‘Dan in Real Life’ giveaway

Steve Carell Dan in Real LifeOkay Tallyheads, this is not exactly Office-related, but I’ve got two “Dan in Real Life” DVDs (SRP $29.99) to give away!

I thought the movie was very sweet, and that Steve Carell made a great Everyman romantic lead. My favorite DVD extras were, of course, the outtakes (the first thing I ever go to on any DVD) and “the making of” featurette, which brought a tear to my eye.

Here’s a video clip from the film —
I call it Pancake Rage.

Complete contest details below.

Update April 5

Two winners have now been randomly chosen: congratulations to Michael (#72) and Janae (#141)!

Contest details

Post a comment below with an answer to the following question:

What kind of father do you think Michael Scott would be?

Contest rules

  • 20 words or less.
  • Good spelling, punctuation, and grammar count.
  • One entry per person.
  • Valid email address required.
  • U.S. and Canada only.

Contest deadline

Please post your entry by Saturday, March 29, 11pm PT.

DVD Synopsis

Newspaper columnist Dan Burns is a well-known relationships expert with a secret: His personal life is a disaster! Hollywood’s leading funnyman Steve Carell (“The Office,” 40 Year-Old Virgin) stars in Dan in Real Life, the hilarious and heartfelt comedy about family and true love, coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc on March 11, 2008 from Touchstone Home Entertainment. Bursting with wit and warmth, Dan in Real Life is a blissfully funny comedy to enjoy again and again. Both the DVD and Blu-ray Disc are loaded with entertaining bonus features including hilarious deleted scenes, outtakes and more.

DVD Bonus Features

The Dan in Real Life DVD and Blu-ray Disc puts viewers right in the middle of Real Life moments with the cast and crew. The bonanza of bonus features includes:

  • DELETED SCENES – Including optional commentary by writer and director Peter Hedges.
  • HANDMADE MUSIC: CREATING THE SCORE – Singer and songwriter Sondre Lerche offers a revealing look at how the movie’s music was made.
  • JUST LIKE FAMILY: THE MAKING OF DAN IN REAL LIFE – Go behind the scenes with the stars for an insider’s view of the film’s production.

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  1. Michael Scott as a dad is like Stanley at pretzel day. It would be his favorite thing in the world.

  2. I loved DiRL!

    Michael Scott as a father – a bit scary in theory, but, in actually, a doting parent. (Now Jan… different story!)

  3. Michael would be a natural, especially with a daughter. He’d try hard, mess up, but he’d triumph in the end.

  4. Michael Scott would be a fantastic father. He would love his kids even more than his comedy albums.

  5. Michael Scott would be the most loving dad in the world; however, his kids might turn out a little weird.

  6. The first words out of that kid’s mouth would be “that’s what she said!”

  7. Michael is like Eddie Murphy in “Raw”, but they would make him into Eddie Murphy in “Daddy Daycare”.

  8. Michael tries too hard to be the “cool” parent wanting to be loved, when in fact he’s very much loved.

  9. As a father, Michael would be caring, strict, unwitting, awkward, clingy, somewhat intrusive, slightly out of touch, and totally genuine.

  10. Michael Scott would be such a great father that his kids would rebel against their fun uncle.

  11. Michael Scott will systematically destroy the universe one safety lesson to his kids at a time.

  12. Michael tells his kids bedtime stories like “More Secrets of a Call Girl” and wins Dundies for “Most Potent Sperm.”

  13. Michael would be an amazing father. He might be a little embarrassing, but extremely caring and a lot of fun!

  14. If nothing else, the child of Michael Scott would have an inevitable book and movie deal to look forward to.

  15. Michael Scott would be an under-protective father. He wouldn’t want his kid to miss out, and it would end badly…

  16. Michael Scott is a dutiful father – When asked in an interview about his income, the one thing he said was that he now had enough money to pay for his children’s college education. He’s the kind of father who would make sure that his children had everything they needed. I think he would also try to spend time with his children, but the demands of his career would make that challenging. He would, of course, be an entertaining and interesting father, but would struggle with being patient and understanding of their youthful mistakes and impulses.

  17. Michael Scott as a father would have more fun playing with his kids than the kids themselves

  18. Michael would be the best “little kid lover” there ever was, provided he can find someone to have his child.

  19. As crazy as he can be I think Michael Scott would be one of the most caring fathers. Since his childhood was so hard we would make his kid the most “popular” kid ever. I see him pulling pranks with his kid and having fun. I think Michael’s thought on parenting out be, “I guess the atmosphere that I’ve tried to create here is that I’m a friend first and a father second, and probably an entertainer third.”

