1. This promo, coupled with the line in the “Casual Friday” summary that talks about Michael’s “new sales team,” leads me to believe that more people are going to MSPC this episode.

  2. I have a feeling from the promo that our sundered family is about to be re-united. :)

  3. Option 1: Michael goes back to Dunder Mifflin and Charles is fired for some reason. Pam joins the sales team with Aaron staying as receptionist. Pam causes some trouble in the sales team the episode afterward.

    Option 2: More people join Michael’s company because they get tired of Charles for some reason. The tiny office space along with a bunch of people causes some problems the episode after.

    Option 3: Something I haven’t thought of.

    [from tanster: aaron? do you mean erin?]

  4. well well well
    how the turn tables….

    *awkward silence*


  5. LOL!! “How the turntables…” then he just look around.

    David Wallace is there — Oh my!

  6. Honestly, Michael flubbing up the English language will never get old. I also always love an appearance by David Wallace! I think this is the first time that I can’t even speculate on where the storyline is going, just because it’s so innovative and unexpected. Yay writers, I am totally at your mercy.

  7. I would say that something happens along the lines of Dunder Mifflin buying out the MSPC- and rehiring Michael and Pam, not really sure what will happen with Ryan. I’m not sure they would hire him back after what happened with the fraud and such. If that happened, Pam would go to sales, as suggested in an earlier spoiler pic. Which makes the MSPC a great small shakeup to the norm and also a chance for a little bit of change in the normal DM routine. Just speculation, though, the writers really have a way of surprising us sometimes!

  8. I’m a little confused about the Ryan thing. Didn’t he already get hired back after the whole fraud thing (as a receptionist)? I know that Michael was the one who hired him, but wouldn’t corporate have to know who he hired? I don’t know, I think Ryan will come back to DM too. I hope Erin sticks around for a little bit. It’s fun watching Dwight try to flirt. I can’t wait for Thursday!

  9. Another possibility is that Michael comes back but they don’t fire Charles. Charles just no longer oversees the Scranton branch.

  10. I read in an interview that there was originally a scene where David Wallace was against hiring Ryan back, but after Michael pleaded, he agreed but said it was Michael’s responsibility.

    LOVED the turntables line.

  11. Though I’ve loved the MSPC, I am hoping Dunder Mifflin is reunited too. I read somewhere Idris Elba is supposed to be in 6 episodes, and this would be the sixth…

  12. “what do you hear?”
    “rrr rrrr rru, rrrr, r, rrr”

    HAHA! I loved what Kelly said!!

  13. The arc was a welcome change from the constant relationship merry go round and it looks like it may be ending next episode. I was hoping it might get strung out till the finale.

  14. so the two key words I caught were final (“final showdown”) and surprising (“surprising new Office”). This leaves me very intrigued.

  15. The new Angela and Kelly double act is brilliant. Two totally different characters sparking together on screen.

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