Steve Carell to leave ‘The Office’ after Season 7

The Office’s Steve Carell talks to Access Hollywood about the possibility of leaving the show next year.

April 28, 2010

BBC Radio recently interviewed Steve Carell and Tina Fey about their film Date Night.

At the end of the interview, Steve is asked about The Office:

Question: How long will you stay with The Office for? How many more series? How long does your contract run?

Steve: Contract through next season.

Question: And will you stay after that?

Steve: I don’t think so. I think that will probably be my last year.

Here is a clip of that portion of the interview:

The length of Steve’s contract with The Office has been previously reported here and here, but this is the first time Steve has actually talked about leaving.

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  1. As sad as this makes me, I think it will be good for the show to end. There’s so much they can do when it does, like finally show the “documentary” to the people on the show and get their reactions.

  2. I think all others are contracted through the following year, but I could be wrong. I can’t imagine the show without Steve…

  3. AH! NO! I don’t want The Office to end next year– well, I never want it to end. You know what though, stars always say they’re leaving, but if they love going to work every day, the leave date seems to get pushed back. Remember the Friends cast and how that was supposed to end after season 6 but it just kept going and going until 10? The only way this will be okay with me is if the show lives on in some form. I’m talking spin-offs. There are too many good characters besides Michael that I would miss. :(

  4. It’ll be sad, but I want The Office to end when it’s still on a high note and not just because no one cares anymore. I can’t wait to see what they do with the final season.

  5. The way I figure Steve Carell could always come back for the final episode, maybe do the same type of thing as they did for the UK series finale special, show what he’s been up to since he left Dunder-Mifflin.

    That being said I would assume “Jim” or “Dwight” would take “Michael’s position at the office when he leaves. Maybe “Michael” will leave to try and pursue Holly or Holly will come back and they’ll run off together.

  6. I love the cast but I couldn’t continue to watch it without Steve… hope he doesn’t mean that, not yet.

  7. It makes me so sad to hear Steve say that, but I’ve also been expecting the end to come soon. I just don’t know how long they can go on with this documentary premise, and some would say they’ve already stretched it to its limits. If Steve is really leaving after next season, then I do hope that’s the end of the show. I know other actors are contracted a season longer than that, but I really can’t imagine the show without Michael Scott.

  8. It would be nice if they somehow were able to get Carell to sign a one year extension for Season 8. That would work out well for a good final season. I think he isn’t 100% now, but it would take some convincing. I bet if they told him Season 8 would be the final season and they wanted him for it, he might change his mind. But I also don’t know if they are planning on Season 8 being the last.

  9. As much as I’d miss The Office, it might be good to leave on a high note. I loved ‘Friends’ but the last few seasons suffered in my opinion. I don’t think they should prolong The Office just to prolong it. Seinfeld only had six seasons, right? But…it would be greatly missed. My heart sinks a little just thinking about it.

  10. While Michael’s character has gotten a little stale for me, it would be interesting to see what the writers would do without having Michael around at Dunder Mifflin/Sabre. That said, not having Michael around leaves a huge hole in the show, but also an opportunity for other characters to shine.

    We all know that all Michael wants to do is ride off into the sunset with his true love, Holly. We shall see what happens. All I hope is that the writing and creativity stay strong (I feel like the last few seasons have been inconsistent, with more valleys than peaks).

    However, not having Michael Scott at the Series Finale (whenever that is) would be incalcuable.

  11. @Cayce80 Seinfeld made 9 seasons.
    Anyway, I think with the introduction of Sabre, the show is already weakened.

  12. I really hope this is Steve being goofy and just trying to shock the entire Office Nation! Giving us a scare and not being serious. This show has the ability to have storylines forever. You can expand every single character’s role every season. Too many laughs left, and I am sorry but there is no Office without Michael Scott. And there is NOOO Michael Scott without Steve Carell.

  13. Everyone seems to be jumping the gun here, he said he doesn’t think he will do another season, so he might stay on, even if he goes, yes he will be missed but the show is bigger than just one person. But if he does (hope not) Ricky Gervais could appear as David Brent and take over

  14. As sad as it makes me to say it, I am happy for him.

    He has a ballooning movie career (not that it wasn’t before, just more so) and I can’t really stand the direction they are going with the show.

