The Office: St. Patrick’s Day, 6.19

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The Office St. Patrick's Day

Writer: Jonathan Hughes, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Michael thinks he impressed Jo only to discover someone else in the office caught her eye. Meanwhile, Dwight makes trouble on Jim’s first day back from paternity leave. Andy and Erin have an interesting first date. Guest stars: Kathy Bates, Zach Woods.

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In a poll conducted March 11-15, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.94/10

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The Office St. Patrick’s Day quotes

Michael: Green M&Ms! Nature’s Viagara!

Michael: It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas.

Dwight: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass have been away on maternity leave.

Dwight: Getting hooked on Mega-Desk was my own damn fault. But … I don’t care about assigning blame. All I care about is Mega-Desk. That is all I care about. Getting. More. Mega-Desk.

Jo: My dogs love peein’ in that snow. Makes me think they’re on to something.

Michael: Good morning, honey pile.

Jo: We don’t get much coal down in Tallahassee. I mean, just alligators and some of the worst Chinese food you’ve ever tasted.

Michael: I don’t care if you’re a loser or you practice bestiality. If Jo likes you, you are in. And I am in.

Andy: Erin Go Bragh!
Erin: Andy Go Bragh to you!

Dwight: They say that no man is an island. False. I am an island, and this island is volcanic. And it is about to erupt with the molten hot lava of strategy.

Pam: I get the sense that she’s very ironic.

Jim: Oh, it’s tough being here for a lot of reasons.

Dwight: I thought my mother was my father and my wet nurse was my mother.

Dwight: Turned out fine for me but Mose, same story, different ending.

Kevin: Jo, I have an idea for suntan lotion soap.

Michael: Darryl. Mellow. Soulful. Smart for warehouse.

Michael: You know what, we’re going to tape that on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Michael: In the spirit of fool disclosure.

Michael: Jo likes Michael, Jo invites Michael to house, Jo doesn’t like Michael anymore, mm.

Jo: How many knocks does it take to get you to do some work?

Jim: I’m not surprised that Dwight’s using my baby to steal my desk. I’m a little surprised that it’s working.

Andy: She’s still going to like me in a week. Right?

Jo: You’ll probably feel better once you get some pants on.

Michael: Does her family owe your family something, in terms of a past injustice?

Darryl: Now Mike, I have to ask you to leave, so that I can learn about this tiny television.

Jo: There’s chattin’ time and there’s workin’ time, and I’m still on workin’ time.

Michael: No, no, no, that’s super clearish.

Packer: What’s up, butt plug?

Packer: I’ve boot and rallied twice.

Packer: Hike up your skirt and pull out your tampon, borrow some balls and come meet me!

Packer: Maybe next queer!

Erin: I’m in my jammy jams.
Andy: That’s okay, I’m in my worky works.

Jo: You do it by working hard. Or marrying rich. And I did both.

Gabe: I will date when I’m dead!

Michael: As the Irish poet Bobby McFerrin said, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Michael: What the hell’s going on back there?

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  1. The look on Andy’s face when Erin kisses him on the cheek is fantastic. It was soo…adorable.

  2. Anyone know when this will air again? The SEC tournament is on here (SC) instead of the usual Thursday night line up.

  3. best of the season! WAAAYYYY less cheese, a prank by Jim, Michael having several rational thoughts, and PACKER!

  4. Ha, I knew it was gonna be Todd Packer, when I saw the spoiler about an old character coming back.

    All in all very solid episode.
    I thought all the story lines were clever, loved the “Quad desk”…that was very Jim/Dwight, glad we are going back to their dynamic again.
    My heart aches for Andy and Erin…I had to shut my eyes, it was so hard to watch.

  5. I had no idea that Todd Packer would be in this episode! I was just thinking the other day that he needs to be in another episode. Love that Darryl is going to start working in Jim’s old office now!
    And Erin’s foster brother was kind of awkward. I thought this was a good episode, mostly because they had Packman, and Darryl in it!

