The Office: Classy Christmas, 7.11-7.12

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The Office Classy Christmas Snowmen

Writer: Mindy Kaling, Director: Rainn Wilson

Summary (NBC): Michael could not be happier when Toby has to take a leave of absence and corporate sends Holly Flax to cover for him. Pam is forced to do a second Christmas party after Michael wants the party to be on the day Holly returns to Scranton. Meanwhile, Jim regrets agreeing to a snowball fight with Dwight. One-hour long. Guest star: Amy Ryan.

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In a poll conducted December 9-13, 2010, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.93/10

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The Office Classy Christmas quotes

Manually (and lovingly) transcribed by tanster. :)

Kevin: What if all the boys are on one side, all the girls are on the other, the boys are like, “why I oughta…,” and the girls are like, “let’s go shopping!”

Dwight: This is a store-bought camera. This isn’t one of those special military-grade cameras that will be able to capture that.

Andy: If we all jump really high, we’ll be in the air longer.

Oscar: Here’s a question nobody’s asking: is this worth it?

Pam: I shut it down. At its worst, it was a toxic political club used to make others feel miserable and left out. At its best, it planned parties.

Michael: Did anyone get drunk already?
Meredith: Not yet.

Michael: So Stanley, how big is the bug up your butt today?

Michael: My kids are growing up. As a boss, I look at that and I say, great. It’s exactly what a boss would hope would happen because that’s what I want. That’s what every boss wants, is a wonderful Christmas with no drama.

Kelly: Oh, yes, perfect, thank you, Kelly. Finally, something for you to do.

Kelly: It’s a Hello Kitty laptop sleeve.

Kelly: I wonder if these presents would be under as much scrutiny if I were white. (Everybody groans.) I said “I wonder.” I didn’t say “I think.”

Kelly: Blankets? What am I, five?

Gabe: Yes, Erin and I are still dating. Why do you ask me so often if we’re still dating?

Darryl: My little girl, Jada? It’s my turn to have her for Christmas this year.

Darryl: iCarly… you know what’s funny on that show? The friend with the video camera? He’s got a nice way of talking.

Dwight: Omigod! It’s the first snowfall of Christmas. Is that just so magical for you, little girl? Can you not wait to have a hot chocolate and cuddle up with papa and tell him about all your Christmas dreams? Hmm? It’s not even a real snow. Look, it’s a dusting. Pitiful.

Dwight: Dammit, Jim, you cannot throw snowballs in here!

Dwight: Look at that. There’s a pebble in there. You could have killed me!

Stanley: Who’s the little girl now?

Dwight: It’s a snowball fight. It’s not fun. Go get your own thing. Beat it.

Kevin: That would be impressive, if anyone knew what a comptroller was.

Angela: Do you have any idea how many photographers there are at a ribbon cutting ceremony? I do. Two.

Toby: I’ll be taking a leave of absence starting next week.
Michael: Oh because you’ve been on the lam? Because the Boring Police have been after you, and they finally caught up with you?

Michael: The case of the horrible redheaded sad sack. And the verdict: it was Toby. And the sentence? Death. Death to Toby. Death to Toby!

Dwight: Is it the middle school teacher who tried to turn her foreign exchange student into a sex slave?
Meredith: Was it the post office guy who rubbed his penis all over the mail?

Michael: How do you describe somebody who is at the same time an old friend, and was a lover, and was a complicated part of my past, and maybe, just maybe, a part of my future?

Creed: She’s one sassy black lady.

Pam: I honestly think you’re idealizing people here again, Michael.

Michael: Thank you, Scranton Strangler, I love you. You just took one more person’s breath away.

Michael: The name is Bond. Santa Bond. I’ll have an eggnog shaken, not stirred. Classic Brosnan.

Angela: Stop moving your calves so much while you’re talking!

Michael: The food is going to be austere.

Michael: Could he help us with some parking tickets?
Angela: I don’t think that’s appropriate.
Michael: Well, then he’s not a senator.

Pam: I’ve been working forever on Jim’s present. He always gives me the best Christmas gifts. He’ll take a memory or a private joke and he’ll create something totally unique. I love them. So this year, I made him something. A comic book. It stars Jimmy Halpert, a mild-mannered paper salesman who, while riding his bike through the forest, is bitten by a radioactive bear. Becomes Bear Man. Wreaks havoc on the office. It’s really good.

Dwight’s post-it note to Jim: “It is time. Parking lot at noon.”

Michael: Somebody from New Hampshire looks at that and thinks it’s a burning cross.

Michael: There’s nothing classier than boring jazz music.

Michael: What’s better, hiring an entire quartet for half an hour or one bassist for the entire day?

Andy: My ‘brid, my hybrid, my Prius hybrid won’t fit a tree, which is ironic, considering how many trees it saves.

Andy: I do, however, have a hookup with a dude who has a pickup.

Darryl: I thought I was enough family for my daughter.

Darryl: No. Thank you for your interest in my truck.

Erin: I’ve looked her up online. There’s nothing about her. She’s made no impression on the Internet.

Meredith: What does the strangler look like? Is he gorgeous? He looks gorgeous in the drawings. That scowl.

Toby: I know people are only this excited to talk to me because of the trial. But, they talk to me for awhile, and maybe people realize, I have something to say. And then, one day, we’re just talking.

Dwight: I have no feeling in my fingers or penis. But I think it was worth it.

Jim: I was laying on the ground, defenseless, and he just kept throwing them, until he exhausted himself.

Dwight’s text to Jim: “How about icing it? Lol. Dwight”

Erin: I’m really sorry, I can’t help you. I’m waiting for my boss’ pretty friend to arrive.

Holly: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Michael Scott, you old bastard.

Jim: Okay… Holly’s back.

Holly: Oh, huggy monster!

Holly: Would you put those out?
Erin: To throw out? Or put out, like, six pieces for everyone?

Holly: It looks beautiful in here. It’s super classy. It’s like a party for limousine drivers.

Holly: Watch out for my guns, they’re both loaded.

Michael: And… you have a Woody.

Michael: You know who my favorite character in Toy Story is? Andy’s mom.
Holly: Why?
Michael: Because without Andy’s mom, there’s no plot, and without any plot, there is no movie.

Holly: A.J. said he hadn’t seen any of the Toy Story movies.

Michael: What a douchebag.

Michael: How did A.J. get in your house?
Holly: We live together.

Andy: Christmas tree, Christmas tree, won’t you be my Christmas tree?

Andy: I don’t have kids or anything, but if my grandmother ever dies, I’m going to kill myself.

Pam: You’ll be Mr. Christmas by the end of the night.

Andy: Nobody hug me, I’m covered in tree sap.
Oscar: Why would someone hug you.

Pam: Who told you that?
Michael: Nora Ephron. In every romantic comedy ever made.

Erin: I don’t get it! I’m sorry. I just, I don’t get it.

Kelly: Ultimatums are key. Basically nobody does anything for me anymore unless I threaten to kill myself.

Dwight: Yes, I have a wig for every single person in the office. You never know when you’re going to need to bear a passing resemblance to someone.
Jim: I just want it to stop.

Meredith: Maybe your senator boyfriend has a blanket in his car. For screwing Americans.

Michael: The shards of glass would’ve shaved her face off. And yes, it might have been funny. But it also would have been incredibly tragic.

Jim: What are you talking about? You’re the one terrorizing me.

Holly: I’m really surprised at you guys. Last time I was here, you were both best friends.

Michael: You know who gave me this? My girlfriend Tara, who lives in New York City.

Michael: I’m a man in my mid-40s and I still get zits. I think that’s pretty interesting.

Holly: I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.
Michael: I do. She is.

Michael: It seems to me that there is a person sitting out there in the annex who still has feelings for Michael G. Scott. And it ain’t Tara.

Kevin: Toy Story is all about toys that come to life, when people aren’t looking. You don’t think, it’s not possible, that Woody did this to himself?

Jim: Why are we discounting this whole Woody came to life thing so quickly?

Jim: Fake girlfriends are always wrong.

Kevin: Nothing is ever your fault! Just like when you ate those maple candies that you brought for us!

Erin: Is she an amazing cook or something?

Jim (reading gift tag): “Hey, Pickles, Merry Christmas. Open immediately! Love, Swiss Cheese.”

Dwight: Didn’t think your affectionate nicknames would be your undoing, did you, Jim? Let that be a lesson to you all.

Stanley: To get to go sit in an air conditioned room downtown, judging people, while my lunch is paid for. That is the life.

Andy: You must answer topical political questions. How many congressmen is the state of Pennsylvania guaranteed? And what other state has the equal number?

Darryl: And the game’s over. Seconds later.