  15. I can see them trying a season without Steve, and it may produce some good laughs, but a show without its main character will fail (Let’s look at season 8 of That 70’s Show, it ran for like 8 years and without Topher Grace, BAM cancelled)

  16. The show needed to end 3 seasons ago. I’m glad Steve has decided to walk away from what he knows is a failing series.

  17. I think one more season would be perfect- I’m happy about this IF Steve Carell leaving means the show is ending. Of course the show has a very strong ensemble, but the premise of the show has always been how everyone deals with their crazy boss. Even when other stories were the main focus, this was always the underlying thread. The show would lose its foundation without Michael.

  18. Sounds like standard contract negotiation talk to me. Doesn’t he just get like 250k per episode or so? And isn’t the office not only nbc’s biggest comedy hit but biggest hit overall in the key demo? He should be getting double that.

  19. I think back on classic sitcoms that knew when to go out, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “The Bob Newhart Show,” and to a lesser extent, “Cheers.” I would rather see the show go out on its own than to limp on and on and on and get cancelled.

    Now, is it a ploy for more money? Probably not. Between syndication and dvd sales I’d say the cast, writers, and producers are probably set. Plus, Steve works a lot outside of the show.

    Seven years is enough. “Seinfeld” did nine, and that was about two too many. I hope they decide to write a definite end to the show, no matter if that’s the company’s broken up or if the last thing we hear is, “Dunder Mifflin-Sabre, this is Erin,” and we fade to black.

  20. I think this is Steve’s way of negotiating in the media. I don’t see him leaving the show completely. Perhaps, if he wants more time to make movies, they’ll give him a contract with fewer episodes.

    Agree that it’s time to start wrapping this series up.

  21. I can’t believe it’s already season 6..time really does fly by! that being said, i kind of agree. i hope the show doesn’t last much longer than a season 8, just because with Steve possibly not coming back, it won’t be the same and i’d hate to see The Office go through the same thing that happened to Scrubs.

  22. Friends only kept going because it was such a big hit and Zucker couldn’t develop a new hit comedy so they kept on extending Friends, Frasier and ER. They backed the money truck up and got the final few seasons to hope they would create new hit shows which they never did, nothing lasted.

    And now NBC is even in a worse position as it’s their second most watched show after The Biggest Loser. NBC has to hope they get a few hit shows this fall. They should, most sound like they will do better than what they have now.

    I will miss the show but I’ve always liked shows going out on top and not over staying their welcome which happens to 90% of shows since networks want to squeeze every penny out of the show.

  23. Wow. I’ve been thinking about the end of the show for a while, and I do think it should end before it really starts to suffer. Still, though, it’s kind of a kick in the gut to finally hear someone in the cast discuss it. As others have mentioned, Steve leaving doesn’t necessarily mean the show will end, but I hope it does. The mockumentary format isn’t one that can go on indefinitely, so let’s go out on a high note and retain the show’s integrity.

  24. As much as I’ll miss the show, I’ve been thinking about the end. It can’t go on forever. What are the chances we’ll get to see the finished documentary?

  25. It makes me sad that Steve might leave, I hope he stays for at least an 8th season, but this show has been on for a long time, so I think 8 seasons would be enough (Ei8ht is enough XD)

  26. I agree with everyone that says the show should end when Steve leaves, whether that be Season 7 or a contract extension for Season 8. I won the Teen Voices auction to visit the set. I’m going in August to watch them film the 1st episode of Season 7. I’m so glad I will get the chance to meet them all before this show runs its course. Michael marrying Holly at the shows end and David Brent coming in as the new boss would be the best ending ever!

  27. personally, I would prefer that the office keep going until little Cecilia is old enough to work at dunder-mifflin and form awkward love triangles of her own…
    although I admit that would be a pretty big feat for a tv show to accomplish. lol
    anyways, I can imagine the Office without Michael, but it would be a big loss.

  28. 29. jmsteeley love the idea- writers PLEASE PLEASE end the show this way. I would love it if David Brent became the new boss. So Awesome. Would love also love to see a Garreth dwight interaction.

