1. Sweet! You gotta love Helms! Just when you think The Office can’t get better! Two words: Big Tuna

  2. Wow, I must see this.

    Not only is Ed Helms my favorite new Dunder-Mifflinite, but I love Sarah McLaughlan. YAY!

  3. Weeee! I’m new to the awesomeness that is Helms, and must be Ed-ucated at every opportunity.

    And Tanster, I like the new Tipster lines. Gives props and keeps everything tidy.

  4. How grateful I am to still have Andy on the show. I’m hoping that we get to see some sort of crazy love…rectangle…with Jim/Pam/Andy/Karen and even Roy.

    Ed Helms is a brilliant addition to the show. The perfect person to play Andy.


  5. Ed Helms is funny, but he is cutting into Dwight time, and more importantly, cutting into the Jim/Dwight battles.

    Jim/Andy battles are nice, but they are nothing compared to the Jim/Dwight battles. I, for one, will be thankful to see Ed off the show.

  6. As much as I love Rainn Wilson as Dwight, Ed Helms as Andy Bernard is comic genius, a la Steve Carell. To those who are upset about Andy taking too much time, maybe this is a good case to make the Office an hour long show. There are too many good characters and too much good story lines.

    I’ll be watching Ed on Conan tonight or at the very least will DVR it.

  7. I do agree Mark. There are people who I find to be more funny than Rainn Wilson and the same could be said for the entire cast. Would I necessarily want them on the show? Absolutely not. There is a chemistry with the Scranton branch, and I just am not feeling it with anyone from Stamford. I would be more than happy to keep everyone on board if it did go to one hour every week. That would be sick!

  8. Uhm, did anyone youtube or veoh it yet?
    I fell asleep when Conan said, “We’ll be right back with Ed Helms.” I was so mad! AHH!!! I NEED TO SEE IT! NOW!! :]

  9. I Tivoed it. Pretty funny. A typical late night talk show segment where you don’t know where the writer’s embellishment begins…

    First he talked about how he does voiceovers including the Sharp Aquos commercials.

    Then he told a funny story about how he wanted to be a baton twirler when he was a little kid after watching a halftime show (until his brothers beat him up with his own baton).

    He’s in a bluegrass trio named “The Lonesome Trio”, and he admitted to liking Yanni and he made up lyrics to a Yanni song (someone please put this up on youtube, it was hilarious!!!):

    “See the little unicorn there
    He is eating, he is eating,
    His unicorn food.

    See the little unicorn there
    He is prancing, his is prancing,
    His unicorn prance.

    I think that you are amazing
    And I see you sidle up to your mother
    And suckle her unicorn TEEEET.

    I believe if I removed your horn
    And ground it into a powder
    And mixed it with vodka
    It would be the most incredible aphrodisiac, EVER!

    Do you feel the majesty?
    Of the unicorn through Yanni?”

  10. That was definitely interesting. He seems like a cool guy, probably a lot more normal than he seems from this interview (and on the show).

    It’s funny, you can really he likes to sing. Besides the Daily Show, almost every time I see him he’s singing. And I bet he’s good, too, I know that sounds ridiculous but if you really listen at times he’s got it goin on.

  11. at first, i couldn’t stand andy. now, yeah, gotta agree with angie: sorta have a crush, but he’ll always be second. he is to me what karen is to jim (oh!).

  12. More than anyone else from the Stamford cast, I hope Ed Helms is kept on the show indefinitely. He’s great!

    I hope Carrell’s movie career never keeps him from renewing his contract with The Office, but if NBC HAD to find a replacement boss…;-)

  13. That was a great interview, he kept me laughing the entire time. I was surprised to see how similar his personality is to the character that he plays. He’s a hilarious guy!

  14. Heads Up- The current video link has been removed from YouTube, I uploaded it here

    Also, I have Helms on Conan screencaps, a m4a of the Unicorn Song, & 11 photos of Ed Helms dressed up as Yanni @ here

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