Blogging from the WGA picket line

Update: live blogging from the picket line continues today at 10:30am PT; check back often! (And if you have a message for any of the writers, please post a comment. I will try to show the writers your notes on my phone while we’re walking!)

I’m going to try to report live from today’s picket line via Utterz, which lets me blog on-the-go right from my cell phone. Newest updates will appear first.

Everything I post will end up in the widget below. Just click the Play button!

Tip: Go to my Utterz page to see the full-sized versions of the photos.


  1. That is so awesome, I will try to remember to check back often….. enjoy! And walk a lot

  2. Nice idea with the pedometer. I wonder if any of the picketers have lost weight from walking so much. Hmm…

  3. Tanster, props to you for walking with the writers, and thanks so much for making us a part of it. Can’t wait to hear updates.

  4. I wish I could be at the picket lines with you and the writers BUT unfortunately I have to be here in my job. Blah. Please convey the sentiment that we support the writers and what they’re fighting for 100%. And thanks for keeping us updated.

  5. i love how michael schur is basically the only writer who shaved instead of growing a strike beard. i miss mose so much.

    [from tanster: i showed your comment to mike while we were walking, and he laughed. :) ]

  6. This is so great tanster! Thanks for the updates and for representing all of us Tallyheads in support of the writers! Keep it up and let’s hope they all can get back to work soon.

  7. Great Job!!!

    Ask the writers to come on for OfficeTally chat!

    Two Thumbs Down to Corporate Greed

  8. I think I could speak for all of the TallyHeads when I say thank you. A lot of us are just talking the talk when it comes to this strike, but you’re literally walking the walk. So thank you.

    I hope you’re wearing comfortable kicks.

  9. Is anyone else having trouble listening to these? It won’t seem to work on my computer. When I click play nothing happens.

  10. The Office is gone. It’s gone. I miss it so much. Ooooh I cry myself to sleep, The Office! True. I do miss it.

    Thanks for the update and a look into WGA Strike!

  11. Way to represent, Tanster!

    Thanks for all your updates and make sure to convey how much we appreciate and respect our beloved Office writing staff.

  12. I am beyond jealous you got to eat lunch with Paul, my favorite writer. You guys looked awesome on the picket line. Hope you get to do the same thing tomorrow, with more Office writers. Saying a little prayer you see Mindy and B.J. Thanks for posting!

  13. Thank you for representing us, Tanster! You do so much for this show and its fandom :)

  14. Tanster, you should give awesome lessons. Seriously, these updates have made my day. I’m almost as excited as if I’d been there myself! Thank you so much for this.

    Btw, Mike Schur is HILARIOUS! I had tears in my eyes from laughing as I listened to his message.

  15. Hey tanster! Thanks for the updates from the picket lines. Let’s hope they can get this thing resolved and get on with it. I miss my Office! I am proud to be a Tallyhead!

  16. Molotov cocktails? Tanster’s always causing trouble! Thanks for posting all this stuff. Have fun and tell them that we miss them all.

    [from tanster: mike schur is brilliant, isn’t he?]

  17. Thanks for showing fan support at the strike! How far did you end up walking during your shift?

  18. I appreciate Michael and Jen’s kind words to fans. Thanks for yet another behind-the-scenes peak at The Office — even when it’s on strike! All hail Tanster.

  19. You are the most talented group of writers that has ever been assembled. You deserve a fair deal and tons of money. Each one of you “Office” writers is my hero. … Also, Bono.

  20. Hey Tanster,

    If you can, tell the writers that the biggest Office fan in Michigan supports them wholeheartedly, but if the show doesn’t come back on soon, I may have to pull a Britney shenanigan and shave my head!

  21. Hiya, Tanster! Thanks for being so awesome and represented. :)
    Questions for the lovely and amazing writers (whenever y’all have the chance):
    1) If the strike ended by mid-February at the latest, how many new episodes can be made before the season ends?
    2) Has there been any Swedge sighting? (maybe someone from Convention might remember the Swedge sign… :D )

  22. For Paul: did he ever get the “Toby” parking sign that Adam brought to the Convention? (Similar to the one he gave you – and very funny!)