  29. The last season has to be about the documentary being released and Michael Scott becoming famous because of it

  30. Tanster, maybe time for a “how should The Office end” poll, just for fun. Even if it’s not ending next year.

  31. I’m kind of torn. On one hand, I feel like the show has been suffering since S4, and the characters have been a bit directionless. On the other, losing Michael might shakeup the storyline enough to give us at least one more good season, even without him. No more Michael means potentially more screentime for more “minor” characters, something I’d enjoy seeing.

    Either way, I’m not sure it matters. It’s been a bad year for NBC, I can’t see them letting one of their flagship shows die over a cast member leaving, even if he is pretty vital to the show. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them attempt at least one more season without Steve.

  32. It doesn’t bother me that much when tv shows I like go on past their prime. I will probably just think of last year’s finale of Scrubs as the real finale even though I watched some of the new Scrubs this year. Plus, although Steve Carell is awesome, the Office has other amazing characters. I wouldn’t mind Regional Manager Andrew Bernard or whatever the writers would give us. They are smart writers.

  33. Oh, this makes me so sad! I know the end is soon, but still. I guess it’s amazing we got to watch such a huge star “for free” for 20ish Thursdays each season. If he is leaving, it does free up his schedule to do more movies, hopefully gems like “Little Miss Sunshine”.

  34. I think he has every right to leave the show when his contract is up. He’ll be 48-49 by the end of next season and I’m sure that with 2 kids under 10, he’d want all the extra time to spend with his family.

    For me the reason why the last few seasons haven’t seemed as good as the first few is because the characters don’t seem like real people anymore. In the first few seasons they all had bad hair and ugly clothes and looked like real people, which made the story lines more believable. But in the last few seasons the wardrobe and make up have been more professional looking, which in my opinion has caused the show to lose its sense of realism.

  35. If it’s indeed the last season I hope Greg and Mike can come back to send it off with more of a feel from the beginning seasons.

  36. All good things must come to an end…and I’d rather The Office come to a solid end rather than drag on needlessly with shoddy writing. I think the series should end more or less with Carrell leaving. Perhaps a little bit of the Office getting used to office life without Michael might be merited, but more than an episode or two would be tedious.

  37. It is probably time. I love the first couple of seasons but the last year or so has been hit or miss. I agree the show should end with Michael leaving. Maybe Jim should be the new manager or the office just closes. It was a good run.

  38. Seven seasons. That’s it. Steve leaves and the show shuts down. That’s my hope. It’s been a wonderful run, but the show isn’t what it was. Everyone has done a fabulous job. They’ll move on to bigger and better things.

  39. If the rest of the cast is signed through Season 8, I get the feeling NBC will continue the show regardless of whether or not Steve Carell stays for Season 8. The Office is their highest scripted show by a large margin, and it’ll continue to be that way next season.

    I agree with everyone that the show wouldn’t work without Michael Scott, so hopefully they manage to negotiate a one season extension to make Season 8 the final one.

  40. RE: #44 Anat “Best possible ending? Regional Manager Dwight K. Schrute”


  41. this is not news. apparently next season is the last season, they just have not annouced it yet. sad to see it go though….

  42. NOOOO!!!!! even though michael is completely annoying, he makes the show what it is. if he leaves i think they should write it into the storyline that he got promoted to corporate or somewhere else and still show him time to time.

  43. When would they announce Season 7 as the final season (if that is the plan)? I’d like it if they extended Carell’s contract for a Season 8 (along with the rest of the cast), but I would really just like to know what the plan is. If Season 7 really is going to be the finale, it’s going to take some time to adjust to the fact that after one more year The Office will be no more.

  44. they should end the show like they ended the british series– showing the office workers three years in the future: like how their lives are and such. i think it would be very fitting.

  45. If The Office ends I think it will be about them shutting down with talking heads of everyone saying what they’re going to do now. (like in Branch Closing) Angela&Toby join a missionary. Kelly&Ryan become backstage dancers. Jim a sports writer. Pam an art teacher. Andy goes back to live with his parents. Dwight run a dojo. Phyllis a trophy wife to Bob. Michael open Shoe La La. Creed homeless. That sort of thing.
    Or maybe the documentary runs out of money and just can’t film them anymore? Have plenty of film, and NBC picks up the show and it ends with them watching the first episode?

