Various tidbits

Happy Saturday, everybody!

Here are a few little Office tidbits:

  • NBC has announced that Christmas Party and The Injury will air on June 29. (I’ve added these to the calendar.)
  • GMMR has posted over at the LiveJournal Office community that various members of the cast are recording commentary today for the Season 2 DVD!
  • In the June 9th TV Guide podcast, all three TV panelists place Casino Night in their top three finales of the entire season. And yes, that even includes Michael Ausiello, who isn’t that big a fan of the show! Listen for it around minute 16.


  1. anyone notice what today’s date is??? two days after jim left for australia and… Roy and Pam’s wedding date…oh i wonder if they got married…

    ~ Heidi

  2. I can’t stand Ausiello. And I base that entirely on his lack of love for our favorite show. And for Dwight.

    It’s funny, I only discovered the whole online Office universe (including this site, NA, GMMR, etc.) a few weeks before the finale. And one of the results was that I’m now hooked on the TVG podcast. So while I’m seldom the first to hear big news about anything, I did know the TVG folks rated Casino Night so highly.

  3. And one of the results was that I’m now hooked on the TVG podcast.

    I love the TVG podcast! Even though I don’t always agree with their opinions, I think Daniel, Angel, Maitlin, and Michael are an entertaining bunch.

    I toyed with the idea of doing my own podcast at some point, and when I recorded a few sample minutes, I realized just how hard it is to be articulate and witty and amusing on a consistent basis.

    The TVG crew makes it sound really easy. It’s not. At least it wasn’t for me. ;)

  4. tanster, not to be entirely off-topic, but I’ve entertained the idea of doing a podcast myself. Unfortunately, I lack the technical…finesse to make it happen. Could you explain how it works and what I need?

    Much thanks :)

  5. Heidi – my thoughts exactly! I thought for sure you guys would note that yesterday was the date of Pam & Roy’s wedding!

  6. proudgirl, I’m afraid I’m not a good source on the subject of podcasting — the farthest I got was just recording some audio from the built-in mike on my computer!

    heidi and Jon, I’m ashamed to say June 10 completely slipped my mind. Holy cow.

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