Angela: Hey everybody, this is my boyfriend, Senator Robert Lipton.

Oscar: Robert seems great. He’s very handsome. Firm handshake. He’s gay. Good sense of humor.

Michael: I am dead inside.

Oscar: A real David and Goliath story.

Ryan: An F Train to Brooklyn. Extra bitters.

Pam: I don’t think he’s in the ceiling, babe.

Michael: I read this story about a woman who slipped on some black ice and she hit her head and went into a coma forever. And then every day, her husband went and visited her in the hospital until she died.

Michael: I can tell you confidently that it is not going to be okay.

Pam: A.J. won’t commit to Holly. And she’s going to tell him that if he doesn’t propose to her by the end of the year, it’s over.

Pam: I don’t know a lot of happy marriages that start off with an ultimatum, do you?

Dwight: I do not accept your surrender. There’s only one way that I would ever relent. You hit Pam in the face with a snowball while I watch.
Jim: You’re a psychopath.

Michael: A Hostess apple pie! This is my favorite breakfast, how did you know that?

Michael: Are you sure you don’t want a pony? You want a real horse.

Dwight: In the end, the greatest snowball isn’t a snowball at all. It’s fear. Merry Christmas.

Christmas presents exchanged

  • Kevin gives Oscar UGG boots
  • Phyllis gives Ryan a homemade embroidered iPad case
  • Angela gives Creed a six-pack of deodorant
  • Erin gives Andy a card “How to Quit Biting Your Nails”
  • Jim gives Pam a bracelet
  • Pam gives Jim a personalized comic book

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  1. HOOOOOray for Holly! Can’t wait for this one….the Christmas episodes are always awesome!

  2. Yay Holly’s back! How many jokes are they going to make about her name because it’s a Christmas episode?

  3. so cool that Rainn Wilson is directing. plus christmas episodes are always good on the office.

  4. I seem to be the only person who doesn’t like the Holly/Michael pairing. I just felt that they never had any real chemistry, and that her dorky moments were forced. She seems too sophisticated for Michael. Many moments between them were very awkward and lacked the ease of Jim and Pam’s interactions. Also, Michael seemed to be interest in her for shallow reasons, like just her body. And if she was the love of his life why didn’t he move from Scranton with her, when Karen was willing on moving to NY just to be with Jim?

  5. Wow. This episode has WIN written all over it: Mindy Kaling wrote it, Rainn Wilson directed it AND Amy Ryan finally returns onscreen. Bring it on!

  6. @11: You’re not alone! Michael and Holly drive me crazy when they’re together. It’s awkward and dorky … but not funny. I guess I just don’t get all the hype. The characters seem perfect for each other on paper, but it just doesn’t work for me.

    Plus, in terms of her coming back, I kind of feel like she’s been away too long. Out of sight, out of mind. I’m not super excited about seeing her again.

    I am, however, excited about the prospect of a Dwight/Jim snowball fight. :)

  7. I am so looking forward to the Dwight/Jim snowball fight. How could that not be amazing? Right now that’s all i want to see.

    And you can never go wrong with Mindy writing.

  8. I LOVE Michael and Holly! I hope that’s how Michael leaves the show, to be with Holly. I think they are perfect together.

  9. This has the potential of being the best episode yet. Super excited, especially about the snowball fight. And Michael and Holly are soupsnakes.

    [from tanster: yes they are soupsnakes. Always and forever.]

  10. I’m with 9, 11, 13 and 14. Not a Holly fan. We already have a Michael, and the second is redundant. Plus, I plain don’t get why she’s his soupsnake (bleah) when she dumped him for her job, and then got engaged to another guy immediately thereafter, and then went on to break his heart over and over again, the last time telling him they were a fling. Not my definition of a soupsnake. Or maybe it is. It’s pretty snake-y to say the least. I’d rather see Michael exit on his own, finally happy with himself, than chasing someone who does him like that. Cute does not = nice.

  11. Who thinks Jim vs Dwight snowball fight may end up like Michael vs Dwight in ‘The Fight’? Or Andy vs Dwight in ‘The Duel’?

    Dwight has been trash-talking and baiting Jim a bit this season. I hope he takes it to the Next Level! – The Kelly Level.

    “Were Jim’s parents first cousins who were also bad at ping pong?”

  12. yaya!!! can’t wait for this episode of the office!! Holly’s back, it’s Christmas, and surprises are in the air!! :) I hope that this is the beginning of “Holly’s return” ;p CAN’T WAIT!

  13. I think it will be great to see Michael and Holly interact – especially given the small ways Michael is changing this season. P.S. For those who don’t like Michael and Holly, that’s okay. There were also a lot of people on Team Karen in Season 3. I wasn’t one of them, but it’s cool.

  14. Rainn directing, Mindy writing, and a Dwight vs Jim snowball fight = brilliant!!

    However, the return of Holly = terrible! Hopefully Toby’s LOA will be very brief, or else we all may go insane with the awkwardness of Holly and Michael’s ‘relationship’.

  15. Wait – I guess Dwight and Jim are no longer running the Party Planning Committee? I’ve been wondering about that since SECRETARY’S DAY in Season 6 when Angela purportedly set up the celebration where Erin confronted Andy about his past relationship with Ms. Martin…

  16. From the previews and synopsis, this episode looks like it could be a top contender for one of my FAVORITE episodes! Seeing Michael and Holly’s reactions to seeing one another…Jim with a snowball-born-beet-stain on his shirt…this could be the best! :)

  17. Michael and Holly are soul mates. Yes. However, Michael and Jan are so much more fun to watch. I enjoyed their interactions much more than M and H. Dinner Party is in my top 10 favorite episodes.
    Would love to see Jan and Michael together again, at their dysfunctional best.
    Holly’s oddities seemed a bit forced, as though the writers were trying to shove her into a female Michael mold. Her character would have been more believable if they dispensed her quirks more sparingly.
    Jan, on the other hand was totally believable as a rigid, type A, professional woman who, for a period of time, dated someone completely inappropriate, to whom she was inexplicably attracted to.
    Michael and Jan’s kiss in the Chilis parking lot felt more real than any embrace M&H shared.

  18. @27 I couldn’t have said it better. Michael+Holly=Boring. They may be soulmates, but not entertaining television. I find their quirky scenes irritatingly stupid and not funny. And I love the character of Michael Scott, as well as the actors SC and AR.

  19. I am excited about Holly’s return. Michael obviously loves her and she seems to be the only one that really appreciates his sense of humor! He’s so happy when he’s with her.

  20. lol @ all the holly and michael hate. let’s go back to season 5. the episode when holly left, employee transfer, drew huge criticism because we were losing “one of the best characters on the office.” sure, jan is funnier

  21. Michael and Holly- boring? Yet, Jim and Pam- amazing… a cliche’, direct from the original, “forbidden romance,” that is directly two parts equally “overdone” and “predictable.” (And, I’m not even saying I don’t love JAM. In fact, I think the character development for the two was tastefully done. But Molly boring? No way.)

  22. Soupsnake because of their experiences together. Michael can’t move on because he’s happy to wallow. Holly chose not to get wrapped up in despair. It’s circumstantial. And, furthermore, Holly and Michael are NOT the same character. There are many quirky people who are far different. She and Michael bond easily and share likenesses. But Holly has shown an ethical and professional framework Michael lacks, while Michael has shown a pure whimsy and romantic edge Holly lacks.

  23. Wow that was easily the darkest episode of The Office yet! I had a lot of problems with it being that dark. However, Dwight as Pam was undoubtedly the single funniest moment in the entire series!

  24. jim and pam: beautiful.

    jim and dwight: fantastically amazing.

    dwight and his wigs: priceless. :D

  25. My initial impression is that this is one of my favorite Office episodes EVER. HILARIOUS and charming! “Thank you Scranton strangler, you just took another person’s breath away.” ROTF

  26. Wow!!! Definitely the best episode of the season. I was laughing so much throughout the episode and the snowball scenes were hilarious! Dwight inside a snowman = comedic gold. Very well written episode and great pace. 10/10 for me.

  27. Mindy Kaling, you are the best! Best Christmas episode not only from The Office but of any show. I laughed so hard and got the warm fuzzies. Congrats to Rainn on directing too, that last shot of Dwight on the roof was amazing. Oscar’s face after the “state senator” checked out Ryan stole the show for me. Happy Holidays to all!

  28. Um…what? #34 The episode wasn’t dark…have you seen Moroccan Christmas? LOL, great episode. On par with Benihana Xmas in my opinion

  29. I really enjoyed that episode. Loved the Jim/Dwight storyline and the lovely little Jim/Pam moments. John and Jenna always hit it out of the park with those.

