‘The Office’ spin-off in the works?

From FOXNews.com:

Is Dwight Schrute about to have his own TV series? That’s the buzz at NBC, where new head of programming Ben Silverman could be thinking about a spin-off from the hit sitcom “The Office.”

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  1. NOOO!! An office without Dwight is NO office at all!!!

    Bad idea… Addison’s spin-off for Grey’s Anatomy will probably fail, and I don’t think a Shrute spin-off will bode well either, in my opinion.

  2. NO! Worst. idea. ever. Dwight is perfect where he is. Too much Dwight would be too much Dwight!

  3. No no no no no…unless his character is still on The Office. But Dwight simply CANNOT leave The Office. I won’t stand for it and I’m sure a lot of other fans won’t either! We’ll pull a Jericho-fans move and flip out on NBC until we get our way.

  4. No!!!! As much as I love this show, please don’t destroy it! I love The Office when it’s all in one piece. Don’t do it!

  5. If they do a spin-off it better not be one of the 4 main characters, that would blow so much

  6. What?? This sounds like a crazy idea. I bet Rainn was just trying to be funny and made some off-hand comment about a spin-off. I’ll believe it when I see “The Schrute Show” credits rolling! :)

  7. That’s a terrible idea, especially if it means yanking Dwight off The Office so Rainn Wilson can focus on his spin-off. And if he were on two shows at once, then it would be complete overkill. I like milkshakes, but two of them give me a stomach ache.

  8. I was hoping this was from “The Onion”, no such luck. It would be a disaster. A goofy character is only good when you have him as a part of an ensemble (and in smallish doses). This would weaken “The Office” and create an unwatchable new show. Bad, bad idea.

    Hey NBC, how did that whole “Joey” thing work out?

  9. Dwight can’t carry a show. He’s a hilarious character, etc… but it’s like having a Kramer spinoff from Seinfeld. It’d get old quickly.

  10. My immediate reaction is: what on earth?!? Maybe the spinoff will ultimately work. But “The Office” is a delicate creation where every element and character plays an integral role in the fine balance of humor and heart that we have grown to love. I would hate to lose Dwight to a spinoff while “The Office” is still on the air. This idea just comes across as desperation by NBC to try to split one hit-show into two, and I only fear doing so would damage the original show with no guarantee of success in the other.

    “Frasier” was a rare instance of the spinoff that worked, in part because Frasier himself was only a marginal character in the original “Cheers; there were lots about him that the audience didn’t know and lots of potential still for the character to develop. Not to mention it had a great cast and was astutely able to mine making fun of the upper-class snobbery of Frasier and Niles. Could we stand a weekly show where we see Dwight as the building inspector, or recounting his out-of-this-world stories?

    Citing the “Frasier” example is misguided in this case. I really hope NBC reconsiders this reported move.

  11. The only way I would support this is if The Office ended…and that’s not happening for a couple more seasons at least. Bad idea!

  12. I don’t think this is a good idea at all. Spin-offs always ruin the originals!

  13. Ugh- I do not want them to do this. Bad idea. Leave The Office as is- no need to change something that’s working so well!

  14. Yeah, the only way I could tolerate depriving Dwight Schrute from Scranton would be if The Office ended. No way could The Office be as great without Dwight. And even then, it seems like it would be hard to pull off.

  15. GAH, what a TERRIBLE idea! Ben Silverman, please let this be one of those briefly-circulated and extremely inaccurate rumors. That would be…just terrible. Dwight is funny where he is, and “The Office” is funny with Dwight where he is.

    Ew. AWFUL.

  16. oompa loompa doopadee dawesome. Dwight is now gone which is totally awesome!

  17. Add me to the resounding and unanimous chorus of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’s!

  18. Hmmm, let’s examine NBC’s past attempts at spinoffs:

    “Joey” from Friends. Lasted two seasons and was really a bad show and idea to begin with.

    “The Michael Richards Show” from Seinfeld. Not a direct spinoff but with 3 writers from Seinfeld. Lasted less than two months.

    And who ever heard of doing a successful spinoff of a show that’s still running? Let’s hope that this is Faux News’s attempt to redirect a slow news day.

  19. Ignorant Slut and AndyW I agree with you. I hope this is a joke that dies quickly. It wouldn’t be the same without Dwight. And, I agree that Dwight’s character alone can’t hold a whole show. What are they thinking??

  20. From the wording of the story, it sounds like Rainn made a passing, jokey reference to this at the Tony’s, and the stupid reporter took it seriously. The wording is very careful. It’s clear the reporter hasn’t talked to Silverman or even heard this from anyone at the network.

