Upcoming live cast appearances

Speaking of meeting the cast, here are some upcoming opportunities for fans in the NYC or Scranton area:

  • Nov. 16: John Krasinski, New York, NY
    John Krasinski will appear at the Used Book Cafe for “Jest Fest 06, a celebration of the 10th Anniversary of David Foster Wallace’s INFINITE JEST. Join John Krasinski (The Office), Todd Hanson (The Onion), Lev Grossman (Time Magazine), and Laura Miller (Salon) in reading from and talking about the book. Audience participation strongly encouraged!”
    More info
  • Dec. 17: Rainn Wilson, Scranton, PA
    Rainn will visit the The Mall at Steamtown and “sign autographs and pose for photo ops. Bring a DVD or bobble-head for him to sign! In Partnership with The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.”
    More info

Thanks to Melody for the JK tip!

For a full list of Office-related events, head over to the OT Calendar.


  1. It’s about two hours depending on traffic. There is always construction along the extension unfortunately. But if you leave early enough, you should be fine.

  2. do you think there will be massive lines like 5 hours ahead of time to see John Krasinski at the Used Book Cafe? I would only be able to get there at 4! ah!

  3. jimhalpertislife,

    Philly to Scranton = about a 2-hour drive… 120ish miles. take the NE extension of the PA turnpike.

  4. i am planning on staying overnight in scranton, but can’t decide if I shouls crash at a friend’s house or sleep in front of the mall. that place will be an insane nightmare that day.

    trust me.

  5. Page Six’s Book Mark has a picture of John Krasinski up, along with information on the DFW movie he’s shooting and the appearance. (I’ve linked it in the website field.)

    I thought he was shooting “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men”, but they’ve got “The Broom of the System” as the film he’s shooting.

  6. if only my german final wasn’t on the 18th…
    can’t rainn push that back two days? to the day when i’ll be driving through lacawanna county and right past scranton? so close, and yet so far ;)

  7. I’m probably going to go if I’m not doing anything. I live in Scranton so it’s no problem. :D

  8. Looks like I’m taking a mini road trip to scranton in december! :) :) :)

    I wish I could just take the train from philly to ny for john, but alas…just starting a full time job means I can’t take off, ever.

  9. My college is on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I am going to see Rainn Wilson. And who cares if I have a final in Multinational Firms the next day?

  10. My husband & I just discovered the Office this summer as a rerun when I was pregnant! Since then we had the baby and he left for Iraq- so I moved back home to the Poconos!! I’m totally going to see if Rainn will take a picture with my daughter so I can send it to Iraq. My husband would roll on the floor. Do you think he’d do it? :-P

  11. So who went to see Rainn today? I was there, but the line was too long to actually meet him. So i just watched for a while. :/

  12. I met Rainn Wilson today in Scranton. The line was long, but we had fun and got an autograph and a photo!!

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