1. i feel like he works because he has no one else in his life that will tolerate him lol. And contrary to popular belief, most wealthy people don’t support free loading children, they expect them to work.

  2. That was a great scene. I was glad to see meredith and angela finally. Toby’s talking head just made me full in love with him all over again. I heart Toby.

  3. I love Andy’s positive attitude, but I think he’s repressed. And, is Toby supposed to be sad-pathetic or sad-dispirited. I hope it’s the latter.

    Anyone notice the boom mic at the end? Although it was probably not supposed to be shown, I think it adds to the reality of the documentary style in which the office is supposed to be filmed.

  4. Love, love, LOVE Meredith. And once again, let’s say it all in unison. Poor Toby! Andy got wait-listed. That’s just such a perfect way to handle that situation. And they kept the money!

  5. Great scene – in fact, the only good thing about this episode at all! Great because it fleshed out the “Finer Things Club” theme, the characterizations and the interpersonal dynamic in an intimate way.
    The broadcast episode was thin by comparison.
    (I loved Meredith in this scene! Ditto the allusion to “former senator Rick Santorum”.)

  6. I’ve never been prouder to be a wait-listed attendee of Cornell University. My dad didn’t donate a building though.

    And didn’t Andy previously say (in some deleted scene or something) that he got in because he sang his way into the hearts of the admission office?? hahaha

  7. I think this deleted scene should have made the cut! The Finer Things Club subplot was not fleshed out enough in the show.

  8. Ok that was funnier than some of what made it in! Oh Angela how I love you. And Meredith.. “you clean it up” haha.

  9. So apparently Andy’s Pops is loaded? Daddy Bernard must be ‘so proud’ of Andy and all that he has acomplished. . .
    That actually explains alot about his character. Nice.

  10. So is Meredith just getting wasted at work now? I thought she tried to hide her raging alcoholism.

  11. In Traveling Salesmen it was hinted that Andy comes from money when he talks about going to Hamptons and reeling in a shark on his father’s boat

  12. One question, is Toby in the club b/c Pam’s in it or does he really like “the finer things?” I get that his ex was in a bookclub and he used to listen in, but I can’t help but wonder??

  13. Remember… “renegade clubs are dangerous.” How could they not use that line?? PRICELESS.

  14. I loved that Andy was waitlisted, but didn’t find it in character for Pam to keep his money. Maybe that’s why the scene didn’t make it. I thought Meredith was over-the-top, even for her, but I guess she’s getting ruder and ruder as the episodes progress, so perhaps an intervention is in the future? I loved Angela’s talking head and displeasure over “renegade clubs.” She really stuck it to those Weight Watcher members!

  15. “I’m smart enough to have a dad that donates buildings to things.”

    This reminds me so much of someone I work with that it’s not funny.

  16. Argh! Another week of deleteds that should’ve been IN the episode. I would’ve taken this over the Phyllis popcorn scene for sure.

  17. that second scene owns my life right now. and will until i can stop laughing….which may be never.

  18. “moongob” is now one of my favorite words… and I agree with the previous posts, I am happy that Pam is a little jealous. It shows she really cares

  19. That scene with Dwight and Michael being “crushed” under the weight of the copier was the funniest visual gag I’ve seen in a long time!

    And that scene filled in a hole for me. I was wondering how the Utica receptionist knew about the whole disguise/theft thing to tell Pam about it.

  20. I loved that! They totally should have kept that in! There were barely any JAM scenes in the original episode at all.

  21. The last line in the second deleted scene might be the greatest thing Dwight has ever said, and that’s really saying something.

  22. I love that Pam was a little jealous. That is totally a normal reaction to have when your boyfriend sees his ex. I don’t care what people say I think JAM is still going strong!

  23. AHH! I really wish deleted scene 2 had been in the episode. Love (a little) jealous Pam and the silly string.

  24. Does anyone else think that Jim’s silence in the 2nd deleted scene revealed his professional frustration? It seemed like the embarrassment was more than just in the context of being humiliated in front of Karen.

