1. Sadly had the exact opposite reaction. What I don’t want is Andy and Erin being the main story. It’s been so refreshing this year to have a nice balance. Of course I can never have enough JAM time.:)

  2. Never judge an episode by its photos. Never judge an episode by its photos.

    Hopefully this is not yet another Andy-centric episode (which is how it appears based on those photos).

  3. Good, an Andy episode to look forward to! I’ve always been a loyal fan who has loved this show, but now Ed Helms is the only reason I’m still watching. I’m not happy with the direction the show has taken this season with the Andy/Erin/Pete storyline. I love Andy and Erin, but Erin is being written out of character. Her statement in “Here Comes Treble” about not respecting Andy makes no sense at all. The Erin established in past seasons would never feel that way about Andy, and she certainly would never say something like that.

  4. I’m totally on board with having an episode with some great Andy/Erin moments — I love them together. I just hope this episode features the Erin I know and love and not the weirdly inconsistent character she has been of late. I can’t even express how disappointed I was with Erin in the Halloween episode.

  5. Hate to disappoint anyone who thinks that S9 is going to be solely about JAM, while Andy fades to the background. But that’s not gonna happen.

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