Brian Baumgartner gives away a Kevin bobblehead

The Office Kevin BobbleheadThe Office’s Brian Baumgartner is looking for New York City restaurant recommendations from his Twitter followers, and will reward the best recommendation with a Kevin Malone bobblehead.

These bobbleheads are sold out at the NBC Store!

Check out Brian’s tweets from today for more details (starting with this one).

Link: Brian Baumgartner on Twitter


  1. Come on, it’s got to be Famous Ray’s pizza hasn’t it?! There’s so many, they all do pizza and they’re all iconic! And living in the UK and having never been to America, they’re this great sort of cultural symbol of what New York City and what Americana is!

    And maybe one day I’ll visit one myself.

  2. You totally want to give it to me. I can’t tell you where to eat in New York, because I have never been. But I adore you and that should be enough. Okay, maybe I should have bought one when I could, but I kinda suck.

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