for the people who are observant enough to catch a glimpse of creeds hair…i think i am now more excited about the hilarity that that will bring than i was before…is it thursday yet?

  12. I’m eager to see why Creed has jet black hair- what could possibly be the reason for that?! O_o

    Yay for air fives!! Bring on the pranks!

  13. yeah the air five was pretty intense. hahaha I love Jam. They are so back. So so back. Good times.

  14. Air High Fives!? I didn’t think last week could make me happier, but it looks like The Office always finds a way.

  15. #39, I completely agree with you! I got so giddy after seeing the air high-five. I love PB&J, lol.

  16. Now, let’s not get hasty with the “air five” glee. For all we know, they could just be doing a mime duet, and that’s an invisible box between them.

  17. treat me like you treated Jan…hahahah, bad call Ryan.
    and I’m loving the air high five as well, classic PB & J

  18. Haha, can’t wait for thursday! And even those its not office related, I do have to say that tina fey imitating jerry seinfeld has great potential.

    could we be getting another prank on dwight? I hope so! And do you think that Jim and Pam have discussed the whole dwangela situation, or do they each know it by themselves? I wouldn’t mind seeing angela’s reaction to a prank pulled on her! =D

  19. Yeeeeees. Not to get too hung up… but air five air five air five air five air five.
    I hope beyond hope that there is a Jim/Pam prank on dwight this epi. There has to be.

  20. Air five! Oh Jim/Pam, how I love thee. Partners in crime, heck yeah.

    Ryan…*shakes head*

  21. Air fiiiiive!!!! Definitely new, she’s wearing the same shirt as in the promo pictures.

    WHY does that make me so happy?

    Oh, yeah, because it’s Jam.

  22. I just don’t want the prank to be as pandering as shirtless Jim. I know, I loved it, but just unnecessary.

  23. New promo on NBC tonight during Biggest Loser! It was great…hahaha Kelly told Ryan she’s pregnant and JAM is OUTTED!!!!!

  24. Kelly?! I have a feeling she might be faking to get back with Ryan though. Hmm guess we will have to see…

  25. Yayyyy JAM gets outted!! And that breakroom kiss? Niceeeeee…. [Kevin/]

    Also, looks like it’s gonna be a hilarious Michael episode:

    “The bells of Dunder Mifflin chime out your love”
    “I’ll swing that way….Whoooo!”

  26. Remember Kelly’s “idea” for Pam in Phyllis’s Wedding? About getting drunk and telling everyone she was pregnant?? I’m guessing this is that plan in action.

  27. Oh there’s no way Kelly’s really pregnant…

    “I would just get really drunk and tell someone I was pregnant.”

  28. Yeah, there is no way Kelly is pregnant. She is trying to get Ryan back. But I can’t believe that Jim and Pam are already outed.

  29. yeah…if you remember from phyllis’ wedding, kelly told pam she would use a pregnancy scare as a tactic, haha but i am LOVING the jam/pb&j scenes!!!

  30. Dwangela will not break up –Dwight is just going to have to fight for Angela’s love…with Andy as another contender ;)

    i think it’s SO kelly to say she’s pregnant..too funny!

  31. PB&J air fives, Loved the little cheek kiss in front of the vending machines.
    can’t wait to see Ryan in action.
    Kelly preggers?? I don’t think it can be true.

  32. That third promo? Involuntary reaction: “Holy s***!” And I really thought that promos were safe for me to view. Now how am I supposed to study?

  33. Hahaha I am putting $100 bucks on the guess that Kelly is indeed NOT pregnant, and is in fact, following the advice she gave to Pam at Phyllis’ wedding.

    Oh that Kelly Kapoor, what a man trap.

  34. Thanks for the promo! I can’t wait to see this episode! (Of course. I say that every episode)

  35. I love the JAM action.

    Kelly is in NO WAY pregnant. I’m sure Ryan’s response to that will be something like, “But we broke up four months ago. Why aren’t you showing?” or something that will embarrass Kelly in front of everyone.