  20. Little kid lover would be a dedicated father. I mean he gave up his dream to play in the NHL.

  21. His kid would be adored, and Michael would finally have a lovely assistant at magic camp.

  22. Truthfully, I think Michael Scott woud be a ridiculously devoted father. He may not survive his children’s teen years though.

  23. Characteristics of a father: Merry, Instinctive, Caring, Hilarious, Active, Eager, Loving, Sassy, Colorful, Outrageous, Talkative, Talented.

  24. Michael Scott: Magician, manager, and father. All his dreams realized, including 100 children that HAVE to be his best friends.

  25. Michael would be an extremely devoted father, since not one of his kids could say no to being his friend.

  26. My Truthful Answer:

    Michael Scott-he would have fun with his kids because he still is one. Parenthood would not suit him.

  27. Michael Scott would be a clueless father, trying so hard to do the right thing, but also trying so hard to make his kids love him, wanting them to be afraid of how much they love him. He would be there to celebrate every birthday, soccer game, and “A” paper, always with presents and cake (always singing the high harmony). He would also be the only dad on the planet to actually wear his “#1 Dad” shirt, which he would wear at every opportunity.
    Plus, there would be daily ketchup fights, with tickling and giggling.

  28. Surprisingly, but proven in “Take Your Daughter To Work Day”, Michael would be a caring, loving, yet fun parent.

  29. His children might be embarrassed from time to time, but Michael Scott would be an incredibly loving, caring father.

  30. He’d love them so much that he would want to be a stay at home dad and school them himself.

  31. Michael’s kids would adore him until age 12 and die of embarrasment after that. No father could be more loving.

  32. Michael would be a fabulous dad until you started dating and he showed you the tape he made with Dwight for you…

  33. It would take Michael Scott a while to realize when the daddy can’t take a bath with the kids.

  34. Michael Scott would be such a wonderful father, he wouldn’t have to buy his own “World’s Best Dad” mug.

  35. He’d be the kind of father who’s fun and wonderful when you’re a kid but horribly embarrassing as a teenager.

  36. If Michael Scott had a child… they wouldn’t say ‘No’ to being his friend.

  37. As a father, Michael would be feared and loved. His kids would be afraid of how much they loved him.

  38. Michael Scott’s children would love magic camp and improv classes, and any oppurtunity to preform in front of people.

  39. One thing’s for sure. Michael Scott’s child will know the dealio of life.

  40. He’d be his children’s best friend until they turned 13, then a total embarrassment for the rest of their lives.

  41. Michael Scott would be a super cool father making Take Your Daughter to Work Day unavoidable.

  42. Michael would be a best friend to his children. He would be loving, comical, whimsical, caring, anti-discipline, and fun.

  43. He would be an amazing, fun, crazy, and lovable dad. A dad who would never ever disappoint his children.

  44. Michael loves his kids more than anything and no matter what “embarrassing” things he does, he’ll always be loved back.

  45. He would be the father that is like a little brother. Fun, irresponsible, and ice cream for dinner.

  46. Michael,as a father, would be inept yet lovable…his heart would be in the right place.

  47. Michael would be a very kind, loving and of course “cool” father. He would be so hip in his own mind and probably embarass his child just like all parents do. I can see the child pulling some “fast ones” on him though when they get older when they need to stay out late or something along those lines

  48. Michael Scott would be a great father to his one hundred kids/friends but it’s really beyond words. It’s really incalculcable.

  49. He would be a loving father, but a disorganized one who wouldn’t institute any boundaries or rules.

  50. Michael would be a better father than a husband, but would have trouble disciplining his kids because he’d be concerned they’d stop loving him if he did.

  51. Michael thinks he is “Dad” to his employees. He’s not a great boss. I think he’d succeed as a father.

  52. It would be his most joyous role and hopefully his children would recognize the incredible love in every script.

  53. He’d be an overly enthusiastic dad who’s kids are his world, too bad they’ll grow to walk all over him.

  54. Kind. Hillarious. Loving. Understanding. A Friend. He would give his kids a better childhood than he had. He’d protect them.

  55. Creative, adventurous, smart and loving would all describe Michael as a father. He would have a close relationship with them.

