1. Awesome! Conan is the *best* late night host around- it should be great. No, it will be great! I’m looking for to it.

  2. i went to the taping today! it’s a great show! and ed is hilarious, as always. enjoy everybody!

  3. 185pounder – I’m so jealous, you’re so lucky to go to the Conan taping…with Ed, to boot! I’m so excited for the interview tonight! The bump for Al Roker made me so angry last night…

  4. Conan’s the man and Helm’s the man! Should be a great interview! woo hoo!

    (wow that sounded dorky)

  5. 185pounder– you went to a taping? You lucky son of a gun! not only seeing consey in action, but ed!

    my excitement. it’s mounting.

  6. hahah yeah it was amazing! i didn’t even pay attention to tom papa when he was on, i was just staring with my jaw open at ed on the couch.

  7. Just watched it…. did anyone else feel like when he mentioned the convention people in the audience were like “ha ha ha ed helms… that’s not real! people aren’t THAT nerdy ha ha” or was that just something i felt? haha

  8. he looked especially good with his hair…anyone else take notice of the sexiness?

  9. Ed Helms, please move back to the East Coast (preferably to Philadelphia) and marry me. You are too adorable for words. Thanks!

  10. I fell in love with Ed Helms a little bit at the Convention, but this just put me over the top!

  11. Wow, he is so talented! I was very impressed with his piano performance. Sigh… Office fans and cast ARE the best- I feel like we are some sort of huge, really spread out family.

  12. That was hilarious. I love Ed Helms. The douchebag line was the best part, well the Elton John outfit was pretty good too.

  13. yeah, he’s definitely getting hotter and hotter!! plus his personality is so awesome that makes it.
    he’s tall too!(a lot of guys look short next to conan)
    andy= most doable in the office? lol.

  14. Ed is a riot!!!!

    Such a great addition to the Office. Like most of the “back office” characters, I hope Andy gets better storylines.

  15. It’s official. I am in love with Ed Helms! The Elton robe just did it for me. I have a thing for guys in feathers. :)


  16. “I don’t know, I just don’t feel like it.”

    1) haha Ed is so adorable and funny and talented and a musical god *swoon*
    2) twss.

  17. Tip: Never watch Ed Helms at work with your office door open. The rit-dit-dit-douchebag comment had me bursting out in laughter and then I had to pretend I was having a coughing attack so no one would know I was spending my workday watching videos.

  18. How cute did Ed look in that sweater and jeans?! I like his hair like that too. Great piano playing! Wow! Way to go Ed!!

    Note: my tag name is a quote by Ed from the office!

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