Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: The Answers Part One

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated May 5, 2008:

The Answers Blog Part One

Hello! It is almost midnight in Los Angeles and I’m leaving for New York in the morning. I haven’t started packing! I have laundry to do and the house to clean. I need to run to the store for cat supplies. (Okay, now I’m officially stressed.) I’ll be on Late Night with David Letterman this coming Monday June 2nd. I’ll be the lead guest. Please say a prayer that I do not get too nervous and vomit on my dress. It’s borrowed. I’m sure there is a rule that goes something like, “You puke on it you pay for it.” Anyway, before I left I wanted to post a blog in response to the last one where I asked for your quesitons. So, let’s get started!

I noticed you said you are “taking questions”…but my question to you is…are you “giving answers?” – Ross from ARABI, Louisiana
Yes and No. I am giving answers to some of the questions but not all. There simply was not enough time for me to answer every question. I did my best to find the most frequently asked questions or the most unusual in hopes that everyone would feel satisfied in the end. I’ll save this blog and use it again in the future. Great questions! I’ve divided them into categories – The Promotion, The Office, General Professional and Personal.


Will the Promotion be coming out all over the country and when will it do that? – Kenneth from Orlando, Florida
The Promotion opens in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York on Friday June 6th. It opens everywhere else on Friday June 12. Look for it at the smaller art house theaters.

What was the hardest part about doing this film, and what did you enjoy most? – Amy from Sand Springs, OK (nice cupcakes on your page!)
First off, I love the cupcake background on your page. Way to go!
My favorite thing about the movie was filming in Chicago. I’m from St. Louis and have visited Chicago many times. I LOVE the energy of the city. My folks and my sister and her husband came to visit me on set. It was the first time they had ever seen me on a movie set. So, that was cool. I also made good friends on this film. I met and became friends with Fred Armisen. We had dinner almost every night. Seann William Scott is an AMAZING human being. We are still close. I became friends with a few crew members as well. The whole cast and crew on the film were great.

But being in Chicago was also the hardest thing about doing this film. The schedule was brutal. I was shooting The Office during the week and then taking red eye flights to and from Chicago to film on the weekends. I was working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week and sleeping on airplanes. I agreed to that schedule because I loved the script and was dying to work on the project. It was rewarding and exhilarating but ultimately too draining. I remember I came home from a weekend of filming, worked all day Monday and then that night I had a dress fitting for the Emmy awards. I fell asleep standing up against the wall waiting for the seamstress to come into the dressing room. I don’t think I could do a schedule like that again.

Was John C. Reilly’s involvement in this film what got you to commit to it since you guys blended so well together in Walk Hard? – Jeffrey from The DVD Marquee
It was actually the other way around. We filmed The Promotion first. We don’t share much screen time in The Promotion but the cast became close. We ate dinner together most nights and John and I became friends. I was sent the script for Walk Hard while I was at my hotel in Chicago. I asked John about it and he said I should audition for the role of Darlene. I was very comfortable at my audition for Walk Hard because I knew John so well. I think it helped our chemistry in the movie to have worked together before. I would like to do every film with John C. Reilly. He’s the best.

Just watched the preview of “The Promotion” and it looked hilarious. It’s funny watching Seann William Scott play that role. I’m use to seeing him as the American Pie Stiffler. – Miguel from Houton, TX
This isn’t really a question but I had to include it because Sean William Scott is AMAZING in this film. This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen him do. I didn’t know what to expect when I met Seann because he usually plays such big characters on screen. The night before we met I watched American Wedding. He has that hilarious scene where he eats dog shit and pretends it is chocolate. I figured I was going to meet a crazy guy. In real life he is very friendly but in the most genuine, sweet-hearted way. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He always goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable. And, he’s funny. He’s very funny. Anyway, I am so proud of being in this movie with him. The character he plays in this movie is very close to what Seann is like in real life. I think it is going to change the way people see him.

In a Jeopardy tournament, who among the five of you (Seann William Scott, John C. Reilly, Fred Armisen, Lili Taylor, and You) would win? – Michelle from Los Angeles
This question totally made me laugh! I would have to say…John C. Reilly. But Fred Armisen would give him a run for his money. If it was a movie trivia challenge, Seann would win hands down.

What about monopoly? John Reilly
Poker? Me
A cupcake bake-off? Me again.


I received a lot of questions about the cliffhangers in the finale…what will happen with Jim and Pam’s engagement, will the story pick up in real time, is Paul (Toby) leaving the show, is B.J. (Ryan) coming back, what is happening with the spinoff…etc.

