Ed Helms hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ May 14

The Office’s Ed Helms makes his hosting debut tonight on Saturday Night Live!

The musical guest will be Paul Simon, returning for his eighth appearance.

Congratulations, Ed!


  1. Interestingly, I was just talking with someone yesterday about how Ed Helms’ career is just taking off and if that might boost his chances of being made the “boss” on The Office. How exciting for him to be hosting SNL (and with Paul Simon – how jealous would Andy be of that – you just know Andy knows all the words to “You can call me Al”!)

  2. How badly would we all love to see an office spoof on SNL! Then have Ed come in and pretend he is all mad at the cast for spoofing the show and go all “Nard Dogg pre-anger management on them all”!

  3. Can’t wait for this! I have been in a “Ed Helms needs to host SNL” group on Facebook forever! Yay! =)

  4. haha the second one is definitely how I felt taking my final today. Can’t wait to watch Ed on Saturday!

  5. @Toby, I’m pretty sure that when Andy was trying to sell pieces of his wedding to Jim and Pam, “You Can Call Me Al” was involved. I can almost hear Jenna Fischer saying, “You want me to walk down the aisle to “You Can Call Me Al??”

  6. So cool to see Ed Helms hosting tonight. I’ll be watching for sure. There need to be more hosting gigs for the other cast members…I’d love to see John Krasinski host :)

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