  56. Michael Scott would tell his kids that eating bacon every morning will make them healthy, wealthy, and wise.

  57. Horrible! He’d forced them to wait in line for free pretzels and watch Varsity blues instead of homework. Great Scott!

  58. Michael would be fun and silly. But he probably won’t do so hot once his kids hit their teenage years.

  59. For Michael Scott, parenting would be hard and yet very satisfying. That’s what she said.

  60. He would constantly make huge mistakes but only because he loves his kids and wants them to be happy.

  61. More friends for this man

    There for his children

  62. With a name like LittleKidLover, how can you not expect Michael Scott to be an extremely touching parent?

  63. Michal would be a Dad who would spoil his children and let them get away with anything…mabey even muder.

  64. Becoming a father would allow Michael to retain his childlike demeanor, until the first tantrum — his — made him grow up.

  65. Daddy Michael will love his kids, but for diapers (gross!) or discipline (no fun!)… well, their mom can handle that.

  66. Say what you will about Michael Scott, he would throw his whole heart into making life a party for them.

  67. As a father, Michael would be a storyteller first, an disciplinarian second, and a magician third.

  68. I think he would be very caring and thoughtful, just a little crazy sometimes. Very fun though.

  69. Michael would be the father who all your friends would want to hang out with and just be one of the kids.

  70. He’d be a terrific father…and make a better friend to his kids than the lunch lady was to him.

  71. Michael has waited his whole life to be loved and accepted. His children will never know what that feels like.

  72. He would be a good father. Look at his interaction with the trick-or-treaters in the Halloween episode.

  73. I believe Michael already is a father to his employees. Pam has witnessed this in “Business School.”

  74. He would make a great father for the simple fact that he’s not married to his job. Jan would also be a hot mom!

  75. Well we’ve already seen the video he would leave for his son. This is hard – That’s what she said.

  76. When his son get’s his first job, Michael will show him how to score with the boss.

  77. He would be loving; making sure that no one was “messin’ with his chillen.”(Pilot [1.1])

  78. Like a newborn duckling waddling through his first year, Michael Scott would take his new role with pride, much be it awkwardly. In the end, he would grow into a loving, caring, and role model of a dad, which any child would love to call dad.

  79. Michael Scott would be the parent that he feels is the kind every kid wants. However, Michael Scott never does anything half-way, so he would always be bigger and better than what any kid would want. As always, he would try his best — and in moments of his vulnerability the man with the big heart would come through.

  80. Michael Scott as a father:
    Encouraging ice-skating.
    Completely lacking in self-awareness.
    So, like most good dads!

  81. michael scott would be the kind of father that most people would look at and wonder how he can handle his child. But i think he has a passion for children (ex. bring your daughter to work). Granted, he probably would leave his child in the car for an hour because he forgot, but i think he would have more love for that child than most would think. I also believe that it would make him want to work harder at Dunder mifflin, because he knows that he now has a child to support and wants only the best for it.

  82. Michael would be such an amazing father that it’s simply beyond words. It’s incalculcable.

  83. Michael would make an inspired father! As long as the baby’s cheap. And takes less than eight months to raise.

  84. Michael should never be a “little kid lover”, even if they are his children.

  85. Mr. Mom
    Hate Toby
    Amazing Dad
    Little kid lover

  86. Michael Scott would make a great father…if his children were made of paper and had giant boobs.

  87. Michael Scott would be the kind of dad that gave his kids a boost when reaching for the cookie jar.

  88. Everyday Michael, a great father, would cast his children in comedy videos. His kids would love seeing themselves on youtube.

  89. As a dad, you’d hope Michael would never give his kids advice. Or maybe just never jumpstart their car.

  90. I think that Michael would be a great dad (come on he’s a kid at heart), as long as he cut out the ‘that’s what she said’ remarks!

  91. He would be a kind and loving father. Doting on a daughter and always asking his son to play catch.

  92. He would be the best father.Funloving,embarrasing and dedicated; just the right qualities to make a good dad.

  93. Michael would be a caring and loving father, but he would also have major flaws, just like every father.

  94. Let’s just say the first words out of the kid’s mouth would be “that’s what she said”.

  95. Michael would finally have a playmate and someone who’d listen to him give advice. Everything he wanted Ryan to be.

  96. genuinely caring, best friends, always learning (thanks to the kids), hilarious, and the best dad that kids are jealous of.

  97. What kind of father do you think Michael Scott would be?

    Awesome. That’s what she said.