  36. Holy lots of info in that promo!
    There’s no way Kelly is pregnant, but this should be funny as to why she’s saying it. I can’t wait.

  37. Great promo! I cannot wait (as always). Kelly and Ryan will never be over if Kelly has anything to say about it! And I’m sure we have not seen the last of Dwangela as well.

  38. I want him to think it’s true. I want to watch Ryan collapse in on himself like a dying star. The breast augmentation would be a little weird though.

  39. umm… negative 5 bucks says Kelly’s pregnant. The promo still made me excited!

  40. I doubt Kelly’s pregnant. This is so payback. And I can’t wait for Ryan’s reaction.

    Also? How did I know Jim/Pam were going to be outed? When the promos first came out of Michael hugging Jim, that was my first reaction. =P

    A little sad they’re outed so soon, but whatever. I’m willing to go wherever the writers take us. Haha.

  41. Who do you think is the one that first knows about Jim and Pam? I see in the clip that Michael tells everyone, but I wonder if Dwight sees first and runs and tells Michael.

  42. Kelly is hilarious. And outrageous. And outrageously hilarious. And hilariously outrageous.

  43. Man, I did NOT want everyone to find out about Jim and Pam especially Michael. What the heck.

  44. I can’t believe what I just watched! However, I’m trying to remember just how tricky those promos can be. Very often they are misleading.

  45. Here is a thought. There is a deleted scene where Ryan tells us that Kelly sometimes doesn’t take her birth control pills. If you think about it, the timing is about right because this is suppose to be two months after Ryan went to New York. Hmmmmmmm.

    I really hope she isn’t though.

  46. I don’t think I breathed once the first time I watched promo 3.

    I KNEW Angela wouldn’t take Dwight back after killing her cat…. leaving his toothbrush on his tire is just soo perfect though.

    I almost hope Kelly is… just cause Ryan was just starting to get away from her….but if not it’ll be hilarious anyways.

    Pam & Jim’s kiss at the coffee machine is so adorable i don’t think i can stand it. Kevin totally outed them.

    and to think i was just excited for the air five returning…..

  47. Like many others on here, I doubt Kelly is pregnant either. I’m ready for something totally unexpected come thursday that nobody will be ready for. I could not be more excited for this show

  48. Oh that third clip is the clincher…this week is going to be awesome. And if there is a god, we are no more than nine months away from a dark skinned, Zach Braff-ish looking baby. Whoo!

  49. I love Chandler and Monica. 2nd best TV couple, to me at least. Jim and Pam number one of course.

  50. wow… uhm… wow.
    i think that they are trying to trick us into thinking that kelly is trying to trick ryan into thinking she’s pregnant. so… kelly is pregnant? i just confused myself…
    is it thursday yet????

  51. Re #92: Heather, you are soooo right. I want to say she’s lying but we all know our Kelly Kapoor wants to get married and have babies… immediately…. with Ryan. I might lose my $100 bucks after all.

    However, I still don’t think an important and true plot point of the show would be leaked in a promo. NBC is notorious for making things appear like a bigger deal than they actually are.

  52. Of course Kelly’s pregnant. No promo has ever lied. Ever.

    Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor here we come!

  53. P.S. I love how Kelly has gone from wearing sweatpants and lying on a pilow under a desk, to prettying herself up the second Ryan re-appears.

    I kinda wish she took a woman scorned approach rather than trying to reel him back in. Kelly angry would be GREAT.

  54. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that Kelly might be faking a pregnancy for attention…she is kind of a drama queen. 8 ) I think it’s cool that the office is going to find out about it in this episode. I was not expecting them to do that so early. It really seems like the writers are purposefully keeping me on my toes!

  55. “I will leave your toothbrush on top of your tire tomorrow morning.” he he he.
    Well, that’s one surprise – I thought we were going to see Dwight and Angela on a dinner date this fall, not a break-up dinner. So excited!

    Yeah, I wish they would have kept the Jim/Pam relationship secret for a couple more episodes. Oh well, as long as I get to watch them be happy.