  30. Oh God, tonight was the best episode in recent memory. I was laughing out loud the entire time. Terrific, terrific episode.

    The final scene, though, had me in tears. That hasn’t happened since Season 5.

  31. Just finished watching the episode. Clearly my favorite one so far this season. It was intense and funny. Especially the jim and dwight snowball fight.

  32. All I need to say is Jim’s face when he gets the book… I audibly gasped at the look on his face. It was perfection – when you’re just overwhelmed, in love, thrilled, and have that warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach – that was it. And it was amazing.

  33. I am glad I got to see most of the epi (I usually have to watch it Friday). It was good and Pam trying to help Darryl’s daughter have fun was precious. Too bad no Cece in this episode. (Or did I miss her?)

    I think it is pretty clear that Michael is going to leave DM because of Holly … either because AJ proposes or because they run away together.

  34. This was definitely the best episode of the season so far. Some of the best Dwight moments of the entire series!

  35. Best Christmas episode, ever.

    Jim’s silent expression after he opened his gift in that talking head was just … perfection. Super great episode that I plan on re-watching many many times.

  36. I enjoyed the episode as a whole, but I can’t stand Michael and Holly together. They were cute in Goodbye, Toby but then they just got way too annoying.

  37. I’m just gonna say: I love this season, and I LOVED this episode.
    “In the end, the greatest snowball isn’t a snowball at all. It’s fear. Merry Christmas.”

  38. 1. I would so buy a copy of Pam’s comic in a heartbeat, I’ve been wanting an Office comic book forever. Too bad we didn’t get to see more of it :(.

    2. The Michael/Holly plot was just kind of meh. It seems like Holly just isn’t that interested anymore. Even if she breaks up with her boyfriend, I don’t know how genuine it’s going to feel for her and Michael to revisit their relationship.

    3. Poor, poor Angela. Her “boyfriend” has amazing taste, though!

    4. I thought the Dwight/Jim snowball fight was going to end with Jim getting the upper hand (as always). I didn’t see PTSD Jim coming at all, that was pretty screwed up. I love it!

  39. Wow!! That was a seriously great episode–easily the best of the season and possibly one of the best of the series. Not a dull moment in the entire hour. Lots of lingering questions resolved for now. This should set us up for a great second half of the season, particularly after things were dragging a little bit in the last few episodes after a good, but not great, start to the season. 10/10.

  40. I loved the first 40 minutes, but had to shut it off when Michael and Holly’s confontation really got going. Sorry, too much “cringe” factor for me. I’ll skip past it and watch the rest on Hulu tomorrow. That whole coffee dumping stunt was just so out of character for Michael. He might be childish, but he’s not vindictive enough to do that to someone he loves.

  41. Funny, intense, dramatic, terrific episode! So glad to see Amy Ryan back, and great moments from the entire cast. I hadn’t been on the edge of my seat like this since “Goodbye, Toby.” As a Christmas episode, I still like “Christmas Party” better, but this was an amazing way to end the first half of the season! Can’t wait for more!

  42. LOVED IT! Best episode this season!

    It had me in tears when they showed Dwight dressed as everyone else.

    Only complaint – I was glad the sex contract was over and was looking forward to seeing what they were going to do with Jack Coleman, but this episode ruined it.

  43. Tanster…you just gave me the best Christmas gift ever. I am grinning like a mad woman.

  44. I was really hoping Jim’s gift was going to be his card from season 2. I am very disappointed.

  45. I usually don’t get to watch The Office until Friday but I’m so happy I caught this one! I don’t even know where to begin. Dwight was hilarious, esp. with the wigs. Jim and Pam were adorable. Of course I wanted Michael and Holly to get back together but I guess like Mike I’ll just have to be patient. Love Andy’s weird obsession with Darryl.

  46. oh my gosh, this was amazing. I was laughing so hard the entire time and I just all around completely adored it. This is definitely the best Christmas episode we’ve had since season 3. it was great to see cute season 2/3 type JAM stuff which I’ve really been missing these past two seasons, and the Jim and Dwight snowball fight just made me so happy. it was nice to see that for once Dwight won, and though i love Jim dearly, having him lose was hilarious. I feel so bad for Angela, but i really cannot wait to see where that thing goes. Darryl and his daughter was just cute and sad and I really liked it. And then there’s Michael and Holly. i actually really liked what happened. Everything between the two of them made sense with their characters and I am really excited to see what happens with that. This episode really makes me wish there was another episode next week, or even tomorrow. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. Amazing. By far, best this season.

  47. Okay, I am all for Michael and Holly pairing off. I have always loved it. I just expected more in this episode for it being the half way point for Season 7. And, I hope I am not alone in saying, I am freaking sick of Gabe and Erin. I am not even sure, if Andy should be with her- I just hate Gabe. I want to hit him in the face. I guess that’s the point, right? But this episode had its funny moments, but in Christmas Episodes I believe, “Moroccan Christmas” was a lot better.

  48. One thing I loved, is that no matter how horrible Michael is with relationships, he has always been great with kids and I really loved he immediately greeted Darryl’s daughter and then later on had a good conversation with her.

    Poor Toby still wanting to have friends and Stanley for never being able to get his dream job!

  49. What a fantastic episode! There’s definitely been a big improvement in The Office this season. I loved everything about this episode, definitely my favourite of the season. Dwight-phenomenal, Pam- amazing! (Jenna Fischer has been outstanding in the last few episodes). Erin, Stanley, Darryl, Oscar, and Kevin had some great moments too! Best Christmas episode yet!

  50. I loved this episode so much!!! Jim was so adorable at the end with all the snowmen and I laughed so hard at Dwight in the wigs. Can’t wait to see what happens with Michael and Holly!

  51. This was my favorite episode of the season, and maybe my favorite episode of all time. I did not stop laughing until I was crying because I was moved. Every single character had an amazing line or moment and everything felt earned. Oscar: “Is it worth it?” Creed: “That’s one sassy black lady”, Erin: “I don’t get it!” and they weren’t even the main characters! I am so, so, so, happy. I hope Mindy and Rainn write and direct every single episode.

    The Office is back!!!

  52. This episode lived up to all the pressure I put on it. Perfect Christmas episode.

    If you didn’t know Mindy wrote it, the Nora Ephron joke was a definite clue. Loved that.

    Thoroughly enjoyed Jim getting bullied by Dwight. Especially when it provoked a, “Dammit Dwight!”

    Can’t wait to read about Jimmy Halpert when I buy my S7 dvds since I’m assuming it’ll be in there.

    [from tanster: actually, you’ll be able to ask mindy herself tomorrow. yes, she’s generously agreed to do a Q&A! WOO!]

  53. Holy cow, this episode was the best of the season!! It did not fail at all and was good in every respect. 10/10! I can not state how good this episode was. It was great.

  54. Fantastic episode! Loved seeing the tables turned on Jim! Always thought there should be an episode where Dwight finally gets the upper-hand, because Jim ventured too far on his turf. Gotta love that ending sequence where Jim is killing all the snowmen and Dwight just watches over him like a sniper. SO HILARIOUS! I died laughing!

  55. That was by miles the best episode of the season. And I liked Andy’s Play and China. And I really liked Costume Contest. Pam’s gift for Jim? It may even beat his teapot for her in season 2. And to think people like Ryan and even Phyllis tried to talk her out of it. So, so glad she stuck with it. His talking head was perfect. Or should I say silent head. I mean what can you say when you get something like that?

    She made him a comic book where he’s the star. She didn’t go buy him a comic book that someone wrote with him as a character. She drew him a comic book about him. Wow.

    So now we’ve got to wait a month to see what happens with Holly and Michael? Man that’s cold.

  56. Best episode of the season. It kept me interested and laughing from start to finish. In my opinion, this episode was most similar to my favorite Office episodes of the past seasons.

  57. THE WORST OFFICE EPISODE EVER! So they decide to completely wipe out Jim Halpert in one single episode? He has never been afraid of, intimidated by, or acted insecure around Dwight at any time. He slapped him in the face on a sales call! And now, suddenly he’s reduced to a quivering, fearful coward, utterly dominated by Dwight and some snowballs?! That was not Jim! I kept waiting for him to stop faking around. Awful!

  58. @66 – Awesome find Tanster – Ok if the whole comic is not in the DVD set we need to prosecute them for crimes against humanity. I loved the three pages, but you’ve got to give me more. Heck who am I kidding? I’ll buy it as a stand alone so I’m sure that’s what they’ll do. But I can hope right?