  98. Fantastic for the first nine years. Embarrassing when they get older and he’s still trying to hang out with them.

  99. MICHAEL SCOTT: “Dr. Cosby… Justin Timberlake… and… Michael Jackson… combined. No, not Justin Timberlake. I wouldn’t trust him with kids.”

  100. As seen in Halloween and Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, I think that he would be a caring and loving father. He might need some help though.

  101. He’d be trying to find his self worth in his kids, sucking from them what little life they have.

  102. michael would be the sterotypical dorky dad, embarassing his kid at every possible time.

  103. He’d be a great father … but preferably to a cheaper, less expensive Chinese baby.

  104. He would embarrass you but you’d love him for it. He would be proud of every little thing you do.

  105. Michael already has experience because he’d been a God-Father, although it didn’t work out in the end, he sucked.

  106. Michael would be a cool, action-hero dad… like Magnum P. I. from Three Men and a Baby.

  107. Mrs. Doubtfire, definitely. He loves Robin Williams, and there’s a good chance he and Jan wouldn’t stay together forever.

  108. Michael Scott would be a self-proclaimed “World’s Best Dad” and have the mug to prove it.

  109. Maybe Michael would learn that giving his kid condoms at the age of 8 wasn’t such a good idea.

  110. I’m not so much worried about Michael’s fathering ability as I am about Jan’s mothering ability. Milk from enhanced boobs?

  111. He’d be one of the more approachabler father figures…that’s for sure….at least, that’s what she said.

  112. Michael would be an awesome Dad, with extra awesome, and all his kids would have to be his friends.

  113. “I’ll put the ‘fat’ in father. Phat with a ‘Ph.’ Better than putting the ‘hood’ in fatherhood, right Stanley? …Stanley?”

  114. Clueless, loving, and proud. Guilty to a fault, too involved and overbearing. Unknowingly hazardous, but always warm-hearted.

  115. Michael Scott in a fatherly capacity would be the same guy we know. Lovable, at times cringeable, but always entertaining.

  116. Michael would be hounded by his wife and kids, thus always be hiding from them.

  117. Clueless. Loving. Warm. Caring. A true “little kid lover”. But a million kids might be a bit much…

  118. Going by his interactions with little Sasha, I’d say he’d be a very goofy, loving, playful parent.

  119. He’d be a great father. He has a big heart when it comes to children. Probably because he’s a child himself.

  120. Michael Scott as a father…he’d teach him life lessons through Oprah and get Jan to teach the child how the woman’s body works…with her body.

  121. World’s Best Dad!
    He’d probably wear the baby to the office in a Baby Bjorn. Jan would be out shopping!

  122. His qualities as a father would be similar to those as a boss. He would be embarrassing yet loveable.

  123. Michael Scott would be the kind of father who accidentally runs down his kids with his car.

  124. That’d be one messed up kid. If Michael drives into a lake, how can he teach his kid to drive?

  125. Michael Scott would be the best dad! I could just see a mini michael scott running around the office in his little suit, just like daddy.

  126. Michael would make it manditory for everyone in the office to have a picture of his kid on their desk.

  127. Michael Scott would never stop bragging/talking about how Jan had his baby to ever be there for his child.

  128. Michael wouldnt know what his child looked like, he would have to pick up a thrid job.

  129. Michael Scott would immediately become jealous of his child when it learned to walk and talk at a normal age. His son, Scott Michael Scott, would become infinitely smarter than his father and would go on to a lucrative career, and the two would never speak to each other after Michael Scott’s 50th birthday.

  130. Michael’s children will learn the dealio of life through a series of videos made by Michael and Dwight. Or Netflix.

  131. I think he’d be just as screwed up and clueless as every other dad out there :)

  132. No bringing kids to work, ’cause the office is like HBO. Crazy stuff, not rated G, but rated R.

  133. I think Michael would be awkward, especially around babies and girl children. Eventually he would adjust and become loving, but would definitely still make his kids uncomfortable during the teenage years.

  134. A giver of great advice: “Never grill bacon by your bed. You’ll probably burn your foot on the Foreman grill.”

  135. Michael would be the goofiest father and a kid’s best friend! All the kids would love him!

  136. He would be a nurturing, fun, kind, caring, dad. He would say “I love you” to his kid every day.

  137. Remember how he cleared up the birthday problem that Jim created? His kids would always feel special.

  138. A great father with an overabundance of love to give. A friend as a dad. And sex advice.

  139. Mine is a haiku:

    Not quite the cool Dad.
    Matching clothes at Disneyland.
    Kids are embarassed.

