Brian Baumgartner to star in Greg Daniels show on ABC


The Office co-star Brian Baumgartner is staying in business with the series’ boss Greg Daniels. Daniels is executive producing a new new single-camera comedy to star the original Office cast member, which has landed at ABC. The untitled half-hour centers on Norman (Baumgartner), a mid-level airline executive fights to experience winning again… At anything.

Congratulations, Brian and Greg!


  1. Brilliant. I’m so overwhelmed at how well these Office people are doing. It’s just fabulous to see their careers carrying on.

  2. Amazing!

    What’s the full list of everyone’s life after Office? (Can’t be bothered looking up real names, sorry.)

    Kevin – Star of own ABC show
    Darryl – star of own NBC show?
    Kelly – Star of own show
    Dwight – Spinoff?
    Angela – Star of own show

    Anyone else up for something big later?

  3. I love The Office, and I love Greg Daniels, but how many shows are you going to make, Greg!?! It seems like with these what..4 new shows he is making it feels kind of like, “Well, The office is over, so I guess I’ll just make shows for everyone on it.” Anyways, I hope I’m wrong and this will be a good show.

  4. @2 More detailed list of T.O actors upcoming careers:
    Mindy Kaling aka Kelly Kapoor “The Mindy Project” FOX
    Rainn Wilson aka Dwight Schrute “The Farm” NBC (Writer-Paul Lieberstein)
    Angela Kinsey aka Angela Martin “Dirty Blondes” FOX (Writer-Stacy Traub)
    Craig Robinson aka Darryl Philbin “Untitled” NBC (Writer-Owen Ellickson)
    Brian Baumgartner aka Kevin Malone “Untitled” ABC (Executive producer-Greg Daniels)

    Has anyone heard anything on what lies ahead for Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski????

  5. #5 has a point. I would definitely give this show at least a look in. But the Kinsey and Robinson ones just sound meh. It’s like they throw these concepts out there and hope one of them sticks, but I can see these shows going the same way as Mindy Project – competent enough but lacking anything to hook an audience.

    For me The Office was a rarity, where the concept, characters, actors, and writing all hit the bullseye. On the other hand Parks & Rec was another competent show but just never stuck with me and it struggled to find an audience. It was like The Office but in a less relatable setting and I didn’t find a single character interesting. Making a hit isn’t easy.

    But Daniels also did King of the Hill and I was a big fan of that too.

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