  25. I so wish they left this in. I like that Jim called Pam to update her, that Pam admits that she’s just a teensy bit the jealous type, and that Dwight squirted silly string in the security guy’s eyes. Soooo good. Gah, why did they cut it?

  26. Dwight is not one of my favorite characters (It hurts even to write that, like talking about your own children). Although I have to say Rainn does a terrific job with/as him. He really is a great actor. THIS episode could be the one to get him an Emmy. I hope I am not overstating it.

  27. I’m glad scene 2 was cut. It was good to see Jealous Pam, but not Jealous 14 year old Pam. I thought the visual of the copier was overkill. But I loved Michael’s description of the other branches.

  28. i dont understand why they leave out amazing scenes. the second scene was classic. it would have made last night’s episode so much funnier. it felt more like the office we know. dwight is such a nerd!

  29. I would have paid some BIG money to get that scene of Pam/Jim on the phone included.

  30. i agree with fire guy. deleted scene #2 did bridge some gaps, and it was totally one of the funniest this season! should NOT have been cut. huge mistake.

  31. I am actually stunned that clip #2 was not included in the episode. Not only did it bridge numerous gaps, but it was quite possibly the funniest clip of the season. Wow, I think the editors made a big mistake on that one.

  32. Here’s a summary of the clip for non-US fans (split into 3 posts to keep under the word limit)

    First, Michael talking head:
    Utica is snoozeville, Albany are the prepsters, Nashua, no parking. Akron is haunted, Camden is in a basement, Yonkers has the two hot girls, and here in Scranton, we are the cool guys.

    On the way to the car, Michael calls shotgun for Jim. Jim says he would rather be in the back and Dwight says he wanted to sit next to Michael. Michael says Jim is sitting next to him and Dwight should sit in the back left so he doesn’t have to see his “ugly moon gob.” Dwight says that was so mean that he’s not going, and Michael apoligizes, saying that Dwight is handsome. Dwight smiles at the camera.

  33. Summary pt 2

    Next (at a rest stop, changing into disguises, Jim calls Pam on his cell):
    Pam: So there was no sales call?
    Jim: No, it turns out it was just a really bad idea involving fire. But I think I fixed it.
    Pam: Wait, you’re going along with this now?
    Jim: I have to. Pam, if I’m not there, someone’s going to go to jail. Or die.”
    Pam: Right. And you wouldn’t be able to talk to Karen. (she says this in a teasing voice)
    Jim: Well, I promise you that has nothing to do with it. (he answers seriously)
    Pam: A little bit. (again, teasing)
    Jim: Well, yeah. I don’t want to see her get physically harmed. That’s for sure. (he answers seriously again)
    Pam: Because you love her? Because you love her very much? (in an “oooooh, Jim and Karen sittin’ in a tree” tone)
    Jim: All right. I’m going to go now.
    Pam: Okay. Have fun with your girlfriend. (still teasing)
    Jim: Oookay, I will. (finally in a teasing “haha, you’re so funny” tone)

  34. Summary pt3

    Pam talking head:
    I’m kidding around. We joke about that stuff all the time. I’m not really the jealous type, so I don’t care if Jim sees Karen… I care a little.

    Next (in the stairwell. Karen, Jim, and a security guy look at Michael and Dwight, pinned into a corner by the industrial copier):
    Security guy: He sprayed me in the eye.
    Dwight: Scranton rules! (he sprays more silly string with his free hand)
    Michael: Dwight stop it!… Can you help me, please? I’m being crushed.

    Next (in the car again, on the way back from Utica. Jim is driving)
    Michael: Would it have killed you to spend the night in a motel room making love to her like I begged you to. Pam would have understood. Heck, Pam would have done it.
    Dwight: Pam is down for anything.
    Jim: (very seriously) You embarrassed me.
    Michael: You embarrassed us!
    Dwight: Yeah. We should have brought Andy… I cut a chunk out of my penis for nothing.


