1. Thank you for singing ‘Take a chance on me’ so many times at the convention, Ed! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ed!! How will you celebrate – with a Fudgie the Whale, perhaps? ;-) Have an awesome day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ed! I hope you have a great one.!

    p.s. I am so excited for your show this weekend!

  4. I LOVE ANDY BERNARD. He is definitely one of my favorite characters.

    Happy Birthday, Ed!! We love you!

  5. Wow, I had never heard those impressions before…and I think they might be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. More Andy next season!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Ed! I’m giving a speech today, and one of Andy’s quotations is my opening line!

  7. Happy birthday.I am from China.So it`s jan,25 already.
    :P Your songs are awesome.We all love them.

  8. Happy Birthday! Here’s hoping you get a great belated bday gift on Sunday with the rest of the cast at the SAG awards! :)

  9. Happy Birthday, Ed!

    Heehee… the hair in the background of that picture makes it look like he has a Penn Gillette ponytail. I bet Andy used to have a Penn Gillette ponytail.

  10. Happy birthday to Ed Helms!! Man I just love this guy! He is so funny and talented and brings so much to the Office ensemble. And not only does he look just like my husband, he has the exact same b-day!

  11. happy birthday ed!!! hope your havig a great day! you have the same birthday as my friend! hope to see you soon on the office!

  12. Gimme a break….
    Gimme a break….

    Gimme a break…
    of that Birthday Cake!!!

    Happy Birthday Andy

  13. Happy Birthday Ed! From one Southerner to another, have an Arnold Palmer as a celebratory birthday drink!! I can’t wait to see what smarmy Andy will be up to when The Office returns (hopefully SOON)!

  14. Have a wonderful birthday, Ed!

    When Andy first showed up on the scene, honestly, I wasn’t sure about him. But your willingness to just “put it all out there” as this character (singing, punching through walls, wearing ridiculous pants, bleeding nipples, etc.) has endeared Andy to me and I really look forward to his storylines. :)

    Good luck on Sunday, and I’m very excited to see you guys at the Armando Show soon!

  15. I went to the puppet show tonight and it was great! Ed Helms was more gracious than I could’ve imagined when I geeked out about how much I love the Office. I think he’ll be one of those actors I’ll always want to support in whatever they do. Amazing.

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