Office Wordle Contest winners

Update: the winners have been chosen — congratulations to xsong (entry #6), Tracy (entry #4), and siggoism (entry #9)!

The winners will each receive an Office Laptop Skin, courtesy of Gamer Graffix.

Thanks to all for making beautiful Office Wordles!

Here are the ten finalists from the Office Wordle Contest.

No matter which one you vote for, any of them would make an amazing t-shirt!

Please vote for your favorite Office Wordle in the poll.

[Voting now closed.]

Smaller versions of the entries appear on the following pages.


  1. omg…these are all so great!
    my favorites are 2,3,6,7….hmm..may need to take some time to deliberate which one will get my vote.

    i may be persuaded with chocolate turtles… ;)

  2. #6…..I can’t stop looking at all the songs that have been on the show over the years!

    “Teach your children well”

  3. These are all really great entries! The winners should also get their Wordle put on a shirt in the OfficeTally Store.

  4. Aww, there are a lot of really funny ones that didn’t make it. I really like the one about Andy Bernard and “Break me off a piece of that…” alternatives to kit-kat bars!

  5. #6 gets my vote because it was probably the most detailed list to compile. Very impressive!

  6. 4, 9 and 7 are the best, though someone gets serious respect for compiling all of those songs together.

  7. NÂș 6 is awesome!!!!
    The Office Soundtrack made my day!! All of my favorite scenes in the show definitely involves music!
    I love it!

  8. I love the colours on number 10…and I agree with everyone else, number 6 must have taken so much time!! but my vote goes to #7 just because I love Dwight so much! haha

  9. I voted for number 1. The word “Funtivities” jumped out at me, so I had to choose it. “Beach Games” is my fave. :)

  10. I like 5. The colors remind me of Dwight for some reason. Maybe they remind me of the color of the shirts he wears. I like the look of it overall. It’s nice and compact, and the more important words (like character names) jump out because they’re larger. A lot of thought was put into it. But everybody did an awesome job!

  11. I went with six, because it obviously took the most work and it was the most interesting. I like the colors on ten and three was hilarious, because Ryanelly crack me up

  12. I have a soft spot in my heart for #10, so it’ll be getting my vote. ;) They’re all dawesome, though! Great job, everyone!

  13. I love all of these.
    My runner-ups were the Ryan and Kelly one, and the Dwight quotes were hilarious.
    I voted for #6, the soundtrack. It just brought back so many great memories of musical moments from all the episodes, not to mention it’s quite impressive.

  14. #4 is the most asthetically pleasing, plus it has the words “the office” more prominent than the other entries and the best mix of other words/terms.

  15. loved them all. the soundtrack one does look intense but the dwight one wins. love dwight.

  16. It was a tough decision between #6, #7, and #9 but I went with #9 in the end.

    All of these are great! Good job you guys!

  17. So torn between 3 and 7.

    In the end I have chosen 7, (the deciding factor being that I prefer blue over pink) I couldn’t fault either of them, both are chocked full of classic lines.

  18. I love #6 but what is that bastard font?! It’s like Helvetica accidentally got some junior high girl’s handwriting pregnant and then she abandoned the baby in a dumpster. Max Miedinger is rolling in his grave. I voted for #4 because I thought it was pretty and I liked the inclusion of banal workplace words to balance out the inside jokes and remind us it’s an Office. I’m letting slide the awful font and assume that was the best Wordle could offer!

  19. I’m torn between #6 and #9. They are both very unique, each that put together all those little sayings and songs that make The Office what it is. But, i had to go with #9. Good luck to everyone! :]

  20. Definitely #1! It was laid out so differently! I loved it :)
    But then again they were all pretty great! :D

  21. I chose #4. I like that “The Office” really stands out. I like the font used also. I would happily sport that on a t-shirt!

  22. Number 4 spelled Mose wrong…I’d say that’s grounds for automatic disqualification :)

  23. Dwight’s and the soundtrack ones are great….but if I had to choose to buy a shirt between those two and number 9, number 9 would get my money! nice inclusion of lots of stuff…lookks great too!

  24. No. 6– the only one with “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration”. Can’t have a winner without that phrase.

  25. I’m going with the one that made me snort out-loud and wish I could turn on The Office right now at work — #7!!

  26. i had to vote for number 6 cause the wordle i wanted to do (but couldn’t cause my computer is lame) was the lyrics to any song that andy ever sang on the office. i was hoping someone else would have the same idea and this is pretty close.
    i do love the dwight-themed wordle but i have got to go with solidarity!

  27. Those office skins are really cool. I got one on ebay for pretty cheap. I also got a dunder mifflin infinity shirt for 2 bucks.

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