  6. Loved the pranks between Jim and Dwight. very funny

    and the entire time i watched erin and her foster brother, i thought of the guy and his sister on that episode of friends! haha

    but the kiss on the cheek at the end made it all better.. erin and andy are so awkwardly good for each other…

    and katie, i feel your pain, luckily i had the digital channel randomly.. but it will be on hulu by about 7 tomorrow morning!

  7. Loved this episode! The camera work and Andy’s face when Erin kisses him was just heartwrenching. Can’t wait to watch it again!

  8. Loved the green exit sign!

    I was really happy for Darryl, hopefully we’ll see more of him now.

    Weird foster brother storyline.

  9. As soon as I read that an “old face” would be appearing, the first person I thought was Packer. I’m quite proud of myself for that… for some reason. haha. Loved all the Jim/Dwight stuff. I had missed their interactions. Quaddesk definitely seems more practical than Megadesk… haha. And the Jim/Pam conversations were adorable (and the picture of Cecelia!!!!). The Andy/Erin stuff was… meh… although Andy’s face at the end when Erin kissed him was cute. I’m not really the biggest fan of their relationship to begin with. Loved that we got a lot of Craig/Darryl, he’s awesome. And I liked that Michael actually stood up for himself at the end. The episode definitely got better as it went along.

  10. Excellent episode, the quaddesk tag had me howling with laughter. Little Cecelia was so friggen cute in that little outfit and poor Jim and his separation anxiety was so sweet. He’s such a great father. Also sweet was Andy’s face when Erin kissed him. Pitch perfect. So now my question is: what was up with Erin’s foster brother? The hand on the leg was awkward and creepy!

  11. haha, so great! my fave part by far was the quad-desk. just like old times :] and michael interacting with jo… very funny. i love erin more and more every episode! she’s such sweetie! overall, i’d say 7or 8/10 :D solid episode

  12. Wow, I’m surprised so many people liked this one, it thought it was sub-par. I liked megadesk/quaddesk and andy’s skirt and michael asking darryl if Jo’s family owed his family. Other than that though, i thought it was pretty weak. I wasn’t a fan of the Andy/Erin relationship heading into this week, but after that I’m definitely out. When she made her stepbrother smell her feet…? Good to see Packer though (but i thought he was a little too vulgar, even for packer).

  13. I liked this episode in general. The plots ranged in quality. First, to be clear… I LOVED the Dwight and Jim storyline. I didn’t realize how much I missed their classic interactions and especially the pranks (Quad-Desk is now one of my all-time favorite Office pranks). The Andy and Erin storyline went along well… it wasn’t anything spectacular, but I thought it was cute and not bad at all. The foster brother didn’t seem to add anything, but I’m not sure it was such a negative like so many reviewers here think. Overall it was good, not great. Finally, the “Michael trying to impress Jo” plotline seemed good, but it lacked any truly hilarious moments. I think it was a good way to end the Jo arc though.

    So in total:
    Dwight-Jim plot – 10
    Andy-Erin plot – 7
    Michael-Jo plot – 7
    Overall Score: 8

    PS: I’m super-psyched that we’ll get to see more Darryl now that he’s up in the main office. He’s always hysterical.

    PSS: My new favorite line might be “Well, I guess we’ll have to change the name” (referring to Quad Desk)

  14. I love holiday Office episodes. No hassles, no problems, no kids. Loved seeing Todd Packer again, especially the “threesome” with Meredith and Michael. I also got a huge kick out of Michael giving Jo a lump of coal, and then explaining why it was a good gift. My one query: what did Darryl get promoted to other than to work upstairs?

  15. Erin’s “brother” makes me wonder. At least Andy got something out of it in the end, even if it wasn’t on the lips. Anyway, great to see Dwight and Jim renew their tit-for-tat showdown. And it was nice to see Michael stand up for himself and his employees. I think he realizes that’s all his and Jo’s relationship can be: professional.

