Webisodes win Daytime Emmy!

The Office

Last summer’s Office webisodes, The Accountants, has won a 2007 Daytime Emmy award for Best Broadband Comedy!

Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, and Brian Baumgartner were all on hand to accept the award last night in Hollywood.

From NBC.com:

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Photos

Jenna wrote me to say:

I’m so proud of Angela, Brian and Oscar. They worked really hard on those and showed up in their free time to work on them. It was something they wanted to do for the fans and I’m really proud they got recognized. Randall Einhorn shot and directed them. He’s our usual D.P. — you may have met him during your visit. Anyway, he did a great job. I feel like a proud Mom or something but we really are like family over there …

Tipsters: J, Jenna, Tony

More photos after the jump. Congratulations to all! :)

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes

The Office Webisodes


  1. Hearty congratulations to Angela, Oscar, Brian and Randall on being recognized for their work! This is a great honor and they deserve it! It’s wonderful also to read that Jenna wrote in to say how proud she was. Accounting is such a riot, indeed :)

  2. Way to go, guys!

    PS: Tanster, how casually you throw around phrases like “Jenna wrote me to say…” :) Lucky!

  3. Hooray for accounting!
    They’re all going to be for some raises pretty soon, seeing as they are winning Emmys and Webbys all over the place.
    Also, Angela looks pretty hot. Honestly.

  4. How great! I enjoyed the webisodes to take me through the doldrums of summer. It’s a shame they didn’t get to do a new set this summer. They’re certainly a talented bunch, those accountants, uh, actors.

    I love that Jenna’s writing you to tell you how proud she is of them!

  5. Congratulations to them! I love that even the webisodes get award recognition! It’s great that Jenna wrote to tell you about it as well.

    (And Angela looked fabulous as usual!)

    I really hope the awards recognition carries over to the Emmy nominations next month!

  6. That’s great.

    I wish they made another one this summer.
    There’s always next summer :)

  7. I’m so happy they won! They deserved it! The cast is great and the webisodes were wonderful. Congrats to the accountants on their win =)

  8. That’s so awesome! Well deserved. I hope they do more this summer. And, OMG, can Angela BE any more beautiful? I don’t think so.

  9. Oodles of congratulations to Angela, Oscar and Brian. Not only were the webisodes awesome, they helped us all through The Office Drought during the summer of ’06!

  10. Congratulations to Angela, Oscar, Brian and Randall. It was well deserved. :]
    i’m so proud that jenna wrote to you too, tanster! you are so very lucky. and by the way, i saw your part in fandomicity. You are one hardcore fan; I had no idea it took that long to get up Officetally! :] Hearty applause for you too! :]

  11. Very cool, both the award and the fact that Jenna wrote you, Tanster.

    A good day, indeed.

  12. Congrats! In honor of the accounting department, I will eat my chocolate swirl pudding. :-)

  13. Congrats to the webisode cast and crew!
    P.S. – Angela is looking too damned cute to be an accountant.

  14. Congrats to all!! And how sweet of Jenna to write you today Tanster. Not a bad day.

  15. Yay for accounting!
    I would faint if Jenna wrote to me.. lucky you, Tanster!

  16. Yay! I loved those webisodes. I’m so happy for all of them. And Angela looks totally gorgeous in those pictures!

  17. I love that Jenna is a tipster on this story.
    That is so great for those guys!

  18. Congrats to Randall, Brian, Oscar, and Angela!

    It looks like they had a lot of fun accepting their award :)

  19. From Angela’s myspace blog:

    It’s Friday…

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop ya’ll a quick note to say that I’m going to do a blog over the weekend about the Webbys and the Daytime Emmys. I am so excited about the recognition that the Accounting Webisodes are receiving! I have more pics for a new slide show. And how cute was Jenna to write Officetally about us? Yeah, she’s good people! ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  20. WOW! How exciting for Angela, Oscar, Brian, Randall and the entire show. Well deserved! And how cute of Jenna to be bursting with pride for her pals! So sweet!

  21. Congrats to the Accountants! I loved the webisodes and I’m very glad they got recognized for their great work.

    And Angela, these photos of you are gorgeous!

    Yeah, anytime Jenna sends you an email, it’s a good day! I hope she’s recovering well at home and that she’s up and about soon.

    I’m sure missing my Office, and wish we had some webisodes this year. I’ve been consoling myself with my DVR, but it died on me yesterday, and I think I might have lost half the season (the other half was on the other tv’s dvr). Aaauugghhh! :-)

  22. Congrats accounting! Could anyone decipher what Oscar said during the acceptance speech?

  23. They are too cute.
    Was Oscar speaking Spanish? Because I could not understand a word.

  24. Congrats to The Office – hopefully, this is the first of lots of Emmy love this year. And how cool is it that Jenna wrote Tanster. And how cool is it that Angela wrote in her blog how cool it was that Jenna wrote Tanster.

  25. Oscar said: “Me gustaría ahora hablar un poquito. Eh… Thank you!” (Now I would like to speak a little)

    Hello from Spain, btw! :P

  26. Congrats on the Emmy. I know we will see more Emmys come The Office’s way this September.

  27. I agree with ChrisM70 – Webisodes from the warehouse would make a great follow-up!

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