  21. Say it ain’t so!!! Worst idea ever. Neither show (T.O or Dwight’s) would be any good. Why wreck a good thing?????

  22. well it IS fox news that reported this so im hoping this story is as bogus as their report about barack obama being a muslim..

    but seriously, this is a terrible idea. we ALMOST had too much dwight already at the beginning of season 3 when jim wasnt around

  23. How about they pull a “Lou Grant,” taking a comedic though curmudgeonly character and turning him into the centerpiece for a drama? Yeah, no. A Dwight spin-off sounds like someone at NBC has been out in the sun too long.

  24. This only makes me think of how sad I was when Dwight went to Staples.
    And that was for the gap between ONE EPISODE.
    Lord, beer me strength.

  25. I’m sitting here, twiddling my fingers, going through a “Michael’s idea folder,” thinking about all kinds of choices and plans I’ve made in my own life, and STILL, STILL, I can’t come up with a worse idea. Dwight doesn’t work without Michael; Michael doesn’t work without Jim; Jim doesn’t work without Pam…it’s a cycle.

  26. no no no…dont mess a good thing when you have it! Especially now that the office is on the brink of mega ratings!

  27. no. No. NO! I like to think of The Office as a micrcosm, and the loss of any element affects the environment dramatically. I agree with the others who said that Dwight missing from one episode while he was at Staples was upsetting. Think about how wrong the show felt with Jim in Stamford. So many office relationships would be affected- Jim and Dwight, Michael and Dwight, Angela and Dwight, Andy and Dwight…… Don’t do it NBC!

  28. That is a shocking and misguided idea. Like everyone has said, Dwight is intergral part of the Office, and the loss of him in that dynamic would ruin the show. Frasier was a spinoff AFTER Cheers ended, which is why that worked.

  29. At least it’s from Fox News, so there’s still the hope that it’s a completely false story.

  30. Nooo! Please don’t NBC! Dwight is great because of the interaction he has with all the other Dunder Mifflinites! This would be bad indeed…I can’t live without “bears.beats.battlestar galactica”.

  31. This is the network being greedy – because the ratings are getting better they want to cash in now before they drop again. This is the worst idea ever…they are bound and determined to ruin our show! Who is supposed to be Dwight’s replacement? Andy?!? Is that why he was kept on? grrrr…

  32. Excuse me, but… YOU GOTTA BE EFFING KIDDING ME. I will not stand for this. I really hope this is a joke. If it’s real, this does not bode well for The Office. NBC – If you are listening, DON’T!

  33. Worst idea ever. I hope that Silverman and Rainn were just kidding and someone misunderstood and took them seriously.

  34. Whether it’s Trapper John, MD or Dwight Schrute, ARM, spinoffs are generally a bad idea.

  35. dwight away from the office? oh no, don’t do it. we need everyone together in one office!

  36. This is just an entertainment writer trying to come up with a story. Don’t take it seriously.

  37. Hey folks – this is from Fox News, do you think they’re serious? They don’t even quote a source, just Rainn’s off-handed comment. It couldn’t work because it would have to be another ensemble show to tolerate Dwight’s oddness, and he’s already IN the best ensemble show on TV.

  38. The Ordinary Housewife posted something on her blog about it too, along with funny spinoff ideas for some of the other Office characters. Here is the link

  39. I think people are kind of getting ahead of themselves here. There’s not even a direct quote from Rainn so we have no idea exactly what he said or what the context was. I agree, Rainn was probably joking around and the columnist took him seriously.

    I agree, it would be a terrible idea, if was true, but I’m not getting my knickers in a twist, yet.

  40. i don’t think that’s a good idea at all…the office wouldn’t be the same without dwight!! remember what we all went through when jim was out of the office? and that was only for a few episodes!

  41. Because this came from FauxNews, I’m going to presume that it’s false. If NBC even considers this, they are going to throw a great show down the toilet.

  42. OK, here’s my $0.02 on the rumor (and remember, it’s a rumor):

    Do I agree with the idea of a spinoff, especially before “The Office” has run its course? Absolutely I don’t. But … Silverman is also probably under heaps of pressure to make sweeping changes to the network as new head honcho. He could see this as an innovative opportunity that could pay off. We’ve trusted him with this version of “The Office,” why not give him the benefit of the doubt until he has proved us wrong?

    As a last resort, we could make like the “Jericho” fans’ protest, and send in Dwight glasses so Silverman could “see” that his more hardcore fans think it’s a bad idea (for the record, I’m probably a big fan, but not fanatical). But I think that’d be a negative campaign, if nevertheless grassroot. Just my opinion.

