1. Woohoo! Can’t wait! If it’s anything like the famous Cadbury Egg debacle of ’07, then I think we’ve got a fun interview on our hands.

  2. am I the only one who’s hoping he’s shaved the little boy beard now that the finale’s taped?

  3. Job Fair clip. Job Fair clip. If I repeat it it has to come true. Right?

    Job Fair clip.

  4. 3 / beewcar: Personally, I’m hoping he keeps it forever, because I love it! :D I hope someone uploads this onto youtube!

  5. hmm I can see the tropicana straw debacle becoming as big a deal as the cadbury eggs. *heads to edit Tropicana wikipedia entry*

  6. I also did the Tropicana straw thing against the advice of my chuckling father. I said to my dad, “Whatever! This is SO going to work!” and proceeded to insert the straw. I couldn’t even get passed that step. It’s nearly impossible to insert a flimsy straw through the peel of an orange. My hopes were shattered that day.

  7. As a heads up to people who missed BJ last night (like me!) I’m sure someone will probably upload it, but if not, I just figured out you can watch full episodes of conan online.


    That’s the link. They haven’t put last night’s up yet, but they have every other night this week, so I’m sure it’ll be up there soon.

  8. “The place I work, is exactly like this.”

    “Yeah, didn’t think so.”

    B.J. had me laughing through this whole thing! Thanks for posting this, tanster!

  9. Actually, you can drink right from the orange, but not with a straw. If you take a candy cane (a straight one, not curved at the top) and stick it in the orange, you can use it as a straw. Little holes start opening up through the candy cane so the juice can come through. It’s definitely not the most efficient way to drink orange juice, but its minty and delicious. And don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work right away. Getting the holes to appear in the cane takes a little work.

  10. Great interview BJ! BTW, if you use a candy stick in an orange, it will work (sort of).

  11. What’s interesting about the “Cadbury Controversy” is that just after this Easter, I took a trip to London. I bought a half dozen of the Cadbury Creme Eggs there (they are everywhere over there!) and brought them home to compare.

    New controversy – the eggs in the UK are the same size they used to be over here a few years ago! Exact size difference that BJ initially pointed out! We’re getting the short end of the stick! I couldn’t believe it! :)

    However, I consumed all the evidence and now I am bigger than I was before…coincidence?

  12. This my friends, is why The Office is so good. B.J. is one of the funniest guys out there, even if his character on the show doesn’t show it.

  13. Thanks for posting this! My comcast dvr occasionally decides not to actually record the things I tell it to, and switch the recording to the same time exactly a week later…Quality product. I’m glad I got to watch it here though!

  14. The first time I ever saw The Office was on my 14 hour flight back from Australia, on Qantas airlines. I was immediately hooked, bought seasons 1 and 2 as soon as I got home, watched them in the two days I had before the season 3 premiere, and have been obsessed ever since. Airline showings really do work!

  15. BJ’s looking great! Even with the sound down, which is how I watched this at work. Because, believe it or not, I am not actually paid to watch BJ Novak on Conan at my job.

  16. Several things in this interview he used in his stand-up at U of I: caucus blockest and airplane stuff. Loved the Tropicana line!

    So funny.

  17. I totally tried to stick a straw in an orange when I was a kid! FALSE ADVERTISING. :P

  18. GO B.J! Haha, I never knew it was him with the Cadbury eggs. Funny.

  19. I have also seen Office episodes on an American Airlines flight. I already was a fan, but it didn’t stop me from watching some episodes for the umpteenth time.

  20. Great interview. It’s rare that an interviewee will be funnier than Conan, but B.J. certainly was. Haha, that’s when you know you’re really funny.

  21. That was unexpectedly funny. I’ve never really seen him ‘on’ other than on the Office and that’s different.

    I also want to mention slash brag that the creme eggs here in Canada are big and delicious and creamy. (That’s what she said). So ha ha US! :)

  22. I watched the show last summer on an international Delta flight, too!

  23. O.k. I am the only one that caught Conan introducing B.G. Novak???

  24. Yay so glad I got to watch this, thanks OT! Loved the Tropicana stuff. He’s adorable.

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