Fandomicity — the video

The Office FandomicityMaggie (aka seat18b) has finally finished her film class project — a documentary about The Office fandom called FANDOMICITY — “a documentary made for the fans by the fans.”

I’ve watched the entire thing, and I must say, it is fan-freaking-tastic. (Who knew Office fans were so dang funny?)

Maggie adds, “All the cast and crew were made a copy over at the offices of The Office and everyone really liked it, which is really great.”

And yeah, Maggie got an A on her project. :)

Links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

P.S. A behind-the-scenes look at OfficeTally appears at the end of Part 3, around 5:48.


  1. Can’t wait to watch this! I’ll have to do it from home tonight, not from work. Looking forward to it.

    And congrats on the A!! (I used to love getting A’s.)

  2. Jennie, I’m at work, so I couldn’t watch it all – but tonight, I’m catching up on Office Tally “behind the scenes”!!

  3. I’m only part way through it, but this is great! Congrats on the ‘A,’ Maggie – you deserved it! I loved the montage of Jim faces – so funny! I’ll have to watch the rest later . . . can’t wait! It’s such a spot-on representation of us hardcore, crazy, obsessed fans! Michael Scott would be proud.

  4. The whole thing is FANtastic! (Get it?)

    Personally, the best part was the homemade Dwight t-shirt. Great graphic, great color scheme.

    I must have it. (TWSS)

  5. By the way seat18b…your youtube fanvids are great too. I love the “It’s Getting Hot in Here Scranton Style One.”

  6. Whoa, another Maggie? I like never see other people with my name.

    ANYWAY. I didn’t think I’d have time to watch this all today, but I couldn’t stop! Haha, this was really, really well done. I loved the Jim faces [of course!] and all of the music.

    Congratulations on the A! :D

  7. Aww this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to a bunch of The Office fans talking about what they love about the show and the fandom.

  8. Well done. Topical. :D

    In light of part three I would also like to add a big thanks to our own little tanster for all that she does for us here. If I could email you a bag of nifty gifties I would.

  9. i’m still going thru them but its really funny. altho. in segment 2, when the dunderhead eric says that ryan is too short for him..i was expecting to see bj’s psa about how 5’9 isn’t short. it’s average :)

  10. I *puffy pink heart* it! Like everyone else, the Jim faces were awesome! Congrats on the A!

  11. aww [email protected] you have my friends name (if your middle name was joy…then i would get creeped out)! but i think it was such a great idea for a documentary and i can’t wait to see what you come up with next! YAY :D

  12. You really did a wonderful job! THat was so much fun to watch. Congratulations! :)

  13. Maggie – awesome job and congrats on the A!

    And special thanks to tanster for all the hard work and hours you put in to keeping up one of my favorite websites!

  14. Great Job! I watched the whole thing and it was FANtastic. :)
    Also, Tanster, thanks for all your hard work! I had no idea it took up so much time.

  15. Does anyone know where to find the Pam Pong song, I thought it was awesome…


  16. I am very proud to be included. Maggie did an awesome job! (Did you know that on average, 30 seconds of video takes 2 hours to edit?) Way to go! BTW- thanks to Tanster for all of her dedication. It was amazing to see how much work she does to keep the site going!

  17. That was really awesome! Very entertaining, insightful and well-editted. I loved the little kids dancing to the Office ringtone, and the Jim-face montage (though there really ain’t nothing like the real thing!). The Pam Pong song was fabulous as well. And great job tanster! I liked seeing what goes on “behind the scenes”. Also loved the “what is love” montage – worked great as a hilarious blooper reel.

  18. Dawesome! Zoppity!

    Very well done! I really felt a connection, things that some of the people said, I totally related too because I completely do the same things.


  19. Hilarious! Such a great job! As a fellow editor I realize how long that must have taken! Great job!


  20. That was just SO fantastic – so much fun! It was great to see you and my other myspace friends in it too :)


  21. Amazing! I have so much respect for everyone who contributed to the project, and of course a “great job!” to seat18b and tanster!

    The documentary really captured what it means to be part of the Office Fandom, and I feel lucky to share in a part of that!

  22. That was awesome and I throughly enjoyed every second of it!!! I especially loved the PamPong song–very original and funny. But everyone in the documentary was so good and creative. I’m so glad you shared your project with the rest of us!

  23. That documentary is stupendous!

    Wish I had done it, blah blah.

    Tanster you were great. And I see Claudia commented too, thanks for repping (do I sound cool?) Australasia!

  24. just finished watching all of them…AMAZING!! i majored in tv production, so i’ve put segments together as well…that must have taken forever but well worth it!! congrats to everyone involved…i really loved it!

  25. Awesome, awesome job, Maggie! Congrats on the well-deserved “A”, and thank you so much for sharing!

  26. i just want to say thanks so much to tanster for doing a great job with office tally! i know we take for granted that this site exists and it contributes so much to the fandom, SO THANK YOU!

  27. That was awesome! made you feel normal for being so obessesed with the show! haha oh and especially loved the pam pong song! also thank you so much tanster for all your hard work on this site!! my day doesn’t feel complete with officetally!!! :)

  28. That was great! I gotta say, my favorite part was the “Jim Face” montage. How cute!

  29. that was great. i really enjoyed the “office lingo” and “jim’s face” montages. I also really enjoyed that song. Great job!

  30. Thanks so much for all the kind comments! This was definitely a group effort and much of it is owed to all the great fans out there who took the time to send in footage. Including Jennie! So thanks so much!

    One quick plug, the song you hear in the fifth section is now available for download at Sweet Diss and the Comeback’s Myspace Page. Thanks to Nate for putting it up there for all his new office groupies. And yes, I am one of them. :)

  31. Jennie – you are my new hero and I mean that. I visit OT all day long and to see what goes into this great site and the love and time you dedicate to it…well, all to say “Thank you” just doesn’t seem like enough.

