The Weekend Tally

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  1. I got my tickets to Ricky on Friday for NYC. Any one else planning on going to the New York show? Don’t wait to get your tickets because they will go fast

  2. Does anybody know if Ricky Gervais is planning a full tour of the US? I have determined that I am going to see him, but NYC and Hollywood are both a long way from North Dakota! I know his website says to wait until Christmas for more info, but I don’t want to wait that long!

  3. Creeed- I don’t know where else in the US he’ll be at but the email I got from said “News of interest to fans of Ricky in the US…Ricky will be playing some shows in New York and Los Angeles mid-2008” then it showed the three tour dates. I don’t think he’s coming to Phoenix, so we went ahead and got our tickets for the LA show.

  4. Very intrigued by ‘Year One.’ Those are some good names associated with the project.

  5. Thanks,Tanster. I really enjoy and appreciate The Weekend Tally.

    [from tanster: you are most welcome. :) ]

  6. Thank you as always for all your work!
    Need to gather some time to go through this tally!

  7. I absolutely loved Angela’s pic. Her dress from Peas in a Pod is adorable. She always looks fantastic in red. Yay pregnant Angela! Thanks for the Weekend Tally. It always cures my Office fix. YOu seriously rock!

  8. My Monday was actually sucking right out loud and that Mario Brothers thing just made it all go away :) Gotta love checking the weekend tally on a Monday morning!

    Thanks Tanster!!!

  9. anybody going to see melora at catalina jazz club? i’ve been there a few times with my parents and its a nice club….

  10. I love that John C. Reilly came to the Walk Hard premiere in costume! I wish I could’ve gone to that premiere…all of the funniest people in the world were there, I swear.

  11. Does anyone know how to find out more info on the Lonesome Trio concert? I live only an hour away, and I really want to go! :)

  12. The “Extras” Christmas Special was pretty amazing – probably the best thing he’s done so far.

  13. i got my tickets for ricky gervais, definitely worth the trip down south. thanks for the tip and the code!!

  14. Just a note on the Lonesome Trio show — it’s 21+. I assume it’ll just be a cover charge which, at the Parkside, is usually about $10.

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