  56. i really want kelly to be pregnant. Could you even imagine were the show can go from there; a baby shower, a wedding, kelly being moodier than ever. It could be awesome.

  57. Office relationships should be disclosed to HR so maybe they tell Toby? Maybe Kevin took his investigation further and he finds out? Maybe they’re at a baseball game and the camera zooms in on them making out!? I’ll stop now. :)

  58. I’m so giddy I can’t stand it. I love the promo, and while it can be (and probably is) misleading, I love what it implies. I’m forseeing another awesome Michael/Jim moment after the big announcement (I love their “moments” like in “Booze Cruise” or at the end of “The Client”), perhaps a moment of congrats to Jim-Bag.
    And yeah, the pregnancy is totally fake. The question is: how far will Kelly take the lie? THAT boggles the mind…

  59. 116- I’ve been predicting Angela and Andy for a little bit now and everyone thinks I’m crazy! Glad to see I’m not the only one!

  60. 112 – Agreed. I think the return of Karen will just be for closure, not to serve as another roadblock. Jim and Pam seem pretty happy and solid as a couple and the writers didn’t have Jim choose Pam over Karen and a promotion just for him to have doubts 6 episodes later.

  61. AP – People do get pregnant, you know? It can happen. And why would it be that big of a surprise? We know Kelly purposely forgets to take her birth control sometimes and when that happens and people are having sex, as Kelly and Ryan probably were….I don’t understand why you think it would be the end of the world.

  62. Kelly could be pregnant. She didn’t run in Fun Run, and well i don’t know. It could be true

  63. OK. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that Pam is more eager to be out in the open about the PB&J thing than Jim. She’s the one that admitted it under pressure to the camera crew and she’s also the one kissing Jim in the breakroom in the promo. I don’t think Jim will be embarassed or ashamed as much as just concerned about the awkward appearance of the branch’s #2 dating the receptionist. (Karen was sales so that was probably considered more appropriate in his mind.) I would think this will make for some tension in the relationship, which is what fans seem to be expecting or even wanting.

  64. I really doubt the pregnancy is more than a 10 second awkward pause of Ryan sweating and Kelly getting some power back – but I can’t wait either way. And I think the office knowing about Jim/Pam is to set up the complete awkwardness of their future fights. If no one knows about them, its like Dwight/Angela, where its in hushed tones and hip checks. If everyone knows…I can see a conference room in their future! Hee.

  65. I usually try not to watch the promos to avoid spoilers… but I’ve watched all of these, and especially that last one…this looks to be a great episode. I’m excited.

  66. oh, I definitely see Andy causing a little (more) friction with Dwight in terms of Angela.

    He’s already got one thing going for him: He didn’t freeze her cat.

  67. I know this has all been said before but…
    Jim and Pam are Adorable, Angela is awesome (he killed her cat, for a cat lover, there was nothing else for her to do!), and I am still laughing over “I don’t swing that way!” I love this show…

  68. “I don’t swing that way” … classic Michael! Poor Ryan … he has his work cut out for him. There is no way anybody in that office is going to show him any kind of respect.

    Jim & Pam … they’re so cute together … no way I could ever have too much of these two.

    And Kelly? Well without saying too much … my first reaction was OMG, but then I thought she’s such a little psycho where Ryan is concerned that I would not at all put it past her to lie about this.

  69. Pam-Casso: I saw a different promo last night on my local station and Jim is actually the one to confirm their relationship in front of the whole office. Phylis asks “Are you guys dating?” and Jim takes an awkward moment before replying “Yeah-huh” and Pam does her :-o face. It was really cute.

  70. whoever makes these ads up for nbc are brilliant. i’m a huge kelly/ryan fan, there dysfunction is just hilarious to me, so whether she is pregnant (which I really doubt) or whether she just saying that to make him sweat it’ll be hilarious either way. dwangela wont be down for long there perfect for each other

  71. Also, poor Angela!

    You know I actually know someone that was so upset when she thought her fiancee had let her cat out of the house accidently and that the cat was lost. I was actually concerned that if they hadn’t found the cat that she may have broken up with him. Fortunately the cat was found (he was actually hiding up on top of the kitchen cabinets … sneaky little devil) and said couple is actually getting married in a couple of weeks.