  35. So I do wish they had at least left the scene with Jim and Pam in. And now wonder even more, just why did Jim agree to go along? Definitely more than just the prank.

  36. They should have cut the snooty, ridiculous FTC out completely to put these scenes in. It would have made the show a whole lot more cohesive, and a whole lot funnier.

  37. i’m so sad these were cut from the episode…how great is it that even the deleted scenes are pure gold…us office fans are so lucky

  38. Ok, that second deleted scene was one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m very sad it didn’t make it to air.

  39. Oh my god that’s so great!! Why don’t they leave these in for the actual episode! It would’ve made a hysterical episode even better! :)

  40. As many have said, it was all great. The really big laugh-out-loud moment for me was when Michael and Dwight were trapped under the copy machine. They really did try to pull that off. INSANE, guys. ;-)

  41. oh my god. Talk about the BEST deleted scene I have ever seen. Every single second of it, literally. I loved Michael’s beginning talking head about the other branches, because that just makes the show that much more realistic to me.

    Pam and Jim’s phone conversation, with the added extra creeping of Michael and Dwight, to the crushing copier and the conversation in the car. Jim is amazing at being evasive. Dwight is actually crazy insane.

  42. Deleted scene 2 filled in some gaps for me and it was so funny! (Michael and Dwight being crushed by the copier!) Also, Michael describing the other branches made it more realistic to me.

    It must be hard to decide which scenes make it into the show–there is probably so much footage for every episode. I would have liked this one in though…..

  43. “Because you love her? Because you love her very much?” The way Pam says that is adorable.

  44. #2 is the best clip this season! Dwight with the silly string, Pam on the phone with Jim. Wow. So good, I have no words.

    I don’t care that it wasn’t included in the episode – since deleted scenes are part of the cannon of the show, to me that’s the same as being in the originally broadcast episode.

  45. How come when they make hour long episodes on purpose, they drag. When they make half hour long episodes, the deleted scenes are brilliant and should have been left in? Mystery…

  46. This should have been in the episode instead of the Finer Things Club stuff! Why didn’t they at least use that shot of Michael and Dwight pinned by the copier!

  47. Parts of Deleted Scene 2 are essential to the episode and should have been included. It would have made it a great episode — Jim calling Pam and their little jokes about Karen; Michael & Dwight pinned under the copier, with everyone staring at their absurdity. The Finer Things Club would have made cute deleted scenes. I think TPTB need to revise this episode, IMO. Most Office flans will never get to see these important scenes.

  48. Big thanks to shan21! I used to watch all the deleted scenes with a proxy server, but lately I’ve decided to wait until the dvds so that they are extra exciting. Still I couldn’t resist finding out exactly what Jim and Pam said. Thanks again!

  49. wow! clip 2 was amazing. I agree with the rest of you guys, that should have been left in.

  50. I’d much rather have amazing deleted scenes than bad ones- this means they have an EXCESS of incredible comedy ideas floating around. That makes me giddy.

  51. Oh My God. Scene 2 was amazing. I believe this is the first time I laughed out loud at a deleted scene online.

    I feel so bad for the editors. When deleted scenes are THIS good, you know they are really struggling in that room to decide what goes in.

  52. i actually preferred not seeing what dwight and michael were doing, and only watching jim react to hearing what dwight and michael were doing. with the crazy things they were saying it left a lot to the imagination and i loved it. that said, it was a fantastic deleted scene, and it seems like the supersized episodes were the sweet spot for the show. too bad it seems like those won’t happen this season.

  53. YAY! The second one made me so happy! I was really disappointed when we didn’t get to see any Jealous!Pam, and BAM! There she was. I love Jealous!Pam, she my favourite!

  54. I think that whether the scene was in the show or not is kind of a moot point. The ides is that they are shooting a documentary so in theory, everything that we see happened. The show is just a series of scenes anyway. I loved the silly string. That was classic. And Andy. Can’t get enough of that guy.

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