  16. I’ve been waiting patiently for YEARS now for Todd Packer to return! So happy to see him!

  17. Nice episode! Love Darryl, Joe and Jim. Megadesk!

    Packer was the icing on the cake!

  18. I thought this was classic office! Jim and Dwight pranks, michael being awkward but making it right in the end, a new awkward romance…perfect! I do see problems for Erin and Andy since it is her foster brother, I think he has feelings for her. I loved Jim tonight too, so cute with the baby pictures!

  19. Also, can I just say how great Ed Helms was in the scene where Erin kisses Andy on the cheek? He just about broke my heart. ED HELMS!

    I love that he’s been bumped up to the opening credits!

  20. 4 Reasons why tonight was awesome,
    The amount of Eagles green worn!
    The dogs on the couch in the one scene (they looked a tad inappropriate), I know I’m not the only one who saw it!

  21. I thought it was Jan that was coming back because I read the spoilers but PACKER?!!! AWESOME!!

  22. #12 Becky– haha YES the Friends episode! Oh my gosh, you’re SO right! I am now completely fascinated by Erin’s story and the weirdoes in it.

    #20 Lauren– I KNOW! SO sweet. I loved it.

    I thought the very end was hilarious, with Packer and Meredith group humping Michael. It’s something you just wouldn’t expect to see, and yet, you would…

    Good episode, I say. Maybe an 8?

  23. Great episode. Man I love Jim and Dwight :)

    Imagine if Jim went to visit Pam back in the early seasons the way Andy went to see Erin – man I would have died a thousand deaths!

  24. I was hoping Jim would do something to the desks at the end, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although, I have to say, MEGADESK is a great idea.

  25. Face it: this show is better without Pam. The episodes were great when she was barely on-screen while at art school and this was great without her around.

    Weakest character on the show.

  26. pretty good episode. loved Megadesk and the amazingness that is Kathy Bates. oh and Packer!!!!!!

  27. Love the episode
    packer was awesome also Andy and Erin was ok.
    I just feel that the writing wasn’t as good as the earlier seasons.
    ( just something to keep in mind ) :)

  28. omg andy and erin were too cute. when andy left work, i was thinking “i hope he goes over to her house to nurse her back to health.” i was not expecting the weirdness with the foster brother, though…

    and how cute was little cecelia in her st. patrick’s day outfit?! i’m loving the baby picture on jim’s desk. squee!

  29. hahaha MEGADESK! and Packer! (More Packer Please!!!!)
    I also laughed so hard on the Cats in the Cradle bit while Dwight and Andy were singing!! XD

  30. The return of Packer!!! This made the episode for me. I assumed he was let go with most of the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees (and he still might be). But what a pleasant surprise for office fans tonight.

  31. loved this episode. i haven’t been checking this site (stupid job) and so i didn’t even know there was going to be a st. paddy’s episode. being irish this episode was an automaic win. then todd packer on top of that? i loved megadesk of course and i love how the office takes character dynamics and shifts them up so much but then so naturally takes them back to where they started. i liked jo and michael’s story and the line about the dogs peeing in the snow! i am an andy/erin fan and his face was so cute. i also liked oscar insisting michael put away his credit cards and thought it a nice call back to money. and todd packer!

  32. I love how Andy joined in to sing Cats in the Cradle with Dwight, not to annoy Jim, but just because HE’S ANDY! And it’s music, whatever.

    I kinda wish Erin didn’t say she was wearing jammie jams. But I think Andy kinda saved it with suitie suit lol. Also Dwight, gaming as part of the megadesk? I thought he said he doesn’t steal any company time, which by the way, I loved the Jim/Dwight interactions in that episode too. He did play Second Life but that was when he was sad from the Dwangela breakup.

  33. one of the many reasons i like the fact that this show has really changed and grown over all the seasons is that when they do have a “classic season 2-like episode” i really appreciate it. like how you appreciate home more when you’ve been away.

    i also appreciate this line “It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas”. that gets me every time, so funny.