  46. “I don’t think so” and “probably” aren’t exactly sure things. :) It’s certainly news, and I’m sure The Office’s producers feel blindsided by his comments.

    fwiw, William Petersen talked about leaving CSI years before his 2009 departure. CBS and the show’s producers kept convincing him otherwise. So I wouldn’t start writing him out of the show just yet.

    Date Night has barely broken even domestically ($64 million on a $55 million budget) so maybe Steve shouldn’t be so quick to drop his day job? :)

  47. Lol #44 (UK Spoiler Alert) That’s how the UK version ended. I could see that happening.

    Until more details are out though, I’m suspicious about this. This could be a ploy to negotiate for more money. If they were in talks to renew his contract that would be happening right now.

    No fault of Steve, this is common practice to say you’re walking to get a better offer. The cast of Friends did this for years. Same with Law & Order. Charlie Sheen’s doing it right now. We’ll see in time but it’s far too early now.

  48. It should end just like the UK Office, with Brent(Scott) killed in a spray of machine gun fire.

  49. This is sad, and it breaks my heart, but I think it is time. I feel like the writers and the cast have mentally checked out from the show two seasons ago and it hasn’t been the same since. I hope they give S7 all they’ve got and end on a high note.

    Also, #38, I hope that happens too!

  50. I love The Office and will be sad if next season is indeed the last. When the show does end, I hope that the writers give it a proper send-off, like what was done for another “office program,” The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

  51. If he does leave, the show should end as well. The Office just isn’t the same without Michael Scott, and I think if they tried to continue without him it would be a mess. They better finish this show properly. I’d rather it finish at 7 seasons than continue without a main character.

  52. He could just mean that he’s not sure if there’ll be a season 8…Since they don’t find out ’til later if they’re getting picked up or not.

    I would hate for the show to go..I felt like someone kicked me in the gut :(

  53. I think my life is over.

    My goal in life (I’m only 15) was to meet the cast and see the set. And now that dream is shattered. Unless Steve decides to keep going. I hope more than anything he does </3

    I recall reading somewhere that John and Jenna said they'd both stay for as long as they were needed. Rainn too, I believe. I think I'm crying.

    What am I going to do?!!?! What will I watch that I can love unconditionally?!?! Why do good things end?!?!


  54. @ 61, I think it’s time for The Office to come to an end. If the show kept going on and on, it would lose the legacy it’s worked hard at getting. Look at Scrubs, that show was nearly ruined by the “new kids” extension.

    It hurts to know that The Office might be ending soon, but I would not respect it as much if it overstayed its welcome. These characters don’t deserve lame storylines to extend the show. I mean, this day was coming eventually.

  55. Ok, I’m sad.
    I really think that season 6 has gained momentum and been pretty great. It would be a difficult thing to see The Office go….I hope Steve Carell decides to stay if the show gets picked up for an 8th season! :( This is really quite sad news though…

  56. In a mockumentary, the characters actively break the fourth wall to address the audience.

    I think the matter of the constant presence of cameras should somehow be addressed with the characters given an opportunity to see how their participation wound up in a final package.

    In other words, a conclusion similar to the original is a way to go.

  57. If he’s talking to overseas media, then he’s intentionally setting this up as a negotiating ploy.

    I’m sorry to say this, but Steve Carell’s movie career hasn’t really gone anywhere, and he probably knows that NBC will be so desperate to keep the Office on the air for an eighth and ninth season that they’ll pay him Seinfeld money to stay.

    It’s all about getting Seinfeld money. The Office will run at least nine seasons (the first one, being 6 episodes, doesn’t count) and the five principal actors will get their Seinfeld money to make it happen.

  58. Certainly can’t blame him if he doesn’t come back. If John, Jenna and Rainn would sign on for an 8th season, even if Steve did not, it could actually work: it gives a focus to S7 where Michael leaves and then S8 is the aftermath with either a new Michael Scott or Dwight or Jim in charge.

  59. #63 – Seinfeld money???? Are you kidding me??? The show has NOWHERE near the viewership that Seinfeld had. Carell earned 175,000 for seasons 3 through 5, which is 3.5 million for 20 episodes. Seinfeld money is 1 million an episode, 1.35 million by today’s standards – That’s over 27 million for 20 episodes. How do the two compare?

