Rashida Jones: The Office’s Other Woman

Us Weekly’s December 11th issue has a short interview with Rashida Jones (“Karen”).

An excerpt:

Last year, you dated John Krasinski in real life. Awkward?

He’s one of my closest friends. He was incredibly supportive of me getting this job, and for the most part, if you go out with somebody and it doesn’t work out, there’s always a reason why you liked the person to begin with.

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Rashida Jones


  1. yeah, it must suck to be the other woman…but now i love addison from greys. to have all that negative attention from the fans must be hard, but she seems pretty upbeat in real life, and when you look like rashida jones how much can get you down….really?


  2. I saw this on E! news last night and I was kind of suprised. Maybe I’m being too negative, but when she said “there’s always a reason you liked the person to begin with”, I can’t help but think there is also a reason on why it didn’t work out. Anyone else curious?

  3. With all the divorces we read about, a lot of it is two actors working to death and having no time to spend together (maybe Jenna and her hubby are happy because they’re not both actors). I’d imagine they just didn’t find the actor-dating-actor relationship worked out.

  4. I don’t think she was speaking of John when sayng “And for the most part …” I think that was simply a general statement.

  5. i don’t think that they look really right together, as a real life couple and on tv. TEAM PAM ALL THE WAY!!!

  6. I fear she and John will get back together and for whatever reason, this really bothers me.

    Also was it just me or was the whole explanation about Pam said no and jim deserves to be happy, really off? It is so much deeper than that.

    I love JAM.

  7. They are both smarties (she Harvard, he Brown) and they both come from affluent families, and they both act. Seems like a lot in common to me. And they aren’t hard on the eyes (her mom was so cool in The Mod Squad). Some people are better off friends than romantically involved. Having said that, you have to wonder if it’s how she got the job. Then again when your father is Quincy Jones…how hard can it be to break into the business. But she delivers the good.

    Of course this is all I’m going to think about when I see them on the show together…I wish I didn’t know.

  8. Cute interview. And for me- I think it’s a bit hard to judge her from five questions; especially with her sorted past with Mr. Krasinski. So they dated, they ended it for whatever reason, and now they’re friends. I’m not saying that this girl doesn’t have any pull in the entertainment world with her father being one of the biggest names in music, but I don’t think we can fairly assume that that lent itself to her success.

    I think she’s doing a wondeful job on the show. Just wonderful.

  9. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s not true that their relationship has ended, but whatever, Rashida Jones is pretty awesome anyways.

    Anyone remember her from Freaks and Geeks?
    She’s quite a good actor.

  10. I just can’t believe that they went together in real life. That just seems really strange. Not sure why. I would think that working together would be really hard. I wish I didn’t know about this.

  11. What’s the dealio? People are upset that they dated? They “look weird” together? Not to stir the pot here, but I don’t get the negativity. I think she’s done an amazing job in a short time on the show; enough to aquire a Team Karen following. And I’m impressed with her background. Seems like a real catch to me. And the fact that they are friend working together post-dating is admirable.

  12. its sad that there not dating anymore. Rashida & John would make an adorable couple in real life =(

  13. one last thing. we assume that her parents could have played a part in her success in show buisness. But graduating from Harvard is a special accomplishment she had to achieve on her own. At least she didn’t end up like Paris & Nicole

  14. God – Care to share why you’re pretty sure their relationship hasn’t ended?

    I think Rashida’s pretty damn cool, all things considered. I’m not Karen’s biggest fan but that’s more because of my own purely selfish reasons than anything else. ;)

  15. she was Karen on freaks and geeks. the bully who wrote ‘geek’ on the locker. she was kim kellys best friend.

    and yes, its admirable that she didnt end up like Nicole and Paris since its easy to just BE a socialite and not attempt to go to college, let alone one of the top Ivy leagues.

  16. despite my overwhelming jealousy of radisha and general dislike of karen, i have to say the actress is pretty cool; i really can’t see anyone else playing karen. there, i said it. *sniff, sniff* i wish i were one of john’s closest friends.

  17. Well I saw something on GMMR a while ago talking about how John Krasinski has been popping up everywhere and they had this link.

    Although I guess it doesn’t say how old the pictures are, but still, it really seems like they’re dating. It don’t see why it’s a problem either. So he helped her get the role, it’s fine, i mean she’s a great actor and I agree with whoever said they can’t see anyone else playing Karen.

    Weird randomness that her character on Freaks and Geeks was named Karen also…I doubt that means anything

  18. She seems pretty cool. I was reading her bio on wikipedia and she seems to be incredibly intelligent. I’m all for Pam and Jim but I think she and John would make a cute couple. If they are still dating be glad that he’s not with a dumb Paris Hilton type. That would be a bajillion times worse.

  19. I can’t believe the daughter of Quincy Jones & Peggy Lipton “licked stamps” for a living at Barney’s. I thought that work was reserved for us regular folk.

  20. God – they certainly do look like a couple in those pics. It almost looks like they’re wearing matching outfits. like you said, to bad there are no dates for when they were taken.

  21. I’m suprised people are acting like this is news. I thought everyone already knew that they had dated. There were all kinds of rumors in the beginning that John had fought for Rashida to get this role. But at the same time, I think they are currently “just friends”. It looks like they briefly dated again around the time she got the role as Karen – or right before – but I don’t think things worked out. They also dated previously and then she dated Josh Myers for a while after that before dating John again in the spring. A little sleuthing on the internet will garner some pictures and sightings of them together in the Spring and early summer and then that’s it. As to the pictures of them together on the website “more than that”, those were from May 2006, but were just uploaded in the past couple of months – so the date on the pictures is not the date they were taken. Just a little FYI for those who care.

  22. God help John if he starts dating Paris Hilton. These bloggers will be all over him.

    My guess is it’s off. It used to be on Wikipedia under John’s bio that they were seeing each other and now it is not. Had to be removed for some reason.

  23. im gonna jump in here really quickly and remind everyone that if john and rashida get back togethr wont affect anyyyything on the show. theres on need for so much negativity. save that for next week when we are officeless.

  24. why does it matter if they dated and that they looked good or not together? we shouldnt scrutinize every little detail or we wont get as many candid interviews because people will start censoring themselves.

  25. I’m looking forward to the movie w/ John and Mandy Moore. They would make an adorable couple in real life. I don’t see him w/ a Britney, Paris, or Lindsey type gal.

  26. Hey littlekidlover

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    Backing Vocals – Rashida Jones

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