1. Swoon. He is the hottest male on The Office in my opinion. Sorry Krasinski, I have forsaken you.

  2. Did they just say “…kinder in season 3”!?!?!?! What a typo!

    [from tanster: yeah. egregious!]

  3. Yeah, Geek Magazine isn’t exactly known for their accuracy; just read the article they did on Tina Fey a few months back. ;P

  4. I haven’t even read it yet but the pictures are enough to brighten my day. He’s dawesome.

  5. Andy is one of my favorite characters on the show. Ed Helms has probably made Andy my favorite with this interview. I have a Yanni album too! It’s was my mom’s!

  6. I hope Cornell DOES give him an honorary degree in “douche baggery”. Heheheh! I love Ed Helms. What a sweetheart. I want to play banjo in his band.

  7. Yay – I adore Ed Helms! He is so “adorkable,” which I love! ;) Thanks for the link; I’ll definitely have to get a hold of the whole article.

  8. I have loved him since The Daily Show, and I love him even more now! I think he was a great addition to the already awesome cast.

  9. I’m so happy Ed is starting to get his due. He was phenomenally gracious at the convention, and I never thought there could possibly be room for another character to the already large Office cast until Andy Bernard came along. What did we do without him in S1 & S2? Almost makes me want to learn to play the banjo. :)

  10. He’s in a bluegrass band! Wow I love him even more now…I didn’t think it was possible!

  11. I absolutely adore this man. And I MUST have this magazine! It was painful to have to stop reading after the first two pages! I wonder where one might find it … amazingly, as big a geek as I am, I’d never heard of it before this!

  12. Quintin- I noticed that too! It’s sad they didn’t have an office fanatic who edited this… I would have done it for free!

  13. So glad you got scans, Tanster! Sorry I couldn’t send you any.

    For those of you looking for the magazine, I saw it in a shopping mall music store, so it’s probably not too hard to find ;)

  14. Anyone know where we can read the rest of the article??

    p.s. #7, on the accuracy tip, “tattoo” has 3 T’s. :)

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