  59. Not quite Christmas Party or A Benihana Christmas, but a big improvement over the last two Christmas episodes.

  60. I enjoyed the episode as a whole and the acting was great as usual, but I didn’t like some of the choices the writers made with the sub plots. I was a little surprised at the bullying, violence, and blood, to be honest. I wonder if the writers really had to take it that far? They made Jim look pathetic. I liked Jim in earlier seasons better. Jim’s character lately has been such a disappointment.

  61. Loved the episode! And I can’t wait to see Mindy’s Q&A. Thanks so much, Tanster!

  62. Wow, this episode went by so fast it hardly seemed like it was an hour-long. I always love the Christmas episodes and I will definitely add it to my most-watched reruns. I was disappointed that Jim gave Pam jewelry instead of coming up with a quirky Jim/Pam insider gift. I really loved Dwight’s wigs but not the over the top aggressiveness of the snowball fight. It just seemed out of character for Dwight. I’d give the episode an 8.5 out of 10 and look forward to how the Holly/AJ/Michael triangle plays out.

  63. This wasn’t the best Christmas episode, but it was alright. I still think that Erin’s just too unbelievably clueless though.

  64. Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson for Co-Presidents of the World!

    What a great Christmas episode for Steve Carell’s last season: lots of pathos, the right amount of sentiment, darkness and goofiness. I can’t wait to see what develops for Michael and Holly. I love the continuing friendship between Andy and Darryl, Erin acting as Michael’s protector from the foreign (to Erin) Holly and I am just predicting a freakin’ trainwreck over Angela’s new gaybeau! Ryan’s such gaybait even though it’s not really deserved. LOL!

    I do wish Kevin called out Holly for thinking he was retarded back in the beginning of Season 5…

    Such an entertaining episode. Better than MOROCCAN CHRISTMAS but just as good as CHRISTMAS PARTY and SECRET SANTA.

    The only thing I wanted was more of Erin and Andy!

  65. It was fantastic! Dwight finally owned Jim and it was great having Holly back! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  66. OH my gosh, that ending with Jim, Pam, and the million snowmen is my favorite thing ever. I love Jim, but it was delightful watching him be terrorized through the whole episode. Does that make me evil?

    Great show! I’m SO excited Mindy’s doing a Q & A. Time to think of questions…

  67. Well, I loved the scenes with Pam and Jim and their gifts and the scenes with Pam and Michael were well done. For the rest, I agree with #73-Ben that this was completely out of character for Jim and even for Dwight. Are we really supposed to believe that the same Dwight that was so kind to Pam last week would make Jim hit her in the face to stop their snowball fight? Really?

  68. Great Episode. Jim was so adorable in this, and I like when Andy and Pam team up for little missions.

    Poor Angela, I thought, and when her boyfriend stared at Ryan’s ass, I thought poor Oscar. I eagerly await the outcome of this.

  69. Since Season 4, I felt like The Office had lost its magic. Season 5 was ok, and there have been some memorable episodes for sure; but tonight, I FELT it again. My heart sunk for Michael when he said his soul was dead; I stung with Dwight when he was humiliated; we had some sweet JAM moments. It was just… perfect. Not a perfect episode itself by any means (Christmas Party may be my favorite episode of all time, and Benihana and Secret Santa probably rank higher for me than this in the Christmas realm)… but I finally feel like things are back on the track where they should’ve been all along. I am excited for the next step in a storyline for the first time in years.

    Well done, Mindy. Thank you for restoring my hope and for sending the Christmas Michael Scott off in a fitting way.

  70. That ending was an undiluted crowning moment of awesome. Pam clutching Jim’s arm in fear, paranoid Jim madly attacking snowmen, and that shot of Dwight watching through the mist (like a Marvel supervillain)… I can’t get over it.

    I don’t know what’s going on with Holly. I mean, the way she deals with situations has just gone downhill, and why no mention of the message Michael left her? Maybe it’s just because I can’t stand seeing Michael truly heartbroken, but I got tired of Holly reiterating how much she loves being with AJ. I hope they don’t bring her back just to take her away again.

    This episode flew by and definitely needs another rewatch ASAP! Erin, Oscar and Creed were standouts to me (Oscar throwing “gay” into his TH was wonderful, and Angela giving Creed deodorant!). I am also sad that the card-from-season-2 idea never came to pass, but the homemade comic more than compensated for it, because it’s like a reverse of that episode.

  71. “Dwight that was so kind to Pam last week would make Jim hit her in the face to stop their snowball fight? Really?”

    I think that was about hurting Jim, or control him, rather than hurt Pam. Still I did think Dwight was a bit too sociopathic in this one and that was a flaw in the episode. Ever since the “fake fire” deal they’ve made Dwight a bit too psycho and they probably should dial him back a little.

    Otherwise I think I liked it.

  72. “He has never been afraid of, intimidated by, or acted insecure around Dwight at any time.” Ben

    TR: I don’t know in the last season or two, this one in particular, Dwight’s been “different.” I mean he apparently takes Mexican laborers and strands them in Harrisburg for no reason, used control of the building to torment them, urinates in front of Jim’s wife, and so forth. Dwight also now has no girlfriend to speak of and nothing much else to hold him back. Before Dwight was just this weird fellow salesman he could trick. Now Dwight is acting more like a power-mad bully, close to a “portrait of a serial-killer” even, and if Dwight really did snap I think that could be scary to behold, especially for Jim.

  73. Great Christmas episode in the spirit of all the great Office episodes. A big shout-out to Mindy for writing one of the best episodes ever and Rainn for his direction. Loved every minute of it!

  74. Perhaps one of my favorite episodes of all time. It had everything: heartfelt moments, at least five “crack-up’s,” and some great characterization as well. I knew that Mindy was a great writer, but this episode may have made her the absolute best in my eyes. I think my favorite bit was Dwight’s wigs, but I also enjoyed Dwight getting back at Jim in general. I am disappointed that there is no Office for six weeks, but I’m happy to say that this episode will go down in Office history.

  75. It was weird seeing Jim victimized the entire episode, but hey, now Jim can step up the pranks on Dwight the whole rest of the season and not feel guilty about it. I can’t wait to see how Jim retaliates!

    Loved the Michael/Holly drama, loved Jim/Pam gift exchange, loved Erin being so protective of Michael, loved Holly’s remark “the last time I was here you two were best friends,” loved the fact that Pam was the one to comfort Michael, LOVED Dwight and his wigs! Every character got at least one good moment. Easily the best episode of the season thus far, and also one of the best episodes in the series.

  76. I kept waiting for Jim’s revenge and it never came! I’m totally surprised by that. And to be honest, the blood.(totally thought it was a beet stain) Paranoid Jim was hilarious and adorable and John played it perfectly. Yet it doesn’t quite feel complete, Jim always gets revenge! Also not really feeling Dwight wanting Pam to get hit in the face.

    The Jim/Pam gift exchange was so sweet. Jim’s speechless TH instantly brought tears to my eyes. Bravo. We NEED to see that whole comic book. Amazing. A very close runner up to the teapot.

    Dwight’s wigs were awesome. Pam/Michael were great as usual. Enjoyed Holly very much. And the tag with the million snowmen may just be my favorite part of the entire episode. I was in tears laughing! The best.

  77. Best episode so far this year! They played the Holly/Michael story perfectly and I liked that Dwight got the upper hand in the snowball fight.

  78. Oh noes! Just realized Michael didn’t wear his traditional Christmas necktie! That’s OK. Everything else made up for that nit. :o)

    So if Holly gave AJ until the end of 2010 to propose…wonder what happens in the next new episode THE ULTIMATUM, which airs in 2011? Hmm…

  79. A couple more thoughts –
    -When Pam said to Michael, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this..” I thought for sure she was going to tell him what Holly’s letter in “Lecture Circuit” said.
    -No reaction at all from Dwight about Angela’s boyfriend?
    -Jim’s silent talking head after Pam gave him his gift reminded me so much of “The Alliance” where he smiles and goes “She’s so great…” aww.

  80. @73 – THANK YOU!! Man, I didn’t think I’d be in the minority about LOATHING the Jim/Dwight subplot! I know people like seeing Jim getting knocked down a peg (though, I’ll admit – I’m just NOT one of them), but not like this. I freaking loved everything else about the episode – Michael/Holly/AJ, Jim/Pam, Erin’s new role as Michael’s protectorate – but, I came out of this episode with a bitter taste in my mouth.

  81. Really thought Pam would finally tell Michael about the document he stole from Holly’s computer 2 seasons ago :(
    And then I don’t understand why they didn’t made Jim finally give that letter to Pam in the tea pot way back when :( Would have been a better reason for Pam to get emotional.
    Lastly, I didn’t understand if Jim liked his comic book present or not, and completely agree with making him look pathetic was almost unbearable to watch.