    Carell is doing this because the show has run its course – it hurts me to say this as I love the show, have watched every episode and consider it the best comedy on television. But the story arcs don’t compare to those of seasons 2 or 3.

  60. OMG!!!! This makes me so sad! I know that The Office has to end eventually, but I wish that it never had to! :(

  61. #50 the rest of the cast is signed through season 8 which is why i doubt carell would leave them out to dry and not come back for season 8 which would probably be the last.

  62. I’ve loved this season just as much as others, and laughed possibly harder.

    I love, love this show and I hope this isn’t true. However, if it is, they better freaking let Michael find love (and hopefully with Holly). Michael deserves that happy ending more than any of the characters. He’s wanted it so much, and it will break my heart if he doesn’t get it.
    “I want to have 100 kids, so I’ll have 100 friends and they’ll all have to like me.”

  63. I think the office will end next season anyway so I’m not surprised. As much as I love the office, I hope that they will choose to end it if Carell leaves, only cause I can’t see the show w/o him

  64. I think it’s a ploy too. If they offer enough money…even though I think it’s not about the money but more about respect because we know how respectful NBC higher ups are…he’ll stay.

  65. “… it feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears… and at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer… and then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone… and I’m crying, and nobody can hear me, because I am terribly, terribly… terribly alone.”

    That pretty much says it better than I know how to say it in words.

  66. Here’s my prediction.. The end has already been planned by the writers. Michael will quit or be fired at the end of season 7. We will then see the rest of the cast in the office without Mike for one more year, (season 8), finally ending with his glorious return alongside his new wife, Holly and their adopted child. Brilliant! Bravo, Office writers, bravo!

  67. This is not really news. I love the show as much as the next person but it has been rather clear that next year is likely the last season for quite some time. The writers and cast are talented and maybe it continues in a different way like Scrubs did. However next season is most likely the last year with the show as we know it. That sucks but get used to it.

  68. #75, I just don’t see how more than a couple of episodes let alone 25 work without Steve Carell. The entire dynamic of the show changes without him, and every show I can think of that has tried to replace the main character has limped in its final season. So hopefully they either decide to make Season 7 be the last (and release the rest of the cast’s contracts), or they convince Steve to sign on for one last season.

  69. If Steve leaves, I think the show should definitely end. It’s just not The Office without Michael Scott, or Steve Carell. I’ll be really sad to see it go, no matter when that may be, but it’s been an amazing run. After worrying about it coming back after those first incredible 6 episodes, I still can’t believe I’ve had 6 years so far of this great show.

  70. @67 Stan

    I totally agree. And Steve Carell is not Jerry Seinfeld. He’s a family man who’s always said that he’s happy just doing what he’s doing. I believe him. Though his film career is less than stellar box office-wise, he’s a performer who will always be offered roles and he’ll always bring in a decent salary.

    I think Steve sees the natural end to the show and is just being honest about it.

  71. I never said Carell was worth–or would get–Seinfeld-type money. You are correct about the economics. NBC, however, has to now pay more for even a minor hit because the audience has shrunk so dramatically in the last decade.

    My belief is that NBC will be desperate enough to keep the Office going and will offer substantial money to do so, even though it doesn’t get huge numbers.

  72. @74, i LOL’ed hard to your comment…i think that all of us tallyheads feel that way, at least in some form or another…but, mark my words, “There will be an 8th season of TO, with or without Steve.” it’s a simple concept, it’s the money, ‘Lebowski”…

  73. I think that if Steve leaves we will have a Scrubs scenario.Zach Braff left and they tried to do the show from a different angle but got canceled after one more season.

    Personally I wouldn’t watch the show without Steve.
    It’s like the Titanic without The Boat. Or Dallas without J.R. If Steve really decides to quit NBC should just quit the whole show. I could understand it if he felt that 7 seasons is enough, but like Norman Rogers said ( nr 63 ) it’s not like his movie career is going anywhere promising. I am a huge Steve Carell fan and The Office without Michael Scott is impossible and it would ruin the show. Especially now Jam is also starting to suck.

    I’d rather have the whole show cancelled after season 7.

  74. Steve Carrell leaving will be certain disaster for the show. If anyone is a fan of The Andy Griffith Show we all know how funny Barney was. When he left the laughter ceased and it just wasn’t the same show. Michael Scott can’t be duplicated by anyone else and if he leaves it will not be very funny.

