Dunder Mifflin Super Bowl ad

From press release:

Quill.com, a leading business to business office products provider, will air the first-ever commercial for the once-fictional Dunder Mifflin brand from NBC’s “The Office” during the big football game on February 3.

The spot, “Paper War,” was created via a contest on the Tongal crowdsourcing platform by Freddy Rabbath of Tallahassee, Florida, who won a $15,000 prize for making the winning ad. The selection committee included the executive producers of NBC’s “The Office” and executives from Quill.com and NBCUniversal.

Here’s the finished ad that will air in Scranton during the Super Bowl:

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Original contest details on the next page.


  1. I think it would be hilarious if they used a combination of Dwight/Kevin/Creed to spoof a GoDaddy commercial, where the guys were all in wife beaters or some kind of “trying to be sexy attire”, and flipping through cardstock, and index cards, and sticking post it notes in seductive places, while paper was blowing around them all. Then maybe have Toby comes in at the end and it all just comes to an awkward hault. Then Quill does some kind of catch phrase of, Spice up “Your Office” with Quill’s Dunder Mifflin paper supplies.

  2. Dwight hears about a popular baby used to promote past superbowl ads. Dwight tries to use Cece to promote Schrute farms and Beat ads during the Super Bowl.

  3. Due to a large PO from their new customer Quill, the office team must come in during the Superbowl and fulfill the order after the warehouse employees refuse to come in. The group tries to have makeshift SB party but soon realize Dwight doesn’t pay for cable to the building. They are forced to listen using an old AM radio that keeps swaying between the Football game and a Mariachi band station . During suspenseful plays, the music takes over and the team is very annoyed. Creed, however, enjoys it.

  4. Oh, I got it, you guys, how about this. What if all the boys are on one side, all the girls are on the other. The boys are like, ‘why I oughta’, and the girls are like, ‘let’s go shopping!’.

  5. It’s cool! I love the cat :) Wish it was airing nationwide. I bought a case of paper and gave reams as gifts to my fellow Office fans.

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