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. The writers are hard at work on our next season. They will be writing through the summer. I’ve heard a number of things thrown around but nothing definite. I’m just as eager as you are to find out what happens. I’m most curious about Pam’s art school opportunity. I hope she goes. She’s never been outside of Scranton. Not even for college. I would love to see her have this adventure. I think it is time for her to branch out.
I also do not know anything about the spinoff. I don’t know what it is called, what it is about, who is in it. As of right now, I have not been asked to be in it. That’s all I know.

Will you be in any of the webisodes for the office? Have they scheduled the DVD commentary sessions yet? We want TONS of bloopers!!! – Douglas from SLO, California
I will not be in any of the webisodes. I’m not sure who will be participating. As for the DVD, we recorded 4 commentary tracks. There is a GREAT blooper reel. I think it is almost 40 minutes long. There is also video of our table reading of the script “Did I Stutter”. The DVD will be available September 2nd.

Please resolve the John Krasinski mystery. Was or wasn’t it John acting the part of graphic design career adviser in Job Fair? A simple Yes/No will do but feel free to elaborate. – Jill from WALKER, Louisiana
No. That was a guest actor. I can see the resemblance. Also, the student named Justin played by Trevor Einhorn is NOT related to our Director of Photography Randall Einhorn. That is just a coincidence.

Do you get tired of people asking you if you are dating John Krasinski in real life? – Rose from Canada
Yes. But I get it. We really do have great chemistry. If I weren’t me I’d probably ask me the same thing.

Yesterday I was watching the commentary from The Office season 2 and in the episode “The Secret”, right at the end you were about to reveal one of your secrets but the show ends and you get cut off. I’m sure it was intentional but just in case it wasn’t, my question is, What was your secret? – Charlie from Glendale, AZ
I get asked this all the time. You were right…that was just a joke. I knew the tape was running out so I pretended like I was going to tell a huge secret and I get cut off. There was no secret. In fact, I was a little worried because the tape was going longer than I expected and I was running out of nonsense to say.

What’s your personal favorite episode of The Office? – Nathan from Thibodaux, Louisiana
The Injury – Season 2

How much time do you have off before you start filming the office again? – Angie from NEENAH, Wisconsin
8 weeks. And I plan on relaxing for every minute of it. We start shooting again at the end of July.


Was it hard finding an agent when you first started out? And what are some good qualities to look for in one? – Kim from (my computer stalled and I couldn’t see your page)
Finding an agent is one of the most difficult things to do when you first get to town. The most important thing to look for is someone who truly believes in your talent and will work hard for you no matter what. You should NEVER have to pay your agent any money unless they get you work. And the standard fee is 10% of your earnings. Agents that try to charge you a monthly fee or a start-up fee or more than 10% are not legitimate agents. They probably don’t have any real connections in the business. If they did, they would be able to find you work and make a living on the 10%. Legitimate agents sign up with the Screen Actors Guild union. If you are unsure of someone, check with the SAG office. One of my former agents wrote a great book on the subject called “An Agent Speaks” by Tony Martinez. You can find it on Amazon.

Now that you’ve had some big movie roles, how does the audition process work for new movies? Do you still go on auditions or do people approach you now? – Carlos from Austin Texas
Sometimes I have to audition and sometimes not. For example, I had to audition for Walk Hard. The role of Darlene is pretty different from Pam. It really depends on the circumstances. Sometimes they want to get 2 actors together to see if they have good chemistry or the role is something you’ve never done before and they want to see your range as a performer. Just recently I was offered a large movie role where I didn’t have to audition.

I loved you in Walk Hard. Was that tongue licking scene uncomfortable? Could you look each other in the eye after that? – Michael from Charelston South Carolina
That scene was crazy! The tongue licking was my idea. We were laughing so hard. It is a strange sensation. I caught a cold from John that day. It developed into laryngitis, I lost my voice and they had to shut down the film for 2 days while I got my voice back.

You’ve been “famous,” at least for some definitions, for a few years now. How does fame differ from your expectations? Do you think it’s made your life better or worse? – Sean from Seattle/Eastside, Washington
Fame is a very unusual thing. There are times when it is great and times when it is not so great. It comes with the territory and I’m trying to make the best of it. I’m not even very famous. Still, it is nothing like what I thought it would be.

Note: I’m having a hard time posting this entire blog so I had to post it in two parts. See my next blog for the rest. Thanks!

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