  140. Michael will first strive to be a best friend but eventually become a true father, being playful, patient, and loving.

  141. In “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” Michael never wanted to be alone. He would be the kids best friend.

  142. The kids would love him and be his built in best friends… until they hit puberty. Then he’s just embarrassing. :)

  143. I think Michael would step it up if he had a baby but will try to be the boy/girl’s best friend and have very elaborate birthday parties where he is the magician.

  144. Michael can’t have kids because his blackberry made him grow weird sperm.

  145. He would be the dad that tries way to hard, and by doing so, the child hates him.

  146. During one of his magic tricks he would lock the twins in a reinforced magic box with the keys inside. they won’t be able to escape until they grow out and burst the box from the inside!

  147. Michael, though flawed, would be a great dad because he’d provide the basic essentials of childhood; embarrassment and unconditional love.

  148. Michael would be the kind of dad that would turn his kid into a “Minnie Me”. It sure would be fun to watch Dwight kiss the kids butt on “Bring your child to work day”.

  149. Michael’s the kind of father that would stay up all night rubbing Country Crock butter on his sick child.

  150. Michael Scott would be feared and loved. His children would be afraid of how much they love him.

  151. A very nice dad; very well suited for the job he has now.

    Off the record? He would be disaster.

  152. Michael Scott as a father: bumbling, endearing, awkward, inappropriate, loyal, self-absorbed, kind, happy, needy.

  153. Michael Scott would be a great dad! Maybe he’d even grow up a little with his child.

  154. Michael would be the kind of dad his kids would make sure none of their friends ever met!

  155. Deep down Michael is caring, loving, sensitive and protective. On the surface he is silly and fun. A perfect dad!

  156. Michael Scott would be a terrific loving dad, but would use them for kiddie shenanigans.

  157. Michael’s child learns to be just like him, leaving Michael confused and angry that the child isn’t more popular.

  158. When his kids are teenagers, Michael will be using Wikipedia for negotiation tactics, and hopefully not wearing his daughters clothes.

  159. Michael would be a great dad because he would devote all of his time to goofing off with his kids.

  160. He would be devoted and clueless, and though his children would be embarrassed by him, they’d genuinely love him.

  161. I think he would be a good dad because at least he is always trying to do the right thing.

  162. He would be a good dad, the kind that is embarrassing to his kids, but deep down, really cares, and loves them.

  163. I think Michael would be very attentive and loving, but embarrassing. I would love to see them write a child into the storyline.

  164. I think that Michael Scott would actually make a good father! In the episode “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”, all of the kids actually really liked him. In my opinion, Michael is a kid inside, so he really knows what kids like, and how to treat them. He might be a bit immature, but i think he would raise a great kid.

  165. A child would become the greatest love of Michael’s life. Though likely embarrassed at times, the child would know love.

  166. he’d be a very fun father, always trying to fit in with his children’s friend’s and trying to make them like him, and he’d probably do a very good job. hehe

  167. for a toddler he would be a lot of fun, he’d color, and play with play-doh and put a bowl of spaghetti on his head! hahaha! i think the kid would have to take care of him!

  168. He would love the child, but he would make the kid take improv classes and live vicariously through him/her.

  169. Oh good heavens…Michael Scott…I think he would be a father who has NO CLUE what his children are up to, but loves them very much. I think he’d play kid games, and be great at sound effects!

  170. Michael’s “motivational parenting”: fun-tivities instead of playing catch, Dundies instead of birthday presents, and ketchup fights instead of … normal things.

  171. Michael would be an interesting father, but he would raise his children to be independent and creative thinkers.

  172. Michael Scott would be a kind-hearted father who would show his love through humor and many smiles.

  173. Michael Scott would try too hard and make many mistakes but love enough to make up for his bumbling ways.

  174. He would make a really great Dad, but I think he might let the kids get away with a little too much.

  175. He’ll be terrible at it, just like he is as a boss. He’ll teach the kid bad words, bad manners and bad habits. Poor kid.

  176. Michael Scott would be a hilarious father…to watch. I’d just hate to be the mother who would have to fix all the messes he and the kid got into. :)

  177. He would be a fun dad but also discipline his child when necessary since the child would make him responsible.

  178. A father who’s great when you’re a kid, and an embarrassment as a teen, and pitied as an adult.

  179. I think he would have fun with the kids,but would make alot of mistakes in effective discipline

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