1. Hopefully Ed brings his banjo and teaches those little boys some REAL music.

    @Mindy – It is your birthday.

  2. Yay!!! Ed Helms on Conan on my B-Day!!! happy birthday to me…can’t wait.

  3. Awesome. Two of my favorite men in Hollywood. If you threw in Seth Rogen, I’d die a happy girl.

  4. Best birthday gift ever, seeing a very dashing Ed Helms (who by the way looked so good and looked to have an “Andy” style tie on) skat w/ the Jonas Brothers. If you don’t think that’s awesome, well then you need awesome lessons!

  5. Ok, I need to add something to my previous post.
    The Tiger Song officially made this the best day ever!

  6. wow! ed helms successfully made the jonas brothers bearable for me! heeeeee is so awesome.

  7. I may be showing my age while simultaneously sounding like a ‘tween’ here, but Ed is cuter than all the Jonas Brothers put together. There, I said it. ;) What an immensely talented and sweet dude.

    And he’s right, by the way – civil war reenactments are really neat!

  8. I love how the 3 brothers had the same look on their faces when they realised that Ed was a million times more talented than them.

    <3 him.

  9. Thank you for posting this! Ed Helms scatting along with the Jonas brothers = me crying from laughter! He’s truly a gem!

  10. Ed Helms is hilarious. It’s so awesome that the Tiger Song is nominated for an Oscar.

    I was also wondering if someone knows where to find Angela Kinsey’s appearance on Bonnie Hunt. I missed it.

  11. I wonder if all of the music nonsense Ed Helms does as Andy made him realize his scatting abilities. I also adore the tiger song! How cute was he when he said that the song was actually in the running for an Oscar. Too funny!

  12. Ahhhh, Ed Helms is full of win! I absolutely cannot stand the Honas brothers, so thank god Ed was there! Here’s hoping “Stu’s Song” (which I have as a ringtone, btw) is nominated for an Oscar & he gets to perform it, because the Oscars are usually a snoozefest for me.

  13. Ha! I love Ed! Of the ‘big’ office stars he seems the most personable

  14. Holy smokes!! I mean, I knew he was charming and talented, but the scatting? And the piano? And the singing? That qualifies as sexy, my friends. Damn sexy.

  15. I know I am late in this posting, but if “the Tiger song” is not nominated for a Oscar, I will not be watching!! Smarten up Oscar voters! This is one of the best orig song in a movie!!! Go Ed! I laugh everytime I hear that song, and his heart into it. LOVE, LOVE LOVE him on the Office when he sings. Or any stint he is in….so talented. I bet he is a great guy in person. Not all “hollywood”. But he damn sure has the talent to be that way!

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