Brian Baumgartner on AOTS + Christmas episode preview

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Brian Baumgartner dropped by Attack of the Show right before Thanksgiving and brought along a clip from The Office’s upcoming holiday episode, ‘Secret Santa’:

Tipster: Kurt


  1. That was a great interview. I’ve never seen that interviewer before but he was excellent, and the two of them were hilarious… And the clip had me in stitches, love it!

  2. When they showed the clip you can hear people in the studio laughing and it sounds like the office with a laugh track… weird.

  3. I’m having a crush on Brian Baumgartner. And that was a great clip from “Secret Santa”!

  4. Aw he seems like such a great guy! Good for Kevin, pursuing his little love that episode looks great! :]

  5. That was a nice interview! I loved the flow and vibe that the interviewer set for it. He did a great job. And Brian was so warm and kind!

    I have to agree with Katelin (#3). It’s always weird to see a clip of The Office shown with the studio laughing behind it. Makes me so glad the show doesn’t have a laugh track. Having said that, that clip was hilarious! Can’t wait for that ep!

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