Brian Baumgartner on Megan Mullally

Update: Here is the video. (Video no longer available)


Guests: Matthew Broderick, Donald Faison, Brian Baumgartner

Acclaimed actor and Broadway star Matthew Broderick is on the show! He tells Megan about his latest comedy, Deck the Halls. The Bucket Boys, a group of musicians who got their start playing outside of Chicago’s Wrigley Field, perform on the Megan Stage! Then, its actor Donald Faison from the hit comedy, Scrubs. Actress turned author Catherine Lloyd Burns talks about her memoir, “It Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks.” Plus, the laughs continue with Brian Baumgartner from NBC’s Emmy Award-winning comedy, The Office.

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  1. Somebody should count how many time “hand tension” was said in that interview. Because it would be a lot!!

  2. It seemed like Megan was just herding the guests on and off like cattle, but Brian did very well. I can relate to hating roller skating parties…I had to suffer through my share when I was a kid.

  3. uch i love brian.. on commentaries and loveline etc. he’s sooooo funny and its great to see him out of character.

  4. Nice job, Mr. Baumgartner. I wanna have Brian over for dinner. He is the coolest. And his blogs are fun reads.

  5. Brian is amazing. Even if Megan seems to not be able to hold a conversation with anyone. Who has 4 people on in an hour? The entire show felt like an episode of The Office itself. Lots and lots of akward pauses. haha!

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