    MUAH! & BRAVA (from the East Coast!)

  32. wow, that was amazing. it must have taken you ages, Maggie. I’m impressed.

    Tim Anderson, you’re cute ^^

  33. Tanster,
    I have always loved the site and check it daily. I had no idea that Thursdays were so hellish for you. Thanks fo all the work you put in! You are much appreciated.

    A Michael/Andy fist-bump-and-explode to you!

  34. What a great documentary, Maggie! It was so great to finally get to see that. I’m so happy for you and your A (and all the recognition your getting)! Hooray Office fans!! WooHoo!

    (I’m Cayce from parts 3, 4, and 6 (I think those were the ones). Anyhow…Yay, Seat18b and Tanster!

  35. Its really good, i only watched 4 parts of it but im goint to watch the rest of it over the weekend, but so far so good!

  36. Maggie really did an outstanding job!!! I’m so happy I got to be a part of it! Seeing all the other fans talk about the show and love it as much as I do was really neat!! The Pam Pong song was also amazing!!! I already have it up on my myspace page! Thanks again Maggie and all my fellow dunderheads who were in Fandomicity! You rock!

  37. Tanster – I would like to echo all the appreciation all of The Office fans have for you. I really do check your site at least 5 to 10 times daily. I don’t know how I would get through my work-day without it. I had no idea you put so much time into it, but it definitely makes sense considering how high quality it is. You are simply amazing. Thank you.

    Also, it is great to see that there really are people out there as obsessed as I am about this show. That song was incredible.

  38. MAGGIE, great job…excellent execution.

    TANSTER, you do too much for us Office scrubs…we appreciate everything that you do. I’m a Webmaster for a major corporation and can understand what you go through.

    NATE, I was expecting this little diddy about Pam and Jim and you freakin’ cranked out this production-quality piano ballad about two or our favorite characters. Impressive.

  39. I was about to put in a request for the Pam Pong song, but it’s been taken care of! Woot! Awesome job on the documentary, Maggie! You must have worked your tushie off. Tanster, as always, you rock my socks off. Without OT, I couldn’t be nearly as obsessed as I am.

  40. Thanks for all the kind words, everybody!

    When Maggie first suggested I film myself on Office Thursday, I told her, “but my Office Thursday is so BORING!” But thanks to her video editing magic, I think it turned out okay. :)

    “Then I get to watch the show at 8:30. That’s kind of like just the only 30 minutes of the evening where I’m actually enjoying myself.”

    That ended up sounding a lot funnier than I intended, lol!

  41. Ahh Tantster! I can’t believe I forgot to thank you in my last comment! I was totally intending to and then I got distracted! haha :) But in all seriousness, THANK YOU so much for all you do for us crazy dunderheads!
    I would be so bored at my office everyday if I didn’t have this site to come to- not to mention I would have to rewatch and get all the great quotes myself! You are simply uh-mazing, my dear!! Infinity thanks to you!

  42. That was totally awesome.

    I think everyone said this already but I’ll say it anyway…THANK YOU TANSTER!

  43. Loved it!

    You know, after the Job, I thought that it was so awesome that over 700 comments were made. However, when Tanster said in the documentary that there were like 39,000 unique hits to the site during Beach Day, I was floored!! I never would’ve thought there would be so many lurkers out there who don’t say anything!

    This is the first blog I’ve really ever consistently commented on, and I just can’t hold back. But something like 38,300 people don’t say a peep. Oh, the willpower they must have. ;)

    Thanks for everything, Tanster.

  44. I’ve already commented, but I think this would be a good edition to the DVD extras. :)

  45. I finished watching and just had to comment again! As everyone else has said – You go, tanster! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this dawesome site! And I’m with Big Turkey – I’ve never commented on any site before in my life, because I’ve read some really obnoxious, rude posts on IMDb and such. But everyone here is so intelligent, respectful and nice, that I wanted to be a part of it! And also, I felt that Maggie’s ‘Fandomicity’ was very fair in pointing out that there are also negative aspects to being obsessed – most of us don’t want to acknowledge that, but I thought it was a good point she made. Whew, I’m done!!!

  46. I am 110% in agreement with 30% Frontal Attack (#48). Maggie, tanster, and Nate–you guys are amazing!

  47. wow I just watched the whole thing. That was fantastic Maggie. You are uber-talented. thank you

  48. Great job Maggie and Tanster. You guys rock. Thanks for this great documentary Maggie and to Tanster, thanks for all you do!

  49. Finally got to watch the part about what goes down with Office Tally on Thursdays. WOW! Talk about dedication. Jennie, you’re fantastic – and I’m with the loads of others who visit a few (like 100) times a day… it’s nice to see what you put in and we SO appreciate it!

  50. Tanster, I was really surprised to here the number of hits you get a day. I knew, of course, that the number of comments are a tiny proportion of the number if views, but I had no idea how tiny. Wow.

  51. tanster, as billions of people have already said, THANK YOU SO MUCH! i didn’t fully understand how tiring your job was until at the end of your office thursday bit, you said, ‘as PAM would say “not a bad day.”‘ only then was i like WOW she is mentally exhausted. LOL!

  52. I’ve been watching this over and over (and not just because I’m in it)! Pam Pong was amazing! Thank you Maggie, Tanster, Nate, and everyone else for all the hard work. I agree with all of y’all who said that The Office has the best fans ever!

    Adrienne (Part 4 with the Dwight shirt)

  53. Hey, Part 2 has been removed from Youtube! Someone needs to get it back up there. I don’t post here at all, so I don’t know who to tell about this! Someone get it up! (twss) haha.

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