1. awwwwww that has got to be some of the most adorable pictures ever. she’s just lovely. :). and I love her name Cecilia. it for some reason reminds me of a fruit. i have no Idea why though :DD.

  2. What beautiful photos! John and Jenna look amazing in these, as does that adorable baby! I don’t think I’ve seen such great photos of them in a long time! Congrats to the Halpert family, I love the name Cecelia, and I like to think that Marie was from all the MTT stories (as I seem to see the name Marie quite a bit there!). I can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode!

    And tanster, you are one lucky duck – how did you get to see the episode in advance???

    [from tanster: i was sent a review copy. :) there were a few scenes that were different.]

  3. Are they trying to kill me with those pictures? Way too much cuteness happening there. JKras holidng a tiny baby…I have no words.

  4. p.s.: They couldn’t have done better job getting a Pam/Jim mini-me baby! She looks like she could really be theirs (one could only wish…)! lol.

  5. I was hoping that the names Tim or Dawn would be used.
    But Cecelia Marie Halpert is fine as well…

  6. jim with a baby in his arms makes my heart flutter.

    i love one picture in the nbc.com album… it’s obviously a “behind-the-scenes” one, because angela is all loving on jenna’s belly!

  7. just noticed an error… in the baby pictures album on nbc.com, there’s a picture of the bassinet card, and it says “6 lb 10 oz, 19 inches” jim (and the baby blog) both said that she’s 7 lb 2 oz, 18 inches

  8. I noticed that too, FlonkertonChamp, wonder why the small but obvious error?

  9. These are so cute!! I keep forgetting that this is a tv show…i keep thinking they are real parents!! Haha

  10. I’m going to guess that the error on the name card was because that’s what Pam’s niece weighed? Anyway, those pictures made me melt. Jim with a baby? SO CUTE! Love him even more now.

  11. To be perfectly honest, that baby blog website creeps me out a little bit. People know it’s just a television show, right?…

  12. another thing i noticed in the pictures… pam’s not wearing her wedding & engagement rings.

  13. @15. FlonkertonChamp Women tend to swell when pregnant, so usually they take those off because they simply don’t fit anymore

  14. Those pictures are so cute. Congratulations to Jim and Pam! Cecelia is adorable!

  15. @16. Gabriel – That’s completely true, and i understand that…. but she was wearing her rings during the episode. those pictures in the second album are obviously “photo shoot” pictures, not episode stills like in the first album.

  16. @ #16 Gabriel I noticed in the episode that Pam had her rings on at the office but took them off when she got to the hospital.

  17. There’s a cute new picture on the “Halpert Baby Blog” page…since it has Jenna in it, I’m thinking this Cecelia is the real deal! Plus, she looks more like a 3 month old. The famous Cecelia Marie :)

    So adorable!

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