1. It’s nice, but you know Jim and Pam won’t be together until the last moment of the last episode. The aboslute worst thing that the writers could do is to turn the Jim / Pam relationship into a lousy “Friends” knockoff. Why anyone would want to copy the Ross / Rachael storyline anyway is beyond me.

    Ross and Rachael were both very unlikeable characters, and their storyline was anything but believable. That’s what makes the Jim and Pam thing better: they’re both likeable characters, and their relationship feels more real to the viewers. I mean, come on… who out there could REALLY relate to Ross and Rachael?

  2. Someone also posted this 3 and a half minute fake promo for The Merger which is pretty good

  3. there’s another promo i saw last night and it was only of office (no earl) and it was longer, and it was jim coming in and seeing pam and saying “Hi, I’m Jim” (so cute!) and she huged him.. and then i dont thnk it said anything about the GI but the announcer said “but the past is sometimes hard to forget” with a picture of them kissing in casino night, and then it was pam asking jim if he wanted to go out for coffee, and i couldnt exactly catch what jim said (i was still in shock from the “Hi, I’m Jim”-haha) but im 99% positive he gave her some excuse..

    ..if thats on again i would kill to rewatch it

  4. *delurking* Is that Andy “chest bumping” StamfordChipGuy with Michael? I can’t wait to see the craziness that ensues with Michael, Dwight, Andy and Jim all in the same office!

  5. I’m so disappointed no one on the West Coast recorded the new promo last night! The exact time it was going to show was posted everywhere last night. Oh well. Fingers crossed they will show it again.

  6. At least Pam is putting herself out there. Their phone call may have been accidental, but she’s tried to contact him by text message and now she’s asking him out. She’s not the same Pam as before and hopefully that continues.

    I wonder if he already has plans with Karen?

    Argh! They’re going to kill me. But I love it :)

  7. Good point Kdmcnabb! Maybe Jim just has plans with Karen (totally unromantic and just showing her around town I hope!).

    Can’t wait til Thursday!

  8. I was able to find the preview on NBC.com. First go to this website:

    A VERY VERY kind soul posted instructions on how to see the new promo. It’s up on the NBC website.

    Go to http://www.nbc.com/Video/

    Then click on the yellow button that says Launch Video Player Experience. Under NBC 24/7, click on the Most Popular tab. Then click on the picture of Michael that says Featured: Preview upcoming episodes. Click on that and there will be several small icons for various shows. On the second to last icon you will see Jim. Just click on it, and the preview will launch.

  9. Sorry, I forgot to mention the person who posted the instructions was over at the Live Journal page.

  10. Note to NBC: if you put the coming attractions promos on your nbc.com website you will get more traffic.

  11. Jim is such an idiot.
    but i still love him…..and apparently so does Pam….and possibly Karen.

  12. Is it Thursday yet?! This looks like it’s going to be a really good episode! Gotta love that Halpert!

  13. So, this is completely unrelated to anything having to do with The Merger, but did anyone happen to catch Ellen yesterday?

    Apparently, it was worth Tivo-ing, just to see a snippet of John’s version of “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias…

    I’m still waiting for it to show up on youtube…

  14. most amazing promo I have ever seen. period.

    Jim is coming home! I have been telling people that for 48 hours, and people are like “who is Jim?” and I just give a bizarre smile, and walk away, I am extremely excited.

  15. Great, thanks everybody for the help. What a great clip. Tanster, I know you added the link to the post just for me, right?

    Thanks again

  16. oh that made me sad when Pam asked Jim if he wanted a coffee and he said he was still settling in, but i don’t blame him, he’s still obviously trying to deal with what happened with him and Pam

  17. The song is by Lamar..and no Its not on iTunes… i’ve been trying to download it somehow for weeks and can’t find a link anywhere…so anyone who wants to help me out??

    (I know the nbc website has a “download” the song…but it will only play on my laptop if it’s connected to the internet…i was hoping to download it somehow.)

    ANYWAY. yes, the jammage factor in this makes me sad. but he doesn’t want to get hurt again!! makes sense to me… i would be bitter too. but still sad.

  18. Anyone notice that it’s Andy and Michael that are bumping up against the guy who need Karen’s skinny arms to get his chips? Looks like they become fast friends (Andy and Michael)

  19. For anybody that wants the “Stars” track. Right click my name and choose “Save Target As…”.

  20. Or, right click on the word “Stars” below in Tanster’s post and choose “Save Target As…”

  21. How did I know I could count on you for this much talked about promo that I hadn’t seen yet?! Thanks, Tanster! :-)

  22. was that a little bitterness Jim was showing Pam when she asked him to get coffee? oh i’m freaking out.