  75. We all need to write NBC and tell them to do what it takes to keep Steve Carrell on The Office. Also, we need to find a website for Steve Carrel and tell him not to leave for the sake of the show and for the sake of his real life co-workers (cast and crew) on The Office.

  76. I’m not really surprised by this…. although it’s sad and I don’t see the show really going anywhere without the core cast….. I’m unsure if I’d even want them to try. Scrubs is a perfect example. It just plain sucked the last forced season without Zach Braff….. and I LOVED that show. It was a sad way to watch it go.

    I do hope that they convince Steve to stay though!! Don’t go Steve!!! :)

  77. While I know the show has a limited run and I thought too that Season 8 would probably be the last, I guess I’m kind of surprised that Steve Carrell would announce he was leaving this way (to the BBC, in kind of an off-hand manner, like it’s no big deal). It’s just weird. This interview didn’t take place on “British April Fool’s Day” by any chance?

  78. While I would be disappointed to see Steve Carell leave after next season, I can’t bring myself to say I hope they end it if he does. First, I still enjoy the show even if it has lost some of its early luster and second, and more importantly, the jobs of 100-200 people are riding on the show continuing. It’s easy enough for us to say that we wish it would end on a high note, but if the show is still making money for NBC I am not going to demand that all those folks give up their jobs for artistic integrity. Sure maybe the big four and a few of the writers will have no problem finding new work, but what about all the others? I’d hate to see them thrown out in the street just so the fans can say it ended at the right time.

  79. Two thoughts:
    1) This could all just be a negotiation strategy. It’s not exactly the best strategy to tell the company you’re going to re-sign 100%.

    2) If he did end up not renewing his contract, I’d love to see him go out with a promotion to Sabre’s head office, so that he can still play a minor role in the show, and not even need to make appearances on set. It would then ensure he can return for the finale too.

  80. I don’t know if it is because he is doing more movies. I know the characters who play Jim, Dwight, Pam, and even Kevin have all starred in movies, yet they stick around to do this hilarious comedy.

    If he leaves, I want it to end because I’m afraid the show needs its lovable boss.

  81. I remember, I believe Greg Daniels, saying that the show would go on as long as Steve Carell thought it should. Or something to that extent indicating that once Steve left, the show would end.

    Just because the rest of the cast is signed for 8 doesn’t mean anything. There’s a clause in there I’m sure that if NBC decides to cancel the show, then their contracts are void.

  82. I won’t be sad if Carell leaves, or if the show ends. The 2nd season was hands down the best; after that season, I haven’t really laughed at any episode nearly as much. The show’s finale will probably be awesome, though. I’m more excited to see the cast in other projects. Perhaps then tanster could devote time to an “It’s Always Sunny” site?

    [from tanster: lol. always interested in ideas for new projects … although it will have to wait until The Office is over. i don’t think i could handle two sites at the same time. :) ]

  83. Hate to see Steve leave the show. I read somewhere once that he said he would not leave the show until it was cancelled. Many actors have left hit TV shows to go into films, and their career all but ends. Steve is well know because of THE OFFICE. I hope it’s not an ego thing. He seems to be down to earth.
    I wish him well. The rest of the cast can pull it off without him. Maybe Ricky Gervais can fill in. Now that would be cool.

  84. This story was on my local news station. I hope and think that his last season will be the show’s last season.

  85. NOOOOOOO!!! If Steve Carell is done, the Office better be done because it’s not gonna be the same without him! D:

  86. As much as I love everyone else on the show, an Office without Michael would be destructive. I think a lot of people probably expected next season to be the last, and it seems natural in terms of how the story has been progressing. It’s going to be insanely sad when it’s over, but it would be worse to watch the show flounder without Michael.

  87. I’m finally a tipster on Officetally, thanks for the credits tanster!

    The Office is not complete without Michael Scott.
    If Steve quits the whole show needs to quit.
    Michael is the one that has saved Dunder Mifflin from bankruptcy several times.

  88. hi tanster, there’s a new interview of steve up where he gets asked if he’s leaving the office.