  43. This cannot be true. If it is, it is the single worst idea ever. Earth to NBC: Do you remember “Joey”? If this actually did happen, it would completely ruin “The Office.” Ugh.

  44. This wouldn’t ruin the Office, but Dwight’s spinoff would not be good.

    His character is the most over-the-top on the show, and while he is often hilarious mixed in with the rest of the cast, I think a show revolving around his character would be awful.

    Without Dwight, The Office would survive, and likely the new would be cancelled swiftly and he’d come back. The comparison to Frasier is really stupid– I don’t think that analogy works. Frasier to Cheers= Dwight to the Office?? Ummm, No.

    Oh, no–what would become of Angela? Say it ain’t so!

  45. This would be a great idea when The Office is off the air. But it’s a horrible idea right now. Dwight is a great foil with Michael and now with Andy. No way in hell do I want to see this at this time.

  46. This would be a terrible mistake. If there’s a Dwight-centered Office spin-off I will feel like somebody took my heart, and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears.

  47. it’s fox news.

    these days they’re about as reliable as the national enquirer.

    i say we wait for an official press release from nbc.

  48. Ben: Just think, what would an idiot do? And then don’t do that thing.

    Although, we “could see if his old friends Jim and Pam drop by and wish him luck!” Gag.

    I don’t think it’s true. In an offhand comment to LITO David Denman said he thought Pam and Roy would end up together.

  49. Yeah, I really hope they listen to all of us who are saying no. We, the fans, know what we’re talking about! I’m absolutely against this for now. I wouldn’t mind seeing it after “The Office” goes off air, but not now! I really hope they don’t do this….

  50. I agree. Rainn was definitely joking and the Fox News reporter had no clue. There is no way NBC or Rainn would jeopardize a hit TV show while it is still in it’s prime.

  51. You can’t kill the Dwight/Michael or the Dwight/Jim dynamics – that would be an abomination of comedy. Instead of having one great hit show (that could be arranged to bring viewership to other shows), you’d have two not-so-great shows (actually, one slightly less funny show, and one mildly funny show). I don’t see it. Of course, compared to such new heavyweights as “Big Bang Theory”, the “Dwight Schrute Comedy Hour” may compete favorably, on a Tuesday night.

    Here’s my idea – spin off Ed Helms into something. Right now, you do have one too many foils (Andy AND Dwight). Now this may not soothe Rainn’s desire to have his own show, but let this one run its course before taking that risk. Meanwhile, match up Andy in a different office environment, and see how (or even if) he survives.

    I think breaking up the original Office dynamic would be a mistake. Right now, the show (as is) could occupy a full hour of great TV every week, with the diversity and breadth of the characters they have. Spin Dwight off, and you’ll have one half-hour of must-see-TV, and an hour of crapshoot TV. Even if there was no risk of the new show failing, how could that be better than what NBC already has?

    This sounds like one of Jim Halpert’s practical jokes to me.

    “Which Dwight Is Best?” “PresentDwight”. “Wrong. FutureDwight is best”. “Irrelevant. All Dwights are best.”

  52. it’s clear that everyone agrees that a Dwight spin off is the worst idea ever.
    but, I bet every one of you would tune in like I would

    also, no more Dwight means more time for peanut butter and JAM!

  53. Dwight isn’t funny, but him being made fun of by all of the other characters in the office is hilarious. NBC is going to ruin the office.

  54. I love Dwight and Rainn both, but I do think he is so integral to The Office that it would be a shame – maybe once the main series is over they could consider this – yes, although we hate to consider it, that day will come eventually – God, I don’t even want to think about it.

  55. I like the thought of a Dwight show after the series conclusion of The Office.

    How fun would it be to see him out getting drunk w/ his laser tag buddies and stuff like that?

  56. “I like the thought of a Dwight show after the series conclusion of The Office.

    How fun would it be to see him out getting drunk w/ his laser tag buddies and stuff like that?”

    Not as fun as it sounds.

    We’d be wanting to see him interacting with his co-workers.

  57. I’m ok with this spin-off as long as if it’s after The Office is completely finished which I’m hoping will be in the month of Neveruary!

  58. I don’t buy it. It’s Fox News (in the gossip section), for one thing, and for another, Dwight’s job is his life, so how would spin-off really be any different than the way the show is now? And with no direct quote given, Rainn could’ve said anything and this guy could’ve interpreted it any way he wanted to.