  34. Come on people, not a terrible episode, but just not funny. Go back and watch the 1st two seasons, those were funny. There weren’t any laugh out loud scenes in this at all, many of the jokes are getting too absurd to believe. The andy situation has gone on long enough, it’s obvious they don’t have any other storylines to run so they keep pacing this one out week after week. It was nice to see vintage Jim/Dwight, I agree with some others, Pam is a bit of a drag on the show. She’s much better in a little seen/heard role. Overall, the show seems to be taking a more romantic silly arc, the laughs just aren’t as hard or often as they were the first few seasons.

  35. Maybe Darryl was moved upstairs by the writers to add another ‘sane’ person in the office, during Pam’s absence. By ‘sane’ I mean like Jim and Oscar.

    I liked seeing Jim pull a prank on Dwight again. Just like old times.

  36. We had the SEC tournament here as well and I cannot find where and when The Office will be replaying. I am devastated!

  37. I watched the episode carefully but must have completely missed cecelia in her st. patrick’s day outfit as you all are mentioning. What part did this happening in?

  38. This episode was just perfection to me. Favorite parts: Michael saving the day, classic Jim and Dwight pranks, new romance, seeing the baby all dressed in green, Darryl getting recognition – I’m interested to see where that goes in the future. Loved it!

  39. Wow, I thought this episode was great and I was not expecting that. I usually get sad when Pam is out of the Office but everyone else really brought it. I love when Michael does something good. And I was not expecting Packer at all even though I read the spoiler about an old character returning. Awesome.

  40. I really missed Pam, but it’s nice to picture her happy at home with her baby. I hope she isn’t gone too long, though. I thought the episode was kind of bland, possibly because I just can’t get into Andy and Erin for some reason; it feels forced to me. I did love the Jim/Dwight scenes!

  41. This was a great episode!! I loved the dogs on the couch, mega desk, and Jim/Dwight interactions. And Packer! So many great lines!! I wish we saw Pam in the episode. Still don’t care at all about Erin and Andy and wish they could focus on Angela and Dwight instead if there has to be more office romance. Plus I would have loved to see Jim and Pam at home instead of the weird Andy Erin scene with the foster brother. Other than that this episode rocked!

  42. Often, when an actor plays a primarily comedy-driven or goofy character, and does so very well, we forget that a) this character is a three-dimensional person with a wide range of emotions, especially one in a faux-documentary, and b) they are being portrayed by a trained actor. Well, last night, Ed Helms reminded me. The range of emotions he displayed without words as Erin kissed him, from awkwardness, to fright, to apprehension, and finally joyful acceptance was nothing short of brilliant. My heart hasn’t tugged that hard for The Office since the heyday of Jim and Pam.

  43. Great episode! I loved the return of Packer – it was a long time coming (twss). Mega desk was great – Jim/Dwight interaction always makes an episode great.

  44. I just saw a link from NBC that the picture is posted in the baby blog. So I guess it wasn’t in the episode after all.

  45. I loved the How I Met Your Mother line. My favorite show referencing my 2nd favorite show was awesome!

  46. My 16 year old son summed it up nicely for me: As usual, Packer did not disappoint!

    Kathy Bates is excellent; the line about the dogs peeing in the snow was hysterical.

    I thought this was a funny episode overall, and the LONG-awaited appearance by Packer was the icing on the cake!

  47. There were so many things I loved about this episode. Mostly the How I Met Your Mother reference, Packer’s “bangers and mashed” comment (gotta love Irish food), and quad desk. However, as a former Irish dancer, my favorite part was seeing Meredith Irish dancing at the end. I wish they would’ve shown her feet though, but it still looked way more realistic than what they usually put on TV.

  48. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I hope Packer showing up was a one time thing. He tends to just completely ruin episodes for me.

  49. Go Darryl. It was fun to see him upstairs. I don’t think that will last. I loved hearing Darryl singing “Movin’ on up”. I was a big Jeffersons fan. Overall though, I didn’t think the show was too funny last night.