  82. I must read that entire comic book! Ok, wonderful episode. The only thing i’d change is the snowball war being not so one-sided. I have no problem seeing Jim on the receiving end, he’s so great with it! But after a whole hour of terrorizing Jim i fully expected Jim to get him back in the end. Dwight better have one coming to him! Loved all the snowmen and Jim breaking the window though.

    Michael got it together at the end. So happy about that! Pam was excellent with him. I love their dynamic. Michael, Jim and Pam really shined this ep. Fantastic performances. Mindy’s writing never disappoints.

  83. I loved the return of Holly Flax. She’s my favorite HR rep from both Scranton and Nashua. Can’t wait to see where the relationship between her and Michael goes. Maybe he will move to Nashua at the end of the season? Who knows…

  84. The only part i didn’t care for was Dwight acting so forceful and aggressive towards Jim. Not that it wasn’t funny, it just didn’t feel right. Jim doesn’t back down from Dwight. Ever. He doesn’t hide. Also don’t think Jim has ever made Dwight bleed.

    Very old school feel though. Just like a lot of this season. JAM scene was very touching. I would buy that comic! Hear that NBC! The photo opening was hilarious. Still an instant favorite and add to the re-watch list.

  85. This was so cute! Love the snowball storyline, and that JIm got Pam such a beautiful present! It didn’t even feel like an hour episode – it went by so fast! Mindy’s episodes are always amazing!

  86. This was fantastic. I have to say, I was nervous throughout the episode because I feared for the fate of the Jimmy Halpert comic book. I was afraid that it would get hit by a barrage of snowballs and ruined, and that would have put the Jim/Pam/Dwight dynamic in a very dark place indeed.

  87. DWIGHT WAS ALL KINDS OF AWESOME IN THIS EPISODE. Allow me to count the ways:
    -Dwight hiding inside a snowman? Awesome.
    -Dwight dressed as Pam, Meredith, Kevin, & Stanley? Awesome.
    -Dwight wearing his Christmas bowtie & suspenders? Awesome. I miss his elf hat & ears though.
    -Dwight getting into Jim’s head enough to get him to say “Dammit, Dwight!”? Awesome.
    -Directed by Dwight, errr I mean Rainn Wilson? Awesome. I hope he gets a Director nom come Emmy time!

    Other highlights:
    -Michael & Holly: heartbreaking, so wonderfully acted. What’s it going to take for Amy Ryan to get a Guest Emmy nom?
    -Pam stopping Michael in the parking lot to tell him about Holly’s ultimatum
    -Pam’s comic book & Jim’s talking head that followed
    -Erin not getting the big deal about Holly
    -Angela’s deodorant gift to Creed: hilarious how he loved it & wasn’t insulted by it LOL
    -Kelly’s “A blanket? What am I, a baby?”: LOL because Hello Kitty just screams adult
    -Andy killing the Hot/Cold game by hiding the star on him
    -Michael’s look at Jim when he broke the window. And then Dwight with the same look at Jim LOL
    -Darryl & Jada: love that we got to know Darryl more
    -Michael & Jada: love that Michael’s always good with kids.
    -Woody cameo? LOVE. My absolute fave Toy Story character.

  88. Easily the best episode in a long while. I laughed for the hour through, and it was very sweet too.

    I think I would have enjoyed this episode even more if I knew it was winding down to a series finale, but the future is just too uncertain. I really do fear for the show once we lose Michael, who is the one single character that I currently follow the show for.

  89. Any chance we’ll get a full version of the comic at some point? 3 pages is not enough!

    Jim yelling “Dammit Dwight!” will forever go down in Office history. My how the turn tables. Even though i wanted Jim to get his revenge, i can appreciate that, as well as Jim and Pam walking through the snowmen like a mine field.
    Everybody needs to be congratulated on an outstanding first half of a season. Writing, acting, all top notch. Still can’t fully describe how excellent Jim’s no-talking head was. They’re getting back to that perfect mix of wackiness, subtle humor and sincere heart. Especially with Jim/Pam. They feel more like Season 4 JAM lately. And i adore that.

  90. I enjoyed Dwight getting the upperhand and Jim getting his comeuppance prankwise for a change. Dwight now owns the building and he’s been itching not to be the one who’s the butt of the jokes as a result of Jim’s pranks. And now that there’s that imbalance of power between Jim and Dwight given the latter’s status as building owner, as evidenced by Dwight’s ability to chain lock the front door of the office park so he could trap Jim and pummel him with snowballs as well as Dwight having a henchman in the form of Nate, it makes sense to me from both a story and character points of view for Dwight to relish exacting some revenge on the one person who’s always had fun at his expense. Merry Fear-Filled Christmas from Dwight to One and All! ;o)

  91. Come on guys, was it not clear that my ultimatum to Jim was just one that I created based on the fact that I knew Jim wouldn’t do it? I’m not THAT evil…

  92. Loved this episode! Everyone got a chance to shine, and I especially loved Kevin’s look to camera when Holly mentioned that she ate some of the candy and of course his dramatic callback to it later in the episode. Erin was also a standout, sometimes I don’t get her character, but she was awesome this episode, “is she an amazing cook?” hahah. Also loved Oscar’s look to camera after the senator checks out Ryan’s ass. Too perfect.

  93. Totally thought that Jim was going to get Dwight back in some epic fasion (loader FULL of snow??). I didn’t like the power switch between Jim and Dwight. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. I loved Jim’s talking head after he got the comic book. My eyes welled up .. he is SO good at showing emotion with his expressions. Loved the ep ! Would have liked a little more Creed, tho.

  94. Mindy wrote a sharp episode overall. Jim and Pam were terrific in the whole present storyline. PsychoDwight was very dark, but I liked it. It almost feels like he’s heading for a psychotic break. Ryan and Kelly have been hitting it out of the park with their one-liners and scenes. Love the gay subtext of Angela’s new boyfriend. Now, for the negative. Steve Carell and Amy Ryan just don’t have any romantic chemistry for me. The dialogue and storyline are fine, the actors are talented, but they are flat together. It’s as though the writing staff has decided this is the pairing to finally bring the character of Michael closure and happiness with a soulmate, but when they are actually filmed, there’s no life to it.

  95. We’ve come a long way from Dwight standing on the rooftop awaiting his helicopter ride. Or telling waitresses how to butcher a goose. :-)

    Go Dwight!!!

  96. I loved this episode!! I hope NBC will be selling the Jimmy Halpert comic book that Pam made!!

  97. Oh and I forgot to mention how touching a speechless Jim was after opening Pam’s gift to him. Wow!

  98. I have never laughed harder at The Office then I did when I saw Dwight as Pam and then in all of the wigs. Could possibly be my favorite episode of the series. I was actually scared at the end with all the snowmen.

  99. Really loved this episode. By far my favorite of the season. Ending with the parking lot full of snowmen? Priceless.

    I am confused, though, about Darryl’s iCarly joke. I don’t watch or know the show, so I didn’t get it. Any Tallyheads know what his joke means?

  100. Seriously one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. Dwight finally taking revenge on Jim: Priceless.

  101. @99 The parking lot scene, and Pam’s whole dynamic with Michael, was very reminiscent of “Lecture Circuit”. I think that’s part of what helped this one to hit hard. It kind of just left off where “Lecture Circuit” left off, and that was the last great story arc besides Michael Scott Paper Company.

    I think part of what season 6 was missing was some good continuous storylines. Andy/Erin was and is a terrible idea; Michael and Helene was ok, but not great; Sabre didn’t have much story to it; and Michael and Donna was ill-conceived as well. It’s good to see things finally coming back around.

  102. “I don’t have kids or anything, but if my Grandma died..I’ll kill myself”
    SUCH a funny episode, old school Office. JAM was great….and the NH shoutouts from Michael were awesome!
    “Somebody from NH looks at this and thinks it’s a burning cross”

    and c’mon Holly’s maple candy? Warmed my New Hampshire heart :)

  103. This was pretty epic. The last two weeks have shown that there’s still plenty of life in the show. Erin’s not “getting” Michael and Holly was priceless. Loved the red herrings this ep hit us in the face with. Not just the ultimatum, but a love triangle between Angela and Oscar? Genius!!! I can’t wait to see this developed further.

    I absolutely loved the snowball storyline. It’s not that I dislike Jim, but he’s always been my least favourite character because of his smugness. The way he used to just take charge whenever Michael wasn’t around also rubbed me up the wrong way. So Dwight terrorising him was great. Everything with the snowmen was brilliant. JAM running through the snowmen sort of reminded me of The Third Floor.

    The weak points are minor, but the chemistry between Michael and Holly, when she walked into the office felt forced. Ironically, they feel more real as a couple when they are fighting. And Andy’s grinch was a dud. I like the character, but he’s become a bit too hard to take.

