Did they or didn’t they?

As has been so astutely pointed out by OT readers heidi and Jon, yesterday was the date of Pam and Roy’s wedding (as first mentioned in Booze Cruise).

Did they or didn’t they get married?

And did Jim go to Australia?

Are you feeling a little vaklempt? — talk amongst yourselves.


  1. I’m thinking…

    Wedding: postponed. Jenna’s said something about Roy maybe working a little harder to keep Pam next season.

    Australia: Jim went, on Pam’s insistence. Nonrefundable ticket, after all. He may or may not have known about postponement before he left.

  2. I certainly hope the wedding didn’t happen because the dynamic between Pam and Jim is one of the best things on the show and if that were to continue with Pam being married that would just be gross. No one wants to see a married woman flirt with another man.

  3. I also think that Pam postponed her wedding after considering the whole marriage thing and relationship with Roy and Jim.

    I am sure that Jim went to Australia. It would be awkard if he stayed around Pam who postponed her wedding after he confessed that big thing to her.

    Will they get together after Jim returns? I think it is too early to get together right away. I want to enjoy a little bit more the tension between them.

  4. Wow. Um… Thats a little scary. I say they didn’t.

    I hope they didnt.

    If they did, Jim totally went to Australia. If they didn’t, Jim cancelled his trip in favor of further pursueing Pam.

  5. Gosh I hope not. Maybe her mom talked some sense into her so she and Jim can get together.

  6. My opinion is that there’s no way that Pam and Roy got married without The Office then taking some kind of soap opera-ish turn.

    My guess is that Pam postpones the wedding, and that Roy is actually relieved about it — remember that he set the wedding date only after he was a bit inebriated at the booze cruise!

    But as nomadshan mentions about the non-refundable ticket, I think Jim definitely went to Australia. Alone.

  7. Remember, too, that Jim probably took that transfer. He professed his feelings to Pam during Casino Night because he wanted her to know it, “once.” Meaning, I need you to know before I transfer.

    So assuming the Season 3 opener in September occurs in real time, it will have been four months after casino night, postponement of the wedding, Jim’s trip to Australia, and Jim’s transfer out of Scranton.

    And Pam is pretty darned miserable at this point.

  8. Tanster’s mention of the Season 3 opener has me thinking…

    A lot of shows will film their next season opener at the same time as the current season finale, for continuity’s sake (actors on hiatus could get tan, or let their hair grow, etc). But the actors claim they don’t know what happens in the season 3 opener. That makes me think that it won’t pick up right after the finale – that it may be in real time after all.

    On another board, someone said her dream season 3 opener would begin with no mention of casino night, and leave the viewer hanging a bit, wondering what happened. Mischievous, but definitely good for tension…

  9. I really really hope she didn’t get married. Jim probably went on the trip, but I dunno about the transfer. I kinda hope that the season opener will begin right after the kiss, but then I have no idea how they will cover the 4-month-gap-thing. Anyone have any ideas for the season premiere?

  10. Ohhh I don’t want to think about it! It’ll drive me crazy! But I really hope they didn’t get married, and I really doubt they did. Is it September yet?

  11. But if Jim takes the tranfer how will he come back? Will Pam confess her love for him? Argg! I want September to be here!

  12. I think that Jim probably didn’t go to Australia. His confession was a big move for him, and even if Pam rejected him again after the kiss, I don’t see him being able to take himself away from her. As depressing as it would be for him to stay, he couldn’t have any more fun in Australia worrying about her wedding plans the entire time. No, Jim would stay for Pam regardless of her decision.

    Pam has to postpone the weddong, and the person who commented that Roy might even be relieved is probably dead on. Pam may even decide to move out for a little while. Someone on GMMR brought up the possibility of Pam moving in with Kelly for a while, which would be a hilarious move that the writers could use to bring some humor to such a serious situation.

    I’m pretty sure that the writers will pick up with a day months after Casino Night. One idea I have is to start with an episode called “The Wedding” to freak out all of the fans. Then, it would begin with Kevin’s band warming up and all of the employees gathering until we realize that no, it’s not Pam’s but Phyllis’ wedding instead. What do you think? Anyway, the writers are smart, and remember this is a comedy, not a drama or soap opera. They’ll find a great way to bring the humor we’ve all come to love to such a dramatic situation. Jim and Pam will end up together eventually, so let’s just enjoy the road there! (I just wish we could get back on that road a little sooner than the end of September!)

  13. I have no clue what to expect and I’m not even going to attempt predicting on what can or will happen. For some reason, I’m not even anxious or impatient for season 3. I don’t know why but, my guess is that the Jim/Pam kiss was just what I wanted. So what ever happens after that is totally cool with me. It’s in the writers hands.

  14. Sam brought up a good point. This is just a comedy. An advanced comedy at that, but its a comedy. We all sit here and analyze it as if it were some complex drama.

    Not that theres anything wrong with that. ;)

  15. Overheard in my house yesterday:

    Me,( getting ready for 5 year old’s birthday party announces out of the blue): “OH MY GOD!!!! I”M SO UPSET!
    Husband: WHAT? why?
    Me: It’s June 10th!!! (thinking that is self explanitory)
    Husband: Yes, why? What’s going on? (all concerned)
    Me: Um, it’s Pam and Roy’s WEDDING DAY!! (DUH) I hope they don’t get married!
    Husband: rolls eyes, walks away from crazy wife.

