Greg Daniels and B.J. Novak interviews

SPOILER WARNING! IGN talks to The Office’s Greg Daniels and B.J. Novak about the conclusion of Season 3 and plans for Season 4.

IGN TV: What did you think when you found out how the Season 3 finale was going to end?

Novak: Well, as one of the writers, I was there for the whole process. I was thrilled. We had talked for years about Ryan maybe becoming Michael’s boss some day, and how funny that would be — to see that reversal. [Steve] Carell has brought it up to me, and the writers have pitched it at various times. So for me it was so fun to have something new to do.

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  1. I’m glad Greg Daniels recognizes that Carol Burnett’s fame is an obstacle to her appearing on the show, so I’m sure he’ll deal with that if they do decide to put her on.

  2. The conflict between Ryan and Michael will be one of the fun aspects of Season 4. I wonder if Dwight will try to kiss Ryan’s behind more than Michael’s as well since the “Temp” is now Michael’s boss. I’m also hoping that Jim and Pam are closer but not dating to start the season, that they will take things slow and let their relationship develop. I can’t wait for September!

  3. GREG DANIELS: “I think you want to be a little bit ahead of people’s expectations, and not give them exactly what they’re expecting to get, but still give them something satisfying, because it engages the dynamics that they’re interested in.”

    I just love where his head is at.

  4. Everyone on the show is so great. I can’t wait to see how they handle everything with Ryan and Michael next season. I love how BJ said he thinks Michael’s man-crush is 100% innocent, but it just comes out so wrong.

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