  72. “Only Michael Scott would turn Jim/Pam into a huge deal.”

    Michael Scott is definitely not the only one.

  73. josh T, i know, i don’t normally watch these trailers either…but for some reason this time i watched all three…and now i’m wishing it was Thursday..at 9

  74. I think it’s cute that Michael is acknowledging them being together because he was the only one besides the camera crew that knew about Pam and Jim’s love angst.

  75. 129, Cassie- That sounds adorable! You’re so lucky you got to see it. I hope it gets put on youtube before Thursday night! :)

  76. Ah I’m so excited! I kept thinking the first promo was old because I had seen the air high five before… but no… they’re just brining back cuteness… and I can’t wait to see how Dwight takes the break up :)

  77. Cassie–Thanks for letting us know about the promo you saw. It sounds great. I’m not sure if that totally uncuts my hypothesis that Pam is more eager to be open about the situation than Jim, but it certainly shows that Jim isn’t willing to straight-out lie about it when asked directly. I wonder if they’ll do a “love contract” like Jan and Michael to protect the company from potential future sexual harrassment issues?

  78. Oh for crying out loud, Kelly’s not pregnant! Have you noticed how fast that cut away was on the promo?? I bet Ryan will say something like “Kelly, stop, not this again.” haha! Oh Kelly. Remember when she told Pam at Phyllis’ wedding how she would get drunk, cry, & tell someone she was pregnant?? haha, again I say Ooooooh Kelly.

  79. We can’t forget what Kelly said at the wedding – that she’s not above faking a pregnancy. But we also can’t forget what Ryan said – that Kelly thinks it’s okay to accidentally on purpose forget to take her birth control pill.

  80. Not a problem! I was so shocked to see it last night when I was watching House. I wish I had a DVR… Maybe someone else who lives in Canada, has a DVR and watches Global will see it and record it? I can only hope. It was much more revealing than the NBC promos.

  81. I don’t think Kelly is pregnant, just playing some head games with Ryan. Not a good idea to do that with your boss’s boss, though :-)

    And you know Andy will go after for Angela the minute he finds out she dumped Dwight.

  82. You know, I was surprised they showed so much in the promo but then I saw the ratings. The Office got trounced by Grey’s and CSI last week.

  83. I don’t know if Kelly’s actually pregnant. In remember in Phyllis’s Wedding when she advised Pam to tell Roy she was pregnant to get back with him? Also, I love that it looks like Ryan still won’t get any respect from the Scranton branch.

  84. It looks like it will be a good episode!
    I don’t think Kelly is pregnant. I just don’t. And if she was, I don’t think they would reveal it in a promo.
    Jam is awsome! That kiss on the cheek was too cute. And a air-five? Yay! :)

  85. :D To those of you wondering why the writers would have Jim and Pam hide their dating status for just one episode… remember how some of you were posting “Oh my gosh—are they really just friends??? Nooooo!!!” at the beginning of the episode last week? I’m thinking it was worth it for the writers just to know that some people had that moment of doubt. They did it because it’s FUNNY! :) And in my own opinion, it’s totally believable that people (like Kevin) have noticed things between Jim and Pam over the summer that made them wonder… and then the camera crew came back and proved that no one can hide anything from them… and now Jim and Pam are comfortable enough that they forget for just a minute to be secretive, and it’s just enough to tip Phyllis or Michael off, and then it’s out! I have had secrets spilled that way at inconvenient times before. :D

    And as I say, this is just my opinion—isn’t it nice that we can all have our own? :)

  86. So funny and sweet! Can’t wait! And go figure it would be Michael to out our PB&J!

  87. The Office isn’t trying to keep up with Grey’s and CSI, NBC wants the shows target demographic to watch, but it won’t ever outdraw those formulaic dramas in total viewers and NBC execs know this. The promo may not actually reveal “so much” since we haven’t actually seen the episode yet.

