The Weekend Tally

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  1. If you don’t mind me saying, JKras looks scrumdiddlyumptious in that Vanity Fair article.

  2. And OMG, Steve is wearing “the jacket” in that Hard Times article. lol.

  3. I went to the imdb to look at Bitterman’s credits and have to wonder why Jenna cares what he said :)

  4. Ok, that settles it. There is no way I can avoid getting that issue of Vanity Fair now. I MUST GET IT!

  5. Shem’s popularity on IMDB is up 1,849% since last week. I think he has Jenna to thank for that. :)

  6. I almost can’t take how appealing John K is. It’s overwhelming. His attitude, his smile, well, everything about his face; and it makes me remember watching the pilot. I wouldn’t have made it to Health Care were it not for him. Now, of course I love everyone to death. But in the beginning, there was John…whose named means “beloved”, by the way.

  7. Even more interested to see “The Promotion” now, interested to see what our Jenna has to say about a Banjo.

  8. I remember the Shem Bitterman story from one of Jenna’s MySpace entries a while back! I honestly think that story is hilarious. Like being passionate about being an actress is the same thing as completely disrespecting and exploiting yourself. Give me a break. Who would ever take this guy seriously? I’m glad Jenna doesn’t anymore. Hah!

  9. I love that comment in The Advocate about how if Jim were gay he would totally date Dwight. Aw, they would make a cute couple :P. Michael Schur had me in stitches with most of his comments. Oh yeah, Jenna seriously stuck it to that playwright. Good for her :)

  10. John’s interview with The Advocate was terrific. The fact that he can be so accepting of all kinds of people is very, very cool.

  11. Ah, Mose!

    Michael Schur quotes one of Jan’s lines from Cocktails in his interview, saying he had feared the TV industry would “collapse in on itself like a dying star” as a result of the writer’s strike. Man I miss The Office. I’ve clearly been watching far too many reruns lately.

    Every time I read one of Michael Schur’s interviews, I am amazed at what a cool, down to earth guy he is. Funny too, but that’s not surprising. ;)

    Need more Mose in 2008!

  12. Man I love Ricky Gervais’ dry sense. “I knew it!” Who thinks of that?!

  13. Rainn is also in Vanity Fair. A verrrry small picture on the bottom of page 181. The title of Neologism du Jour for “home skillet”

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