  16. witchoo i have moments like that in my house too. on june 10th, i looked at the date on my watch and thought…something is today…and i ran through all my friends birthdays, deadlines for school/work….and the whole time i could hear someone in my head saying “June ten” not tenth but just like roy said it in the booze cruise….and then finally it hit me, and i told my sister and she rolled her eyes and was truly disgusted with me that Roy/Pam’s wedding had that much importance in my life that it was easily confused with someone’s birthday….oh well :)

    ~ Heidi

  17. I really don’t think that Jim will transfer. On Jenna’s myspace page she posted that “Rumor Patrol: We are all coming back for a 3rd Season next year.” I don’t see how they could show Jim without him being in Scranton.

  18. Yes! I love the Phyllis wedding twist. (but what about that one-night-stand? Anyway…)

    I’ve given it a fair amount of thought (as most of us have); what will happen next with JAM. My initial reaction that first week after Casino Night was pure elation for the superb writing & acting. But my next thoughts were along the lines of “Writers, pleeese don’t (mess) it up”. We’ve all become invested in a gripping loveline only to have it ruined, or made uninteresting by bad writing. But my faith has returned, and I really think that whatever they come up with, the writers care as much about these characters as we do and it’ll be great.

    One more comment: Though Jenna did say they would all be back for Season 3, she also said something about some “shifting around” or something similar; when I heard that I assumed that Jim would have taken the transfer; at least for a while. But who knows…

  19. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna keep going like regular time and the wedding would have been postponed or something. Cause it’d be a little confusing if it was june on the show and september in real life…only because up until now it’s been following regular time exactly.

    I doubt Pam and Roy would split up or separate or anything cause think about it, they’ve been engaged for 3 YEARS! Postponing the wedding a bit isn’t much of a big deal in relation to that. (Especially if both parties want to, which they probably will…)

    And I bet Jim went to Australia.

  20. Like most people, I think that Pam and Roy will postpone the wedding and Jim will go to Australia not knowing what Pam did. My hope is that next season Jim will date more, unintentionally making Pam jealous. I loved the episodes where Pam was jealous of Jim’s relationship with Katie. Last season it seemed that a lot of the sexual tension seemed fueled more by Jim’s feelings and I would like to see the tables turned a little. I just don’t see how Jim and Pam can get together so early on in the show.

  21. I think next season will start with Jim in another branch after a transfer, only to end up back at Scranton after downsizing (maybe a 2-3 episode span?). Pam will postpone the wedding, but I think we’ll learn the reasons why she said she can’t that night, maybe not. After all, it is a comedy!

  22. Hi everyone, first time poster, long time lurker. I think Pam will postpone the wedding and Jim went to Australia. I think he will transfer to the other office (at least for a few episodes) and he and Pam will be miserable without each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

    About season 3 opening episode, what if in the opening scene they show Pam’s Mom having the phone conversation with Pam so we finally get to know what she asked Pam. If this was Seinfeld, they could do a split screen and show Pam’s Mom and Pam talking on the phone.

    Funny thing about June 10th, my cousin got married on Saturday and I was thinking “Hey, that’s Pam and Roy’s wedding date!”

    I like the idea of Phyllis getting married. Too cute. Or how about Ryan and Kelly! Or Michael and Jan! Or Angela and Dwight! Hmmmm….

  23. pam breaks up with roy and runs away to australia with jim to make many little pam and jim babies.

    what probably happened?

    pam rejects jim again, and goes home to roy.

    jim takes the transfer and flies his broken heart to australia where he meets me and we make little jim a…hehe ok, maybe the part about meeting me won’t happen.

    pam will probably realise she does love jim, but feels obligated to honor her commitment to roy. i can see roy doing something stupid though, and her finally saying to herself, and i’m staying with him because…? which prompts her to call off the wedding.

    i really can’t see them doing anything fluffy though, and i personally look forward to an angst filled season 3.

  24. i think if there is going to be a wedding anytime soon, it will be for kevin and his fiancee, stacy.

  25. I think Jim will go to Austrailia not knowing the wedding was postponed. He will do something irrational there, (maybe marry someone himself???) and return to hear the news. This would effectively keep the two apart for a bit longer, which will elongate the tension.

    I love the idea of another wedding! What a great way to keep us viewers on our toes. The rooming of Kelly and Pam would also be entertaining.

    I hope they would at least do one or two summertime episodes…there has got to be a lot of hip things happening in Scranton during that time!

  26. I don’t think that Jim goes to Australia. Remember back to the episode where he announces his plans? (I don’t remember the name) Ryan has an interview where he talks about Jim’s plans and says something to the effect of “Do I think Jim will go? My money is that he stays here. He’s never been anywhere” Or something like that. Who knows.

  27. I loved the Pam rooming with Kelly idea, but it may also be entertain to have Pam live with Angela…imagine the possibilities. Angela throwing out Pam’s whorish outfits. Angela forbidding Pam to paint her room green.

    I think that Jim is going to transfer to Stamford & subsequently have to move back to Scranton with “downsizing” of the Stamford branch. Maybe even move back with a girlfriend?!

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