  88. I wish my husband and I could coordinate our own air high fives.

    It’s only the second episode for us, but PB&J have been keeping their secret for a few months now. They’ve got those giddy smiley we’re-in-love heads on them, so it was bound to be obvious at some point–even to Kevin.

  89. I think Michael is probably one of the reasons Pam and Jim kept it a secret, lol. Now he’ll be wanting them to go on double-dates with him and Jan,etc….

  90. please someone upload the new promo video where Jim outs their relationship. I’ll give you one schrutebuck…….:)

  91. Oh my word, if Roy comes back (or anyone for that matter) and messes up Jim and Pam, I will ( as Andy one did) lose my freakin’ mind.

    Love the kiss on the cheek!
    & Angela leaving Dwight’s toothbrush on his tire. ;D

  92. I don’t think Kelly is pregnant BUT it would be fun for her to actually be pregnant but totally blow Ryan off or pretend to be not interested in him knowing that he is stuck with her in his life. So he ends up gradually chasing her. Remember how he used to call her at night because he was scared? And their romantic moments in the dumpster (deleted scenes). They have a weird dynamic and changing it up would be really interesting and funny. Still don’t think she is preggers though.

  93. oh my god .. is kelly pregnant??? i have to admit i just read some fanfic *cringes* and that pretty much exact thing happened!! eek! she’s probably lying though. i kind of hope not! i love these couples oh so much. all of those covers are up on my bedroom wall right now haha.

  94. 145 | Pooch: “And you know Andy will go after for Angela the minute he finds out she dumped Dwight.”

    Wait, Andy knows about Dwangela? I thought the only people who knew were Pam and Jim (and maybe Ryan).

  95. I don’t believe she is actually pregnant “I would just like freak out, and get really drunk, and then tell someone I was pregnant.” I mean c’mon, it’s
    SO her to do that. But you never know..

  96. Mindy Kaling and B. J. Novak did say that there would be some very surprising, soap-opery developments between Ryan and Kelly. Hmmmmm…

  97. I can picture Michael taking credit for Pam and Jim getting together, you know since he and Jim were “best friends” so he was the only one that knew about Jim’s crush on the booze cruise, and told him to “never ever give up,” haha.

  98. 159- I agree! An everlasting supply of Schrute bucks for anyone who is kind and/or skilled enough to upload the other promo video… ;D

  99. Meeting Corporate Ryan for the first time might be uncomfortable for Jim because maybe he was offered the position ahead of Ryan and turned it down. We have yet to learn what happened between Jim and David in NYC.

  100. Just to put in my two cents as to why the writers decided to “out” Jim and Pam’s relationship so soon.
    I think that while it was hilarious!!! (ie Kevin’s terrible detective work, hehehehehe) the writers were showing us that dating Jim and Pam are no different to season 2 Jim and Pam, therefore, it will not affect their friendship. Lets be honest now, how many of us worried that their dynamic would change?
    I think it was a perfect tactic.

    And in promo 3, Jim looks perfectly content to me when Pam kisses him. In all his back”ness”.

  101. I saw the “Canadian” promo (sorry I am one of the unskilled who doesn’t know how to load a video) I think they made it look like Phylis was the one to out the relationship but I’m not so sure that’s what happened. I try not to put to much faith into promos because they can be very misleading.

  102. I think Kelly is preggers just because everyone thinks she isn’t! How crazy would that be?!

  103. re# 165

    I read somewhere that Jim and Ryan would have a disagreement and as Ryan now is the boss that kind of leaves Jim in a tough spot… Maybe that scene is after some sort of an argument between them? And maybe Pam just want’s to cheer him up?

  104. JS – I agree. BJ talked about a possible argument between Ryan and Jim in the article from the Houston Chronicle. I bet Pam is consoling Jim after he’s had a disagreement with Ryan.

  105. i don’t understand why everyone is talking about jim being mad or something…he was standing at a vending machine and you could only see his back. wtf. i thought it was really sweet though

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