Creed Bratton and his music

From the Examiner:

Last Saturday night at the Hotel Cafe, The 3DVB’s fronted by Creed Bratton on vocals and rhythm guitar played a tight, fun, enthusiastic set of songs from their newly released LP Bounce Back. Though currently best known for his role in the hit television show The Office, Bratton’s history in the music industry goes back to the early sixties and includes generating top hits during that era. Earlier in the day, before the Hotel Cafe show, the Examiner had a moment to sit down and talk with Creed about this history, changes in the Los Angeles music scene over time, and the relationship between his acting and music careers.

Link: The Office’s Creed Bratton discusses his music

You can see Creed perform on May 23rd at McCabe’s in Santa Monica!


  1. Thanks for the link, although the story was poorly written. It kept telling us what Creed said instead of just quoting him.

  2. Who is the “cast member that left the show to be a show runner between the show and the network”? Mike Shur? That would make sense….because Moses is like Mose…..

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