1. I’m from Brazil and DMI worked for me only in the beginning, then it just stopped working. I’ve got an email yesterday, tried to access the page, but nothing. I wonder if there is something about being outside of US.

  2. 1 | Memphis – You answered your own question: to make it better and even more enjoyable.

    I had a great time with 1.0 and am totally excited for 2.0!

    Racine to Infinity!

  3. Any recommendations for branches to join? I’m new to this whole Dunder Mifflin Infinity thing so I have no idea!

  4. Ypsilanti, MI is a great branch! Our Regional Manager was one of the few that survived from 2.0. She did such a great job on one of last season’s tasks that her video was featured here on Officetally!


    Where ever people join, I’m sure you’ll have fun. DMI is a great way to enjoy The Office with other fans!

    [from tanster: i’m tellin’ ya, Cathy’s video should have won! it was brilliant!]

  5. Tanster, which branch did you join? I’ve joined a branch but am thinking about switching.

    [from tanster: i am a proud member of racine!]

  6. Okay I TOTALLY squeed when I saw Racine’s video (yay Junior & Denise!!) and the pranked out webpage (woo hoo kenzo)

    Copier Caper – how I’ve missed you. (I might have to go play that now)

  7. the memo from david wallace is weird, it seems like half of it is relevant to the show and the other half has nothing to do with the reality of the show and is about the fan experience.

  8. Hey, Meredith is getting a new blog! Sex in the Electric City! Starting on 9/11/08! I love Meredith!

  9. I got to appear briefly in the video – that’s me saying how I’ve become an Office fanatic. :) They also featured Ypsilanti’s weekly newsletter which I though was cool.

    P.S. Thanks for all the nice things you said about my That One Night video, Alison and tanster!

  10. Nice to see some of Racine’s awesome stuff in the promo vid especially our branch ad. Awesome. I look forward to DMI 2.0. ’twill be fun.

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