    But this ep definitely delivered. Kudos especially to Mindy and Rainn!

  104. While I wasn’t completely disappointed in this episode, I did think Jim was acting out of character. Season 2 Jim would never have just laid still while Dwight threw snowballs at him. That being said, I really enjoyed Darryl’s storyline, and I really hope the NBC store sells the Jimmy Halpert comic soon!!

  105. Going by just one viewing so far, my thoughts on the Christmas episode are that overall I loved it. The opening sequence (trying to take the staff photo) reminded me of our office trying to get our group photo done! So true to life!

    So many great individual moments (like Oscar’s looks around Angela’s boyfriend, Dwight’s wigs, Darryl and his daughter). Jim’s tender response at receiving Pam’s gift reminded me of his great unspoken reaction to learning she was pregnant.

    The snowball fight was classic Jim/Dwight pranking, with the added twist of Dwight really getting to Jim this time. While I didn’t mind Jim’s growing fear and paranoia about snowballs lurking around every corner, I didn’t like seeing him down on the wet ground, cowering and actually getting hurt! Too much.

    The closing scene was hysterical though – an army of snowmen, Jim looking like he was walking through a mine field!

  106. I loved the ep. The snowball fight between Jim and Dwight was seriously epic.
    Nice to see Holly again..Hopefully she and Michael can work it out. Michael had a right to be upset.

  107. Oh! I also meant to say I loved Michael’s interpretation of a classy “Santa.” He looked great in his red smoking jacket and his Date Mike Kangol hat covered in red with a white puff ball on the end! Then it was touching when he changed into his real Santa suit for Darryl’s daughter.

  108. It was great to see the Jim & Dwight rivalry back in action. It needs to continue on this level for the rest of this season at the very least. This episode can be described in one word: perfection.

  109. This was easily my favorite of the season and possibly my favorite episode ever. My favorite part was the look on Kevin’s face when Holly revealed she ate some of the maple candy and his outburst about it later.

  110. Gave it a 10! Best moment for me was when Jim threw the snowball through the window and then his and everyone else’s subsequent reactions – caught me off guard and I started laughing so hard I cried. (Well filmed too – good work, Rainn!)

  111. So the upshot is, if AJ doesn’t propose, Michael’s golden. Yay. Sorry, I don’t care how adorkable and like Michael Holly is, this whole thing stinks, and I don’t get why anyone would want this for him. I want him to take an 11th hour job offer from Sandals, and finally be happy with himself, but he’ll probably end up in Nashua as Holly’s fallback position.

    Go Erin!

  112. awww “pickles” and “swiss cheese” seriously made my night.

    and jen (125), why wouldn’t season 2 jim lay still while snowballs were being thrown at him? that attack was brutal… he was bleeding for goodness’ sake. i’d be on the ground in the fetal position until it was over as well!

  113. – Thank you Scranton strangler!
    – Dammit Dwight!
    – Who’s the little girl now?
    – My name’s Bond, santa Bond.
    – Last time I was here you two were best friends!
    – I have a wig for every single person in the Office.
    – I’m dead inside.
    – Merry Christmas to you all!

  114. @120 On the “tween” show, iCarly, the kid with the video camera, Freddie, is more of the straight man. Sort of like Darryl. At least that’s how I saw it.
    Speaking of Darryl, it’s great that he has been featured more this season.

  115. After the episode was over, I had to replay the outside snow scene between Michael and Pam. It was so sad but sweet. I know it is a fictional story, but that scene had me really engaged (no pun intended) for the moment.

  116. Now that I see MK wrote the ep and RW directed, I get the Dwight snowball beatdown on Jim. MK tends to write Jim in weak positions. Overall, great episode.

  117. For all those who think Dwight was too dark and over the edge with Jim–in just the last episode Jim gave Dwight a cup of hot coffee which Dwight proceeded to spill all over his ummm…junk. I think that hurt a little more than Jim getting a nosebleed from a snowball.

    I didn’t find this dark at all. The entire episode was pretty much non-stop LOLs. And quite possibly one of the best in the entire series–which very few thought possible with a show in its seventh season.

    I also think we will see Jim bringing some major retaliation soon. And it will be golden.

    Go Office. If the second half of the season can stay as sharp as what they put together in this episode, I could see The Office putting up a serious challenge to Modern Family for the Emmy this year. And Steve must finally win an Emmy too.

  118. I think if Dwight didn’t go as far as he did, the finale scene wouldn’t have worked. The fear was palpable!

    I loved Holly’s look toward Michael when he was being Santa for Darryl’s daughter.

  119. I’ve got to say, usually the Office doesn’t handle hour longs very well, but this was amazing. Way to go cast and crew!

  120. What a great Christmas episode! Even though Dwight may have gone a little too far in his quest for revenge (the scene with Jim curled up in a fetal position was almost a little disturbing), it made for a fun story line, and the end scene was priceless. Michael and Holly were fun (and heartbreaking) as well.

    However, this episode belonged to Pam. She was on fire last night. They have done some terrific stuff with her character this season, and this episode was another example of what a wonderful character Pam truly is. Bravo!

  121. Brilliant on so many levels! Hats off to Mindy and Rainn, John and Jenna, Steve and Amy, and the entire cast… Well done! That was a great final Christmas ep for Steve. Loved everything about it…

  122. This was a great episode that provided many laughs. Every character had a funny moment. Dwight finally getting one over Jim was great but it would be nice to see this develop into an all out prank war between them. Jim and Pam were once again great this week as they almost always are when the writers have a scene with just the two of them. Maybe I am the only one but I am sick of Pam being a mother hen to Michael. It has happened almost every week this season, it’s old and predictable. I just no longer find it enjoyable, maybe if they had Dwight do it, like in the older season when he held Michael in an almost God like esteem.

  123. The Office never disappointed with the Christmas episodes… they are consistently some of my favorites and this years was no exception. Dwight in wigs and Jim’s reaction to the comic book… just perfect!

  124. To me, it’s not a successful episode unless I have to stop the DVR playback at least once due to a completely uncomfortable scene with Michael. Last night I stopped it in the middle of the “Woody confrontation” with Holly. I just have to take a minute and “reset my brain” because SC is so gifted at selling the scene with authenticity.

    Stop. Breathe. Press Play.

    Then I’m good for the rest of the ep. Well done, guys!

  125. Loved this episode.
    For all you naysayers about Dwight getting the upper hand…I say it’s about dang time.
    Jim has had 6 seasons of dominance, it was nice to see the roles get switched. The whole “Jim destroys Dwight with pranks bit” was getting a little stale, IMO, it was nice to see the two characters break out of their mold. Krasinksi pulled off battered Jim very well. As a few others have mentioned, this is getting back to what made the Office so great, very positive signs.
    Kelly showing that she was still Kelly was great.
    Dwight’s line at the end was priceless.

  126. i loved the episode! eveything about was just top class, although i did think dwight telling jim that the only way he would stop the snowball fight was if jim threw a snowball at pam’s face a little over the top!

  127. I want the Charlie’s Angels pose on a poster. :)

    I’m also curious how Dwight uses all of his other wigs.

  128. What an awesome Christmas episode!!!!! Amazing stories!!!!! I enjoyed the whole Michael/Holly plot, despite there was from laughter to heartbreaking. The Dwight/Jim snowball fight scenes were pretty funny too. Jim has always been messing with Dwight, now Dwight is messing with Jim. The Pam/Andy/Darryl/Darryl’s daughter scenes were excellent, including Andy’s impression of the Grinch. And I loved the scene when Pam was consoling Michael about Holly and her boyfriend A.J., it was touching. I don’t think Angela’s new boyfriend is gay, if he is, might be bisexual. The final scene was awesome too, it was Jim’s largest outburst ever. Dwight knows how to seek revenge. See ya next year!!!!!

  129. Big Office fan and first time poster. What a great episode. I felt like some of the earlier episodes this season were just stale, but this one seemed fresh and inspired. The Michael-Holly storyline was well done and sets up more great episodes. I especially liked the Jim-Dwight scenes, and Dwight finally coming off victorious.

    The only thing that would have made it better is if Dwight referenced the ’06 Christmas episode when Jim got him on the roof for pickup by the CIA and he had to abort. HE could have said, “This was for 2006!” Still an awesome episode.

  130. One other point, Erin’s reaction to Holly and wonderment at why Michael found her attractive was a hilarious subplot. It’s funny that even though she wasn’t hired by Michael, she is as devotional to him as Dwight. Her character is always doing something interesting, and has been a nice addition to The Office.

  131. @98 James: That didn’t even occur to me, but now I can’t think about anything else!