  50. Anybody else notice that the flag on Michael’s desk was Italy, not Ireland? (the last stripe was definitely red)

    Love The Office subtle humor!

  51. 58 and 51: The picture is shown briefly when Jim is on the phone with Pam. She’d sent him an e-mail of little Cecelia in her green outfit and he replies “I can’t believe I’m missing this!” Seeing his opening, Dwight begins his prank immediately after.

  52. Too bad Pam wasn’t in this episode. But Jim is. And he’s been messed up by Dwight, and in the end of the episode, Jim messed back. I love the Andy & Erin story. And the good thing is Packer’s back. Really green episode, lads!!!!!

  53. I wouldn’t call it a “classic” episode, but this one was very very good. Mega desk was a great Dwight/Jim joke, but I loved how it was Dwight that actually started it.

    I also loved watching Andy and Erin. The awkwardness between them is very realistic to me.

    And lastly, I really hope they can have more Kathy Bates. I am falling in love with her character, and I applaud the writer’s for creating a strong and dynamic non-stereotyped female boss.

  54. Loved the episode, but for me, Packer was the low point. Ugh. On the other hand, we had classic Jim and Dwight shenanigans. And a sweet side to Andy that I had almost forgotten existed. Loved it!

  55. I really like the storyline between Jo and Michael. Michael really does seem to respect her and was quite hurt when he realized that their relationship is more professional than friendly. But, Jo does seem to have a fondness for him and she does not feel like a threat like Charles Miner was. I actually hope that she will eventually consider Michael a friend.

  56. #61 – bangers and mash isn’t irish, it’s english. that made me love the line even more – that packer is that obnoxious guy who yells things that are from british culture on st. paddy’s.

  57. Pretty awesome episode, I love megadesk :)
    And a How I met your mother quote, my 2 favorite shows in one.

  58. Loved the episode, the Andy/Erin part was a little weird but other than that it was great! Also, did anyone else notice that the water in the water jug was green? Or was that just me?

  59. Oh and, I thought Gabe was hilarious in this episode! His little quip of “I’ll date when I’m dead!” just about killed me. Also, does anyone know how long Pam will be out?

  60. Erin’s step-brother was a little creepy. Seemed a little to ‘friendly’ with Erin and seemed like a bum who makes Erin support him. However Andy and Erin at the end when Andy was leaving was top notch. They both played the part perfect and it fit their developing relationship to a T.

  61. I was SUPER happy to see Todd Packer back!!! I hope this means we will get to see him more often!!

  62. Didn’t enjoy this episode at all. I really didn’t think it was that funny. I really want Jan to come back because she was such an amazing character who fit very well with the show.

  63. Eh, I really didn’t like this one too much. The setup seemed solid, and the style was somewhat more realistic than this season has been, but I heartily disagree with the opinion that this was like season 2. Other than being a holiday episode and having Todd Packer, this was a far stretch from that quality and consistency. Hope Pam comes back soon. The nice one, I guess I have to add now.

  64. Good episode! Packer finally returns! That really was a plus. Darryl being in it and his “small television” comment were great. Felt like an older episode to me. The Andy/Erin element was good, although her foster brother was kinda creepy. And Andy in the kilt! Haha! And then to end with a scene of everyone having a good time at the bar. Always like to see the office workers enjoying each other’s company. Notice Matt and Oscar sitting next to each other? And before I forget, Mega Desk and Quad Desk! Hilarious! I like seeing “Old Dwight” back.

  65. Great episode! How many sitcoms have done a St. Patrick’s Day episode before? Kathy Bates was amazing, I hope she’s back some more before the season ends. I missed Pam, but it was nice to see more of the supporting cast (and Andy and Erin’s date!). A subtle thing, but I really liked the look that Michael and Darryl shared…I think Darryl understands a little more about what Michael’s life and job are like.