    For Jen: any plans to make an appearance in an episode (like some of the other writing staff)? Also, let her know that Laura from the Twin Cities really enjoyed chatting with her in Scranton! If she’s ever up this way visiting her relative, we should do lunch or coffee.(I know, unrealistic – but the offer stands) :)

  23. Hi Tanster, thanks for your updates!
    Just wanted to say a little hello to The Office writers from the frozen tundra of Minnesota. You wonderful people have given us an incredible show that we all miss dearly. You deserve only the best, so go get it! We miss you and hope you can come back soon. TV is not the same without you (in fact it kinda makes me want to jump off a roof into a giant bouncy castle). :)

  24. Hey Tanster! Thanks for braving the cold to bring us the scoop from the front lines. A big hello to all who join you out there today. Do any of you bring a Nintendo DS to pass the time? There is an office game coming out on that soon, is it weird to see a 3D animated computer version of your face in a game like that? Anyway, hope you get what you are looking for.

  25. To all the writers: You guys are the best of the best, and we can’t wait to once again see your brilliant senses of humor on display every Thursday night. We love you and we’re behind you 100%!

  26. I love all these updates–tallyheads support the writers!

    I listened to all the updates yesterday and today clicked on the photos full-size and when the lunch picture came up, the first thing that came to mind was “So that’s where her uterus went”–I definitely didn’t catch that the intern from Fun Run was Justin. That’s one more Office writer to make a cameo…hooray!

    Keep your spirits up, guys. Thanks for everything, tanster.

  27. Have fun today! Let them know we miss them dearly…oh, and ask Mike Schur if he can read me a bedtime story.

  28. Sorry for the double post, but I got another question for Mike Schur: I hear you are the master of awesomely weird names. Can you make up a dog name for me to use if I get a new puppy?

    Mike Schur for president in ’08!

  29. Fantastic updates, Tanster! Thanks so much. I just want the writers to know that although we can’t strike with them in person, we are there in spirit, and hope that they get the fair deal they deserve soon. :)

  30. You have our full support, guys. It’s shameful that corporate heads won’t shell out money that’s rightfully yours. Do what you’ve got to do! We’ll still be here when our shows come back! I’m particularly looking forward to the return of “The Office,” both because I miss the show and because I really respect its writers for making efforts to educate the public about this strike. I wouldn’t have heard about this for a long time had I not seen their videos.

  31. Wow. Wonderful stuff, Tanster!

    To the writers: Man, you all are awesome. Keep up the tough work and we’re all rooting for a quick and fair resolution. Trust me when I say that Thursday nights are no longer fun without new episodes of the Office gracing the television. We all miss the show and can’t wait to see what The Office writers have in store for us gang when you get back to work! Take care.

  32. If John Krasinski’s there, tell him I LOVE him!!! Also, my friend Taylor and I wear black shirts every Thursday to school in mourning of the Office – we miss it SOOO much!! Thanks for these fantastc updates, Tanster!

  33. For the person who wanted Michael to name their puppy, I think there is one fairly obvious solution to your naming predicament: MOSE =)

  34. OMG! Mike answered my question! That. was. awesome!

    Thanks tanster for representing for all of us Office fans.

  35. This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing everything Tanster!!!

    -lemonade I would also like 10% of your puppy profits :)

  36. Ok, whoever thought to have Mike Schur is a genius!
    Thank you so much for these updates Tanster. This seems like it’s fun.
    I’d like to know what the sentiment is over there, because I’m sure it’s not as fun as it seems

  37. I’m a college student whose minoring in televsion writing, and I just want everyone on the strike lines to know they have my love and support. I’ve been reporting the truth for my student paper and have been very biased in your favor. My articles have actully won a lot of people over to your side because most people have no idea what’s going on. Keep marching, stay warm, stay safe, stay strong, the moral compass favors you guys

  38. To number 58: you can’t report the truth while being biased. good effort, though.

    – another student journalist.

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