Dunder Mifflin newsletter, no. 1

If you filled out the Dunder Mifflin contact form, then you should have received the first Scranton edition newsletter in your inbox tonight.

It is chockful of invaluable tips on grilling your face. No wait, it’s full of tips on grilling and keeping your face safe. Yes, saving face. That’s it.

If you didn’t register, you can read the newsletter anyway. But go register afterwards!


  1. “She’s my girlfriend. You guys knew that, right? Jan is my girlfriend. Just so you know.”

    Hahaha! Oh, Michael.

    This was hilarious. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. How delightful was it when I openned up my email at work today and the first one was from “Dunder-Mifflin – Scranton Branch”?

    SO FUN! I forwarded it like it’s hot. ;)

  3. I got mine last night and as so excited. I love it how Michael mangaes to bash Toby twice in his newsletter. Poor Tobey!

  4. I never knew I was that close to burning my face off – I’ll be more careful from now on. Thanks Dwight!

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