  23. That was a little harsh Jimmy. I’m going to curl up into a corner and cry a little.

  24. I know. I was really upset when Jim was all bitter towards Pam. I really think she’s trying to make things right. I think she wanted to get coffee with Jim to tell him that she feels the same way about him as he does about her. Oh well, i can see why Jim is hesitant though, he doesn’t want to get hurt again

  25. Yeah but she broke up with her fiance shortly after he told her he loved her. I know Jim is a salesman and not a mathematician but he should be able to put 2 and 2 together. :)

  26. Pam’s hair is different! It looks like she curled it with a curling iron and not just scrunched it like she usually does. It looks like she’s trying to amp it up a bit for Jim’s return.

  27. ME,
    yeah i noticed that. and i didn’t find it surprising either ’cause their both so similar (except that i actually find andy even more annoying than michael). maybe now michael will have a real buddy

  28. I’m so proud of Pam for asking him to coffee right away! I totally expected Jim to be hesitant and a little distant, it’s normal.

    But yay Pam!

  29. Maybe this is a case of misleading NBC promos again! :) He said, “I’m still settling in and stuff…” (or whatever his exact words were) and she said, “Okay, well…whenever”.

    He might just as easily have said, “Yeah, that’d be great, but I don’t really have time right now”. Still kind of a brush off…but it’s not like he said, “No way, get outta here”. It seems more like a stalling tactic while he figures out what he wants to do. Just my two cents! :)

  30. Don’t know if anybody noticed there is another promo for an office couple: Dwight and Angela! It has the “stars” music and looks just like all the Pam/Jim promos but is hilarious. Complete with dramatic NBC voiceover and everything. I like it more than the new Jim/Pam one. I like how NBC makes even the seious aspects of this show funny.

  31. I am both terribly scared and excited. And I am wishing my week away to Thursday. Yikes.

  32. what’s wrong with that song? it doesn’t sound cheezy at all…you should listen to the whole thing…its a great britpop-ish kinda song

  33. okay… I could be wrong, but when Pam says “yes!” it looks a lot like it’s from that episode when she sees Dwight eating the extra Baby Ruth Angela bought. I was making my boyfriend watch season 2 because he’s never seen it and I noticed. I swear I’m not psycho or anything!

  34. Mapanco – I agree. I think it is from Email Surveillance in Season 2. That doesn’t look like a new clip at all.

  35. I’m pretty sure that everything, except when Pam says “Yes” is new. “Yes” is definetely from “E-Mail Surveillance”. That’s when the camera person comes up to her after she asks them to let her know if they see anything regarding “Dwangela” and after they have seen Dwight eating one of the two Baby Ruth’s that Angela had just bought.

    The promo is great and while I’d love for Jim to say to Pam, “Heck yeah, I’ll go out to coffee with you” I know that just isn’t realistic given all that has happened between the two of them and that he is going to need time to deal with it all. Hopefully though with that said, the two of them will be able to sit down and talk about everything sooner rather than later and get back to exactly where they were last May. :)

  36. Rhonda-That’s a good question but I think the answer would be yes. When Jim was away Pam had a lot of time to think about things and even though she’s attracted to Jim physically(what girl wouldn’t be?), she’s more attracted to his personality.

  37. I just saw a slightly different promo on Sunday Night Football. It had the same hug scene, along with the Karen/Michael scene…but then it shows Jim and Pam in the break room, and before Jim walks away he smiles and laughs like he just made a joke. So maybe he did not turn down Pam so harshly as it seemed in the original promo. Hopefully things won’t get to weird for them.

  38. I LOVE Pam, but honestly she’s not really “putting herself out there” putting herself out there would be to just come right and say “Listen I was an idiot…I love you too.” Because at this point he’s already told her he CAN’T just be her friend, and then the first thing she does is immediately asks him to a friendly cup of coffee? I don’t know, I could understand Jim being put off a bit. ::sigh:: I can’t wait for these two to get it right.

  39. Is the “Stars” song the same song they used in the last Jammy promo. The one used in the summer that was totally dedicated to them?

  40. Of course Andy is still there… Haven’t you seen the promos and the cast listings? His name is listed. Of course he’s not gone. He’s a great character – he adds a lot of humor to the show. He’s fast becoming one of my favorite characters!

  41. Ooooh i love Pete Yorn… how new is this album you’re talking about? I have a couple of them burned from my friend.

  42. i bet that after he says ‘i’m still getting settled’ he says something like ‘but i’d love too’ :p

  43. I saw another promo almost the same as the second one focused mostly on JAM and it was like…this episode, 182 days in the making…
    maybe that is what wearescrewed is talking about

  44. Samantha – if you could find that video promo that would be awesome! It’s not the same one as the one where she asks him for coffee, right? Because that one is already posted. :)

  45. It is basically the same one but it has different wording on the voice over. It is on the NBC video site and it is the same icon as the one before. They just changed the wording a bit.

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