  89. @91 — I don’t think it’s accurate to say that Carrell is known *because* of The Office. He’s now most famous for being Michael Scott, but he had already been cast as the lead in a huge Hollywood hit (40 Year Old Virgin) before The Office aired. He was also pretty well-known from Anchorman and The Daily Show, both of which were pre-Michael.

    So, yes, he’s best-known for being on The Office, but he would have been a big success even if he’d never been cast on the show.

  90. @96 – yeah that’s what I’ve been thinking. Ricky Gervais would be the only boss I can think of that could keep The Office going. If they promote a current employee, I just don’t think it is going to work (I wasn’t a big fan of co-manager Jim).

  91. @90Valerie&tanster:
    YES…a Sunny site would be awesome and helpful. it’s super hard to find info anywhere about it and i know tanster would be friggin amazing at it.

    although i’m pretty depressed about the office and i don’t know if i’ve completely accepted it yet :(

  92. I have to say that his statement to Access Hollywood seems less than definitive. He sounded surprised that his original statement got so much play.

  93. I third the Sunny site idea! :)

    Okay, I guess I look like a jerk if I try to tell Steve that he needs to keep working and not spend time with his kids. But how about this: Michael’s second cousin dies, leaving him to take care of his kids. And the kids are in the office all the time, running amok. And they are played by Steve’s actual kids. I know it sounds like some horrible 80’s sitcom, but give it a chance! Win, win, win.

  94. I support Manager Andy Bernard, maybe david wallace. Jim should stay in sales. Dwight is a no no. Ricky Gervais would feel a little forced, but if it happens, I would prefer that he is NOT playing David Brent as it would be gimmicky.

  95. I’ve figured this for quite some time, but it’s starting to really hit home now that’s Steve himself has mentioned it…I think the 2 options are probably either that they end it with Steve leaving next season, or they convince Steve to stay on one more year and match the contract endings with the other cast members. However, the fact they signed Steve for 7 season and the others for 8 makes me think they intended to have a Steve-less season, which is sad because it wouldn’t probably be good.
    Personally, I think next season being the last makes sense, it has run its course and it will go out with a bang.

  96. Since the rest of the cast is on for 8, I bet Steve signs on for the 8th which will be the last. And he’ll get a nice raise. That makes the most sense to me.

  97. I have to say that I hope they close the door on The Office if Steve Carell leaves. I am one of those people who doesn’t think that the show went downhill after season 2. Each season has brought more insight and growth to the characters. I have loved them all, I have laughed at them all. But to me, it could never be the same without Michael Scott.

  98. I think when Michael goes, Darryl will be the next manager. In the last episode he said: “Maybe someday I will be sitting in Michael’s chair, imagine that”. He was talking about how he has one year left to play softball. The timing would add up.

  99. @107

    I’m pretty sure there are and have been many ensemble shows where cast members contracts end at different times. I doubt producers were planning on letting Steve go and continuing with a Scott-less season 8. It’s also not unusual for actors to be signed past the length of their show’s run. That said, I think they’ll end the show if Steve doesn’t resign. I hope they do, too, as sad as that makes me.

  100. The main problem with a Scott-less Office is that his successor would have his lines written with Steve Carell in mind.

    Remember the first season of “Parks and Recreation”. The writers couldn’t find a right tone for Leslie Knope. She was mostly a female Michael Scott. And only Greg Daniels and Mike Schuhr came from The Office writing team. It took them months to differentiate them while there were two characters on two different shows.

    If the production just replaces Michael with another character, the show would suffer for a long time. You would picture Steve Carell saying the same thing and it’d likely be better. Because the writers have been used to one character for years and it’s hard for them to introduce a new tone.

  101. I would hope that if Steve leaves, the show will come to an end. The show without Michael Scott just wouldn’t be “The Office”.

  102. Probably already mentioned, but Michael’s UK counterpart was fired in the 2nd season. Possibly a connection?

  103. @ Bell f
    NOBODY can replace Steve Carell, NOBODY can replace Michael Scott. Period.

  104. The Office without Steve Carell is like Scrubs without Zac Braff (J.D), and we all know how that went.

    Better to end it on a high than fizzle out.

  105. Amir from Jake and Amir from would be the best replacement for michael scott that could ever be dreamed. It’s like bacon wrapped sex.

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