1. Michael (in the first deleted scene) looks like he’s struggling to stifle a TWSS after he says “I constantly see myself in her” (about Donna). I said it for him! :)

    [from tanster: most hilarious line!]

  2. For once, I actually agree with the decision to cut the first scene. I think that moment between Michael and Donna would have made it too obvious. But I loved Andy’s bass line (no pun intended)!

  3. “Always had to pull ourselves up from the boob straps”. C’mon! How could they leave out that line?

  4. Loved Andy’s line at the end. So clever!
    This episode could have used a little more Andy.

  5. In the Skittles commercial that airs before these clips (unless it changes later to a different ad)…the women who’s “harvesting” the Skittles is the woman who played Dwight’s date/babysitter in Dinner Party, right?

  6. @3 Oh my gosh yes!! I’m a Voice and Cello Music Ed. major and I had to rewatch it again so that I could retell the joke word for word! So kick-awesome.

  7. @6: Vikram Pandit (Citigroup), Surya Mohapatra (Quest Diagnostics), Dinesh Paliwal (Harman International Industries), Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo), and Nisha Das (fictitious as far as I can tell).

    [from tanster: wow, thanks!]

  8. LMAO at the Andy and Stanley THs at the end, short, sweet, friggin’ hilarious.

  9. I think he’s still married. In the delivery Michael said “Who wants to live in a world where Stanley has two lovers, and you don’t have any?”. I’m guessing this means that Terri forgave him.

  10. I think Stanley is single – earlier in the season (Niagara?) he was with his “girlfriend” who was not his wife, if I’m remembering correctly.

  11. The deleted scenes are an important part of the awesomeness of this show. I’m glad I don’t have to wait on the DVDs to watch these. Thanks again Tanster for all you do for us fans.

  12. Seriously, Ryan and Kelly are my favorite couple.
    Although, I don”t understand, since when is Kelly going to Yale?

  13. @18: Part of the executive training program is a few weeks at Yale business school or something.

  14. If you listen carefully when Gabe is discussing the program to Darryl, he says there’s a 2 week (or so) thing at Yale.

    I absolutely love deleted scene #4–they are so funny and so cute together. Go Ryan/Kelly!! And I cannot for the life of me stop laughing when Andy shows his alma mater boxers.

  15. The Kelly/Ryan deleted scene was so good. I loved to see him in his closet still.

  16. @11: Thanks!

    Ryan and Kelly are too adorable in their adolescent relationship. Is it just me, or did Ryan look kind of old and thin or something? Not to insult B.J., he’s very cute, but it was just a weird thing I noticed.

  17. #21 Collins – me too! I totally forgot he was still in there :D

    Nearly everything Andy does is so fraking adorable. Even though he hurt his ‘scrote’ he is still so endearing. Ed Helms how do you do that?

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