    Oh, also, I have to work in Michael’s line “the food is going to be AUSTERE” sometime during this holiday season. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

  132. I loved this episode! I absolutely loved Dwight’s wigs. I am so glad that it was an hour long. :)

  133. Have been a massive office fan for years, don’t think I laughed out loud as much at an episode ever before – love love LOVED it!! Well done to everyone involved, that was absolutely a top class episode, glad it lived up to its name!!!

  134. This was the best episode of the season so far. From the snowball fight to Dwight’s wigs, I was laughing the entire episode.

  135. @ 152 You may be right. Angela’s new bf could be bisexual, but I have a hunch he’s gay. He’s a senator and Angela fits the role of a beard pretty well. She’s morally upright, well-spoken and shorter than him ;). Plus, she doesn’t give off the vibe of someone who’ll be all over him in the sack. Luckily, he wasn’t around during her sex contract phase.

    Of course, none of that means he’s not bi. And him being bi would play up the love triangle aspect more. But the vibes I’m getting is that he’s gay. Plus, I trust Oscar’s “gaydar.”

    A thought about Erin not liking Holly: Since “Viewing Party” shows Erin thinks Michael is her surrogate Dad, could Erin’s resentment of Holly be like a daughter instantly not liking a new “step-mother” because she’s crowding in on her territory? If that’s what Mindy was going for – brilliant characterisation.

    So glad that all the supporting characters have lots to do this season. That was one of my main gripes with season 6.

  136. @139 But Dwight did that to himself, big difference. Jim has never been that physically aggressive to Dwight. I enjoyed the power shift cause Krasinski played it so well, but it still seemed out of character for him to cower on the ground. No doubt it was brutal. But Jim simply doesn’t back down to Dwight like that. That’s not Jim.

    Of course if taking that away means no army of snowmen scene at the end, i’ll keep it. Cause that moment was gold. In my top 3 funniest moments ever.

    Want to add also how much i love Pam and Michael together. Something about them. So sweet and protective. Don’t ever change their dynamic!

  137. One thing I should add. I liked this episode pretty well, but I think I must be the only one who didn’t much care for the wig montage. It just didn’t work for me. Too over-the-top or silly or something. There I’ve said my peace.

  138. What an awesome episode! Just so many wonderful moments. Dwight is just diabolical, haha. Amazing that after so many years, Jim and Pam can still touch our hearts. Pam’s gift to Jim, and his reaction to her gift, was just perfect. Also loved how Pam tried to lift the spirits of Darryl and Michael, like what she did for Toby and Angela in Benihana Christmas. Holly’s smile at Michael being Santa was a nice, subtle and hopeful end to the episode prior to the tag. This was a great gift for the fans…thanks Office writers!

  139. That was THE best episode of this season so far. The snowball in the present was soooo ffffing hilarious. Was that like an ice cream scoop or something. Mindy did such a bombtastic job writing and Rainn did a sweet ace job directing. The new Michael/Holly drama is so key right now. It kind of reminds us of Jim and Pam back in the day. I really hope they keep us at the edge of our seat and don’t let them get together right away. Hats off to the show, LOVE IT.

  140. I loved it! Thanks for this great episode, Mindy!
    Dwight and Jim snowball fight was perfect.
    By the way, I have a question: Right after Jim threw a snowball at Dwight’s face, you can see Oscar laughing, and there is a mug on his desk. My question is: Whose face is on it? It doesn’t look like Oscar.

  141. Truly classic episode! Love it. Everyone in the office involved for this episode. I like Pam’s character. She’s been kind to everybody and it seems that Michael would only listen to Pam.

  142. Pam and Jim, both together and separately, stole this episode for me. Pam especially seems more lively. There’s a sparkle. She’s been so great this season. She was very kind to everybody in this one. Well done Jenna!

    Way to go show. That’s my Office!

  143. Senator Robert Lipton. Lipton = tea. In ‘Gossip’, Kevin thinks Andy is gay because he’s drinking tea.

    I have way too much time on my hands.

  144. Laughed out loud a lot. Dwight and the wigs…..priceless!

    When did Jim and Pam go to Jamaica, before or after their honeymoon to Puerto Rico?

  145. Here’s the thing when THE OFFICE hits it out of the park: I can’t help but re-watch the darn episode ad infinitum. And then I start to notice little things like Pam having sleeves on her red top/blouse during her talking head about her comic book gift to Jim but later we see she’s wearing a sleeveless top when the women were interrogating Holly about AJ. But these are such super nits.

    @155. crystalrain Are you referring to Michael not wearing his Christmas tie? This is what happens when I watch the episode too many times. But I can’t help it! :o)

  146. If Mindy and Paul just wrote all the episodes, this show would be even better. So glad the Christmas episode was great this year!

  147. Pam’s comic book reminds me of season 5 when Jim bought his parents’ old house for them and Pam seemed dubious at first but eventually she told him that she loved it. And, of course, Jim’s “talking” head was just perfect.
    There are so many reasons to love this episode…

  148. @169 James: I did notice that (and I was so looking forward to it, too), but I was referring to your observation about how the next episode is called “The Ultimatum”. How can I wait over a month for it NOW? :P

    Also, NC’s comment about Erin instantly hating this stepmom-esque figure is very possible. I love the side of Erin that came out this episode (and not just because we have the same name!).

  149. I loved seeing Dwight finally getting the edge over Jim; it’s long overdue in my book. Also, I really like the direction writers are taking with Erin. I think that instead of showing her weirdness through her stupidity, this lack of social grace works a lot better. It also strengthens the connection between her and Michael. She had classic Michael moment when all the girls were talking to Holly, saying that Holly may not be in any position to shoo guys away lol.

    This might be my favorite episode ever.

  150. @NC, crystalrain
    The stepmom angle is exactly what Erin was doing to Holly. Ellie Kemper explained that verbatim in an actor interview you can find on the Hulu site.

    [from tanster: here’s the clip]

  151. Thanks for the link, Tanster! I hate that I can’t access Hulu (I don’t think Canada gets it?) so I never see a lot of the promos and other features.

  152. @168 That confused me as well. I guess either we missed an entire vacation they took, or writing error?

  153. GREATEST Office episode ever!

    Everyone jumping out of sync was hilarious.

    Dwight with his wigs.

    The one liners…

    Andy “no one hug me, i got tree sap all over me”
    Oscar “why would anyone hug you?” hahahaha

    Dwight and Jim’s confused look when Holly said
    “last time i was here you guys were best friends”
    LMAOffed at Jim and Dwights reaction

    it was sweet, dark, heartwarming, and heartbreaking all at once…and everyone got face time.

    Funniest and best written episode of The Office ever.

  154. 1- Loved that Holly returned, but that haircut is not working for her (Erin might be right…)
    2- So glad Dwight got back at Jim. When he threw the snowball directly on his face in the office, it was so.. MEAN! What’s his damage Heather?
    3- Could we please get a storyline about Kelly?

  155. Another great episode thanks to Mindy. Kudos to Rainn for directing.

    I loved the Michael and Holly (loved the new look) dynamic. The storyline was believable and sets up those two walking into the sunset later on. See ya later, AJ!!

    Gotta love a little Xmas Jam! Pam’s gift to Jim was sweet and Jim’s expression afterwards was priceless. When are wo going to find out what Jim wrote on the card to Pam in Season 2?

    Love Toby’s deadpan delivery….almost as much as Kevin’s. The Scanton Strangler bit was killer.

    Dwight beating Jim so bad in a snowball fight is just unrealistic. But it did set up the funny scene at the end with all the snowmen and Dwight’s fear message.

  156. When you’ve got people saying this is the best episode of the Office EVER, in its 7th season, that’s an amazing accomplishment for any TV show. I have faith they can keep going strong right through season 8. Man, well done everybody.

    (it’s not my favorite EVER, but it’s definitely up there)

  157. The writing on this show is great. Everything is so intertwined, not just a weekly show that makes you laugh. It is truly a continuous story. With that being said, I think there is a lot going on with the characters; and with Steve leaving at the end of the season, it will be interesting to see how everything plays out. The Jim/Dwight snowball fight was a bit dark with Jim being pummeled on the floor. Jim is a prankster. There was really no violence in his pranks. This seemed very personal for Dwight. I hope this will set the stage for something big as the season unwinds for Jim to get back at Dwight (promotion maybe:). Jim technically met his sales quota this year and he looked very bored. Maybe a promotion will keep him interested and make Dwight mad:) Pam and Jim, great as always. The other characters also have some interesting dynamics going on to keep the rest of the season interesting. I wonder how the whole gay state senator thing will play out with Angela. Holly and Michael. Why is she with AJ when it is so obvious that they have nothing in common! The sad part about this is no more Office until Jan 20! Grr.

