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Fan report: Karen meets Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner

Hi Tanster,

Just got back from Tahoe. We were there since the 9th. One of the reasons I went was because I had hoped meet Brian. My wish came true. My husband saw him in the casino and I met him and took this picture.

What an incredibly nice man! So gracious and appreciative of my stalker-like adoration. My husband and our friend ended up sitting at a card table with him last night. They really enjoyed playing with him. So friendly to everyone.

Most of the celebs were tucked away safely from their fans in the high roller areas, but not Brian. Of course I watched them all and offered Brian my protection against any fans who tried to distract him from his card playing. No one was getting between me and Brian!



  1. Thanks for letting us know about The Rocker screening in Birmingham, MI!! As luck would have it, I’m from Birmingham and am actually visiting family for a couple days! I definitely plan to go to the screening, and hopefully I’ll come back with a fan report! *fingers crossed that all goes according to plan* Thanks again!!

  2. Poor Steve!! Another reason for me to never taste a curry, even though my English friends recommend it. Ugh! Hilarious.

  3. Are any Tallyheads going to the Birmingham showing tonight? I hope to be there but I work until 6 p.m., and I work like 45 minutes away!!

  4. Beesly is Love, you’ve got to go! I’ll be THERE when somebody comes to Phoenix. I know John was in Tucson, but it’s harder to get in there than you think.

    That’s what she said.

    Anyway, dawesome weekend tally. I love reading the fan reports!

    NOTE: I think Melora’s on Carson Daly tonight. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Pam: I really hope I get in! I talked to the publicist and they’re expected a LOT of people. I’m interviewing him about the film (with other Detroit-area reporters) on Tuesday, but I really want my husband to get to see Rainn tonight more than anything. And I’m still trying to figure out how to ask for a photo with him after the interview. (The publicists tend to frown on that). Does anyone know if Rainn is as fan-friendly as the other Office folks seem to be?

  6. Being a Brit, i generally watch jonathan ross every week and enjoy all his interviews, but this one was by far the best of the season! steve carell never fails to make me laugh.
    Although i was hoping they might talk about The Office, seeing as Ross is best-showbiz-mates with Gervais, the god of the office, and The Office is terribly underated over here and have just finished airing season 3 over here. Ah man, can’t wait for the next season.

  7. Of course, I mean the US Office is underrated, the UK was a blinding success. I would have thought more Brits would have wanted to watch the US Version, as i think it is just as good.

  8. Did anyone read that article about John Krasinski being a bartender in NY? Everytime I think John can’t possibly get any cuter/nicer/cooler- he does! He wins at being awesome!

    That is SO just like a dream I had once…where the bartender told me he was John and I didn’t believe him! Hahaha!!

  9. Beesly: I would assume Rainn is friendly. He seems to have a pretty good amount of fan reports… I hope to read YOURS soon!

  10. d’oh! i was in birmingham last week when i was visiting home for the holiday weekend =(!! unfortunately i’m now back in CA. *sigh*! have fun at that screening michigan tallyheads!

  11. I’m going to the screening tomorrow in Philly, and Rainn will be there so thanks for that little update on how another screening went!
    Just wondering though, was it possible to meet him afterwards?

  12. I’m going to the Spotted Pig every night now. Does anyone know if Flanders has wrapped!?

  13. I saw Ricky Gervais last Saturday night in LA–awesomely funny–I recommend his show to anyone who can possible get to it. And then the next morning I saw Kate Flannery in a coffee shop off of Hollywood Blvd–What a great Office weekend!!

  14. i was at ricky jervais on saturday as well (although i missed the beginning… any other tally heads want to tell me what he talked about before the kid he brought to the casino?)
    anyway, it was hilarious. my face hurt so much from laughing! he is so talented, i have always been a huge fan but i was really blown away. i would see him again in a second!

  15. Okay, it’s Wednesday and I finally got around to reading the Craig Robinson interview – terrific! (And a great photo of him.) Can’t wait to see Pineapple Express. Here’s hoping we will see more of Darryl next season.

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