1. Wow, that’s quite some scoop!

    And the fourth episode (if I heard that right?) is the wedding episode already! I thought they’d have that one a bit later on in the season. But okay, that’s kinda cool :D

  2. This is excellent news! I am glad Mindy’s helping to write the wedding episode with Greg. She wrote The Injury, which is one of my favorites! I’m glad they’re not having the wedding on the first episode. I think that would’ve been too soon. I can’t imagine how they’re going to put Pam and Andy together but I’m definitely looking forward to this. I can’t wait for this season! :D

  3. I love that we will get to see Jim & Pam get married. I’m really not surprised that they get married so soon after the season starts. She doesn’t seem the type that would want to be hugely pregnant in her wedding photos and at 4.5 months pregnant, she wouldn’t be showing too much.

  4. My guess is Andy will become Pam and Jim’s wedding planner. I like odd character pairings and I think Andy and Pam scenes could be really funny.

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