  158. Reading everybody’s comments i’m glad quite a few others agree about Dwight acting a little too aggressive towards Jim and actually making him “surrender” which isn’t like him. There was just something about seeing him laying on the ground and Dwight making him bleed that didn’t sit right.

  159. Easily the best episode since season 5. Holly and Michael are meant to be. Two episodes in a row that I cried, especially when Michael almost broke down when he was talking to Pam. I’m starting to love Erin more and more. Her devotion to Michael is so beautiful. It’s more interesting to watch her paternal love for Michael unfold then the whole triangle mess with Andy and Gabe. One thing that I do hope is that at one point it would be Holly who will need Michael the most. In all a perfect 10.

  160. I loved this episode for so many reasons but the silence in Jim’s talking head after opening Pam’s gift did it for me. :)
    I see many people mentioning a letter/card that Jim gave Pam in Season 2. Can someone refresh my memory as to when this was/what we know about it? Thank you in advance!

  161. @168 and 177, maybe it’s not a vacation they took. As Pam mentions, Jim uses inside jokes or other things; maybe it’s in reference to something else.

  162. @186Katy – The card people are referring to is the one Jim included in his teapot gift to Pam from season 2’s Christmas Party. Jim swiftly took it back though before Pam could read it. It’s never been brought up or mentioned since. All we know is something was actually written on it, we just don’t know what.

  163. CrystalRain – you can watch some of the most recent Office episodes online up here in Canada on GlobalTV ( but they don’t have the “extras” (sneak peeks and deleted scenes) – too bad! But at least you can re-watch the last few episodes in full (e.g. right now they have Classy Christmas, China and Wuphf available).

  164. #182 said that Dwight was unjustified in snowballing Jim, “Jim is a prankster. There was really no violence in his pranks. This seemed very personal for Dwight.”

    Let’s review what Jim has done to Dwight (leaving out 50 other pranks)…

    Jim goaded Dwight into a fight with Michael.

    Jim stabbed Dwight’s balance ball and Dwight plummeted to the floor hard.

    Jim set up Dwight’s chair as a “gift” that Dwight sat on and fell.

    Jim slapped Dwight HARD in the face when they were on a sales call.

    Jim slapped Dwight HARD in the face TWICE in the Olympics promos.

    And in “Classy Christmas”, for no reason, Jim threw a packed snowball HARD, right SMACK into Dwight’s face.

    And throughout all of these physical assaults for 7 seasons, Dwight NEVER ONCE reciprocated physically against Jim.

    Jim acted like a bully physically & emotionally. Dwight cowered like a victim.

    In “Classy Christmas”, Dwight answers Jim’s provocative snowball in his face with his own snowballs in Jim’s face.

    I don’t condone physical violence…though seeing a bully get their just due does have a certain Holiday charm about it.

  165. @#192 Nah, Jim is no bully at all. I see a bully as someone who has a specific intent to harm or to be cruel and malicious, to those who are weaker or smaller than themselves. Jim would never want to actually hurt Dwight, either mentally or physically. And has proven that. I would agree he is nothing more than a prankster.

  166. @180 That card in the teapot years ago was presumably to tell Pam how Jim felt about her (not just friendship), back when she was engaged to Roy.
    Now that they are happily married, who cares? We know how Pam and Jim feel about one another.

    @192 Jim is so NOT a bully. Dwight is constantly goading Jim for pure enjoyment, as well being jealous of his success in business and in his marriage with Pam.

  167. @192 Yet none of that really measures up to wholeheartedly(not halfheartedly like some of his previous attempts) trying to get a guy with a mortgage and his first child on the way fired from his job. Talk about hitting below the belt.

  168. Does anyone know where pam’s red reindeer cardigan is from? Wife wants one really badly, I’m having no luck finding…

  169. I was a little surprised at how far Dwight went at first but Jim’s snowball at the start and his refusal to apologise shake Dwight pretty hard. Although I don’t really agree that this was the first time Dwight actually got the chance to have the upper hand, there were moments in season 6 where Dwight was trying very hard to get rid of Jim when he was in charge and was pulling some pretty horrendous stunts, like the employee of the month thing.

    Great episode, the christmas episodes always are though :) The wigs were inspired.

  170. @TobyFan: Thank you so much! :) My recordings get messed up all the time and I rarely get the full episode.

  171. I was confused by Michael’s comment to Holly about her having a long distance relationship with A.J. (when they were standing in front of the supply shelf). I thought the two of them lived together?? I watched the ep twice and still couldn’t figure it out. Can anyone explain?

  172. @Carla–

    Holly was transferred to Nashua in S5 because of corporate and she broke up with Michael on the drive to her new place. Now she’s transferred back to Scranton, albeit temporarily while Toby’s on jury duty, and she’s staying together with AJ, so Michael feels betrayed because she wasn’t willing to be in a long-distance relationship with him, but will do exactly that for AJ. It’s not exactly the same, of course, but Michael still feels hurt, especially since he tried to come up with some way of making it work with her and she turned him down.

  173. I cry every time I hear Michael say, “I show you to your desk” in a Hispanic accent. It’s my favorite line in the whole episode. So funny.

  174. @192 – you made some great points. I’ll admit I was feeling like Dwight went too far, but it’s really payback for 6 years of abuse. Well, maybe 5 since he bugged Jim’s office with the spy pen and duck…mallard. Regardless of Jim getting snowballed recklessly, this was a great episode.

  175. Logan & sdfasdf – Thank you!! NOW it makes sense. I was thinking of the long distance being while Holly was still in Nashua.

  176. @192 – a bully? jim only pulls a prank on dwight to get even with him after dwight has done something. and considering dwight has tried to get jim fired, even after he has the baby, i would hardly call it bullying.

  177. @188Angie, thanks for reminding me! I actually saw this
    episode on TV a day or two after my post and thought, “OH YEAH!”

  178. In Season 6’s “The Lover”, Michael calls Helene “pickle” on the phone during a conference room scene. Now Pam is calling Jim “pickles”?

    Anyone else notice this?

  179. @192 Jim is not a bully at all. He has never caused serious harm to Dwight. In this episode, Dwight makes Jim bleed… You should rewatch the past seasons because Jim really on gets back at Dwight for being annoying. Other than that, good episode

  180. The Dwight/Jim snowball fighting was uncomfortable, mean and out of character for both of them. Pranking is one thing, making one or the other bleed is quite another.

  181. Honestly, I think this might’ve been their worst episode. Holly returning was hard to watch, Jim vs Dwight was hard to watch, Pam’s little story was okay and all, but that should have been the subplot and NOT the Jim vs Dwight joke. The reason I have problems with this scene is that this is totally out of character for both of them. Take this for example: in season 5, Jim wraps a present for Dwight (his desk). Dwight tries to sit on the chair, and he falls down like an idiot. Now, in Classy Christmas part 2, Jim is given a gift that has a letter that sounds like a military commander’s present to his/her wife. Even though Jim looks at Pam’s desk (implying he believes it’s her), the military commander-sounding letter should have been a red flag immediately. Jim’s not stupid, he knows he’s been in a snowball fight with Dwight, and the way its written doesn’t sound like Pam at ALL. However, he opens it and… SURPRISE! Didn’t see that one coming, right? (Also, I’d like to point out that this takes place in December, so having a blood streak down your chest after being hit by December snow is like being slapped by only a pinkie). I know the whole “Jim deserves it tbh xdddddddd” thing, but he really doesn’t. Jim is (to me at least) the underdog of the earlier seasons. Every time Dwight does something annoying or rude, Jim gets him back in the only way he can. He’s not in any power, has to sit next to a man who believes he’s some war expert, and watches as Pam, his crush, is engaged to someone else. Up until mid-season 3, Jim was the underdog who always won in the end. When “The Negotiation” aired, it really shook up what they thought of Jim in my mind. Now he was more vulnerable to character breaking, and even though “The Negotiation” was not the worst episode of all time, it certainly made things harder for the characters. Even when he gets the promotion in season 6, Dwight is the head of a semi-revolution and he has no chance to be in a natural leader position. With Holly and Michael, I could stand, but it was still hard to watch. This is a flaw with “Scott’s Tots”, too. The whole thing is hard to watch. In earlier seasons, hard to watch moments were special and way more funny because of it, now they aren’t afraid to make me want to skip 9/10 of the episode. I wish they toned down the cringe-inducing moments, and made the Pam story arc the only subplot in the entire episode. Even if they were really wanting to make Jim an idiot, then at least make him get the upper hand a little bit. But if the episode were to have been good, then trim down the hard to watch moments, and make the Jimmy Halpert story arc the ONLY subplot.

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