1. Tanster, your day will definitely come and it will be AWESOME! You’ve definitely earned it by all you do with your website and uniting us Office fans!

    Thanks for sharing these three awesome fan stories! It was a great couple of weeks for Office fans, apparently! :-)

  2. Hey, Tanster, it’s “Stapler.” Thanks for posting my photo and the link to my story about meeting Rainn, Leslie, Phyllis, and Jenna in L.A. recently. It was a great experience – they were all so nice and I was grateful to all of them for taking a moment to say hello to me and pose for a photo. Thanks for all you do with Office Tally–it’s great!

  3. Hey, Stapler! I really enjoyed your photo essay. Here’s a detail that will stick with me: Dwight crashed his car at the “Office” street entrance. According to your picture, taken at a different angle, there is a PALM tree just down the road. Now, every time I watch the DVD rerun of that scene, I will think of that. The very idea of a palm tree growing in Scranton, Pa (I grew up there) just adds to the surreal fun of it all!

  4. Hey Bob – I hadn’t noticed that palm tree in the picture until you pointed it out! Surprisingly, the foliage around the studio wasn’t very “sunny L.A.” at all! And the buildings on that street are all one or two story industrial office buildings, so that part of it DID fit the “business-like” atmosphere.

    Another little thing to look for when watching the DVD’s…in The Fire, there’s a shot (I think when Roy is saying he’d “do” Angela) where you can see a building in the background with the real building number 13922 on it. The fake Dunder Mifflin address is 1725 Slough Ave (nod to the BBC version) and 1725 can be seen on the building in my pix. But 1725 is not the real street number of the studio and wouldn’t really be across from a building #13922. Just a minor continuity error.

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