  66. I thought this episode was somewhat funny – some good moments like megadesk and “Cat’s in the Cradle”. But:
    1. I thought Jan would be the old character returning. Did anyone else besides me think she was lying about Astrid’s paternity, and that Michael is really the father? Would like to see that played out.
    2. There were some crude lines in this show, from Michael and Packer. The show didn’t need them to be funny.
    3. Wayyy too much Erin this season, not enough Angela, Kelly, Toby or Ryan. And where’s Mose?
    4. I thought Jo Bennett would be meaner, like she was on the webcam chat with Michael.

  67. Laurie: There have always been “crude” lines in the show. That’s the way Packer, and to a lesser extent, Michael are. Remember the Sexual Harassment episode? Or all the “That’s What She Said’s” over the years?

    Also, Mose was in Koi Pond this year, but he’s probably not going to be around a whole lot, since Mike Schur (who plays Mose) is the Executive Producer of Parks and Rec.

  68. Megadesk was brilliant! Kathy Bates plays her part phenomenally. And we finally get a Packer episode! This felt like a classic episode without having to be too over the top.

  69. I thought this was a good episode, but I was disappointed in Erin… She seems rather… dysfunctional. But, I loved seeing Packer and the Megadesk subplot was creative and funny! I also feel as though Kevin’s getting to do more… but that may just be me.

    In all, a fantastic episode!

  70. The foster brother thing is what bothered me with Erin. He was a creeper, seemed like he was dependent upon Erin supporting him and also seemed to think of Erin as a little more then a foster sibling who he lived with.
    However when Erin was saying goodnight to Andy it was great. Even though Andy was scared to make a move Erin just kept smiling and focused on him and made the move. It helped ease some weirdness but that brother is freaking creepy!

  71. I loved it :) It’s cool to see that so many others were as moved as I was by that 2 seconds of Andy’s face when Erin kissed him on the cheek. That was so good, and I agree with the poster who said that it showed such a depth to Andy’s normally goofball character. The “first date” wasn’t as expected, but that’s The Office for ya :) Still loving Jo, loved the baby picture of little Miss Halpert in her festive outfit :), and the Jim and Dwight Megadesk/Quaddesk!! :) and YES TODD PACKER! Also, I have to respectfully disagree with anyone who says that seasons 2-3 were the only “really good” seasons of The Office. I appreciate the growth and change that the characters have gone through over the years – you’ve gotta expect that stuff to happen, ya know? :) For me, The Office still delivers, and last night’s episode did.

  72. I’m an episode late commenting but how many people from your workplace show up during the delivery of your baby? That’s not normal.

    The same thing goes for Jim and Pam’s wedding. They met in the office but their wedding was out of town. It just doesn’t make sense for all of them to be at their wedding.

  73. Loved it when Michael says to Jo “Good morning, honey pile”. Hilarious!

  74. C:

    A. It’s a sitcom.

    B. Michael gave everyone a day off if they went to the wedding.

  75. I totally agree with 89. Loved this episode. Really like Erin more now that I know she’s a foster child-it makes her character more real.

  76. Totally late in commenting…but so glad to see Todd Packer! More Packer please!!!!!!!

  77. I thought this episode was great. The only oddity I noticed was at the end when Michael offers to pay for drinks at the bar and Oscar is the one who refuses and says drink were on them. Considering how much Oscar is continually annoyed by Michael I was surprised by how cordial he was towards Michael.

  78. Oscar was being nice because Michael had just got the whole crew out of the office. Jo was keeping them around, and Michael stood up for them.

  79. I think Oscar offering to pay definitely had something to do with his line “put the credit cards away”. He’s aware that Michael’s living on credit, and as an accountant, it irks him to no end.

  80. 1. Wow, so it seems like everyone was surprised by the foster brother hitting on Erin? I wasn’t surprised by that at all- they were together from what, 10-12 and 15-18, or something like that she said? It makes perfect sense for him to be attached to Erin. I see that playing out more in the future.

    2. I like Isabel too. :) I hope she stays in the show!

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