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The Office Michael Scott

I already mentioned this in the Post-Turkey Tally, but I’m promoting it to its own post because there is now an accompanying video!

Magazine article

Business 2.0 magazine features Michael Scott and his thoughts on employee motivation. See full scans of the magazine article and cover here.


Check out the accompanying video here. Highlights:

  • Hear Paul Lieberstein talk in his normal voice!
  • See all the Dunder Mifflin furniture shrinkwrapped for the holiday break!
  • Get a peek at the writers room!

Thanks to Laura for the tip on the video …

Warning: I had a really difficult time getting this video to play — on a PC or on a Mac. Had to replay it numerous times. If you have a tip, please post a comment!


  1. This came in the mail yesterday, at the office I work at. Good thing I’m the Pam of the office (otherwise known as the receptionist), and sorting the mail is one of my duties. And I sorted this magazine right into my purse to take home.

    No one here even reads these magazines and I couldn’t let an article about “The Office” be thrown away!

  2. You have to have the WMV Player for QuickTime to get this to work I believe, on a Mac that is. Works fine for me. By WMV Player, I mean the add-on that allows you to play .wmv files in QuickTime. It also allows you to watch .wmv files in your browser.

  3. I didn’t have any problems getting it to loaned, but I think you have to be signed up for CNN’s Video Player.

    All of the furniture shrinkwrapped … LOL!!! Looks like a prank Jim would play on Dwight! Can you imagine Dwight comes into work one day and his desk, his chair and all of his belongings are shrinkwrapped?!!

  4. This is much funnier if you can picture Michael saying it as a taking head. Awww…Now I want to read the rest of the magazine, but this issue hasn’t arrived yet. Ugh.

  5. It worked fine on my awesome, fantastic new computer :p… i dunno, maybe someone can put it on youtube?

  6. The sound doesn’t work for me. Everything else is fine.
    P.S. Check out my new office blog, The Dundies! Click on my name for the link!

  7. I had no trouble viewing the video clip. I got a message at first saying my pop-up blocker had blocked the player, but I just clicked to allow it and it was fine.

    The mini-interview with Paul/Toby was great! I think he’s cute as Toby but he’s even more attractive as Paul.

  8. I had to reload it three times and I have a pretty new computer. Maybe a direct link from the CNN story works better? I dunno. My internet explorer crashed, so I got to it from my history, and it worked from there.

  9. Thanks for the link, rachel 2, it worked great for me on Safari with the player downloaded. Ok…I’m wayyy too excited about seeing the writer’s room, and all the index cards on the bulletin board. Can we get the FBI to do video enhancement on the cards?

  10. Yes, this is definitely a case for the Feds. It’s a matter of national . .. . security blanket.

  11. I can’t seem to get the clips from the Convict to play up at Yahoo TV? Has anybody had any luck?

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