  59. The only way a spin-off would work is if they did it with a minor character. Dwight is too big a part of the show, and the other characters are too big a part of his life for either of them to go on without the other.

    A Creed spin-off would be amazing though.

  60. I think that would be a horrible idea. When I think of spin-off, I think of laugh tracks, it just seems antiquated and doesn’t fit in with The Office. It seems weird that the Office would have a spin off.

  61. Oh please no. Whoever thought of that idea should be fired. I’ll be praying this never surfaces, for obvious reasons.

  62. NO!

    Can anyone say Friends Spin-off with Joey

    (I didn’t watch either show)


  63. Anyone recall Mackenzie Crook’s comment about having a dream about a Gareth spin-off that was so bad the original show was stripped of its BAFTAs?

    If we do not learn from history…

  64. This is a bad idea on so many levels. NBC, please don’t follow the Disney mentality by running something good into the ground.

  65. I would shoot someone.


    But seriously, did he notice everyone’s reaction after Traveling Salesmen? Some people actually thought Dwight was going to be off the show for awhile and they went nuts.

    DON’T DO IT. I hope this is a joke or something. What’s Dunder Mifflin without Michael/Dwight? We all saw the reunion in The Return. And Dwight/Jim? Seriously, it worked for the beginning of the season, but it couldn’t have lasted any longer.

  66. no, please don’t do it.
    no no no no.
    haven’t they learned? it’s about the ENSEMBLE! that’s what makes the show.

  67. I feel like Rainn would be hugely against this. I’m worried, but not too much. I did immediately think “NOOOO!!!” when I read this though :(

  68. Yeah this would be horrible, I pray to God NBC isn’t stupid enough to do this.

  69. If anyone thinks that this is a good idea, then they really don’t understand The Office.

    I guess NBC really is desperate for ratings, trying to milk their one hit show for anything they can get.

    Hopefully it’s just a rumor though, “Silverman COULD be THINKING about it” ?

    NBC – You ain’t gonna be messin with my chillin’!

  70. This is clearly not true. As soon as I read it I knew that Rainn was kidding. The news reporter just didn’t pick up on the sarcasm.

  71. I am happy to see how many agree with me that this is not a good idea. Dwight is a great character, but when he is granted too much air time, he tends to overact.

  72. At first I thought this was a stupid idea, but then I read the article and it kinda makes a little bit of sense. Yeah it wouldn’t be the same without Dwight, but look at Andy, he’s basically like Dwight-light. They mention that Fraiser was a part of Cheers before he spun-off into his own show, so if you do the same thing here, with the right people, both shows would last a good long time. Especially with the ensemble that the Office has

  73. When are these stupid network/tv people going to stop messing with what already works!!!!!

    Grey’s is doing it, (dumb!), just because NBC managed to make it work with one show (Frasier) like forever ago, doesn’t mean it will ever work again, aka(Joey).

    Plus the most important aspect…. The Office without any of it’s current characters (minus one Karen) just isn’t The Office. NO NO NO!

  74. Wow…I was going to apply for a job at NBC/Universal anyway. But now I wanna do it so I can slap some sense into whoever might have made this decision. You don’t try the spin off until AFTER the show run ends.

  75. Seeing that the source is fox news channel, I doubt there’s much truth to this.

  76. It feels like somebody took my heart, and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. And, at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer. And then, a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone. And I’m crying, and nobody can hear me. Because I am terribly, terribly, terribly alone.

    Please NBC. Don’t take Dwight away from Dunder-Mifflin. Worst. Idea. Ever. (not that I don’t love Rainn)

  77. Good news, all.

    A source close to Rainn Wilson told TV Guide that this rumor is “totally made up… a complete farce.”

  78. I am so glad this finally got sorted out so people can stop freaking out about something that would never happen. Although there was this one show called Joey…..

  79. All I can say is Thank God!!! I had a feeling it was bogus, but glad it is confirmed!

  80. Thank goodness this appears to not be true. “The Office” without Dwight (or any of the characters … with the possible exception of Karen and maybe Andy) just wouldn’t be “The Office” anymore.

  81. The spinoff’s workability aside, anything from Fox News should be taken with a grain of salt.

  82. With all the the back story that Creed has now, I would LOVE to see a Creed spin-off. Maybe a Creed BEFORE he was a member of the Dunder-Mifflin team. He could be ala Forrest Gump or something.

  83. Just, like, a day in the life of creed, maybe hearing his thoughts…like “hmm…what was I doing…and “wow, there are like three new employees today…hmm what was I doing”

  84. nbc’s not pulling any main characters out of the office.
    they’re casting all new characters.
    never fear.

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