EW’s Emmy picks

The June 22nd issue of Entertainment Weekly chooses “the actors and series they’d like to see score some sweet, sweet Emmy love”:

Best Comedy: [The Office] provides loads o’belly laughs, while engaging your emotions: Michael’s unexpectedly fraught relationship with Jan? Pam’s breakthrough on the beach with fiery coals? Hot stuff.

Best Supporting Actress/Comedy: The classic comic leading ladies — from Lucille Ball to Julia Louis-Dreyfus — are brassy broads. Jenna Fischer of The Office is exploring new territory: the funnywoman as a humble, sensitive soul. Her Pam elicits laughs from delighted camera glances and low-key sarcasm, while also winning our hearts … and an Emmy?

The article includes a full-sized photo of Jenna Fischer — check it out after the jump!

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  1. she definitely deserves an EMmy for this year– the only caveat is if people will feel her performance this year was not really a comedic performance.

  2. Jenna and John deserve some Emmy love. (:
    Steve should win. He’s obviously the funniest. Having Rainn and John duke it out, well, that’d be fun. When are the Emmy’s anyway?

  3. Yeah for the Office and for Jenna! I hope EW is correct and we see the Office get some big time Noms! Yeah!

  4. I think it’s really great that a high-profile publication like EW shows so much support for our little show and for Jenna. All the best to “The Office” and Jenna for the upcoming Emmys!

  5. Again, it will echo everyone’s sentiments. It will be a crime if Jenna DOESN’T get this Emmy. She has done an amazing job telling Pam’s story this season. And I’ve rarely seen such an accessible, kind-hearted person in Entertainment.

  6. I REALLY think that Jenna will at least get nominated this year, and that is huge for her in itself, since the Office is such an ensemble cast. I hope this is the case. Either way, I am sure that Entertainment Weekly’s nod to her made her feel really awesome.

  7. BenA,

    I disagree. If Jenna were to be nominated I wouldn’t mind if she didn’t win because, keep in mind, the actresses she will be up against will all be equally amazing. I personally think it would be a crime if they don’t NOMINATE her.

  8. I read this post by a writer who’s an Emmy voter on Gold Derby forums. The deadline for nominations votes to be sent in to Ernst and Young (the accounting firm in charge of tabulating the ballots) is this Friday (June 22) at 6pm. The voting for nominations is the same as the Oscars, i.e. writers vote for writers, directors for directors etc. The entire Academy is eligible to vote for Best Series categories (Best Drama, Best Comedy, Best Mini-Series etc).

    The ten highest vote getters in the Best Comedy Series and Best Drama Series categories will be screened by a judging panel the weekend of June 30/July 1, from which the final five spots will be determined. Not sure when the panel meets for the lead/supporting acting categories in comedy/drama, where the ten highest vote getters will also be screened.

    I didn’t realise the deadline is coming up so soon! All the best to “The Office”/Steve/Rainn/John/Jenna etc during this upcoming Emmy season! The Emmy is the grand-daddy of all TV awards, so fingers crossed for our litte show!

  9. Wow!! Is she gorgeous or is she gorgeous?

    I really hope she is nominated this year. I don’t think anyone deserves quite like she does! Jenna is amazing.. So is John.. So is Steve and Rainn! The whole cast deserves another Emmy.

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