1. haha, Rainn!

    hope there’s no hostile feelings between them for filming. not sure how comfy that trunk is. ;)

    and I expect the video will be hilarious tonight. but brilliant marketing anyways, just another reason why I should see The Rocker!

  2. Wow…I wonder if the studio asked him to promote the movie in a creative way (I can’t imagine they anticipated anything like this), or if he’s just having fun. Probably a bit of both.

  3. That’s funny… but it’s so much, it honestly makes me not want to see the movie.

  4. This kind of vaguely reminds me of the line:
    “Is that a threat?” – Meredith
    “No, it’s an invitation!” – Angela

  5. Number 8 – I just laughed so hard at that comment…

    This whole thing is hilarious

  6. this is so funny! Rainn, you crack me up! haha I will HAVE to go see the movie now, I guess! just for that peach smoothie ;)

  7. It is gonna be a hilarious week leading up to the release of the movie. Looking forward to the hostage videos!

  8. Rumor is that he’s forcing her to eat brownies that have a much higher caloric count than 88.

  9. Rainn’s MS Paint skills are amazing ;) [from tanster: lol!]

    Can’t wait to see the video!

  10. This is a very cute way to combat against FOX’s crappy advertising. Too bad David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson didn’t think of it.

    :) Go Rocker!

  11. See a great movie. Save a good person.

    HAHAHA!! This is all very hilarious. I like how much he emphasizes his promise of the peach smoothie.

  12. It’s so funny that Jenna’s going along with it…you know, just sitting at reception, posting on MySpace the things Rainn emails her. Those crazy kids!

  13. He’s evil…like a hobbit

    What a refreshing and absolutely hilarious way to promote his movie. I would have gone to see it regardless but for him to put this kind of effort into promoting it – he’s earned my admission fee and then some.

    …off to find 1800 fellow lovers of soup

    Rainn = Awesome

  14. HAHA omygosh that video is hilarious!! with a hint of Season-2-Sith-Lord-Dwight…Quiet you! oh man this is yet another reason this show is completely awesome, the actors are the greatest! :)

  15. There are no words…I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

    I’ll see your movie, Rainn, just let her go! :)

  16. Alright – I’ll play the FBI Agent with the bullhorn outside with the SWAT team here: How can we be sure if that’s Jenna?

  17. Rainn, I have some demands of my own: Keep Jenna hostage until she agrees to stop making Pam look like she just came from the hair and makeup trailer, and apologize for the Finer Things Club.

    You have one day.

  18. Wow. This made my morning! This is why the office is so great…the cast is amazing on and off the set!

  19. Eddie Murphy has really taken a turn for the worst. Maybe he is the real Scary Spice . . .

  20. Forget the “Real Life Michael Scott” Contest!! Lets get a “Real Life Pam Beesly” Contest so that I can date them. :)

  21. lol, can’t wait to see the next video coming up today(at least that’s what the website promised. How do we know that it’s really Jenna in that car? Also, I thought that she was in the trunk, not the back seat. Or is it one of those cars that the trunk is in the backseat? So funny considering that the movie premieres next week, would he really keep her in there for another 2 weeks? The countdown is on the free Jenna website, so I guess we’ll see.


  22. I agree with Daniel. Are we expected to believe that it’s really Jenna in the car? C’mon, Rainn. Just because we see girly hands beating on the back window doesn’t mean we’re going to accept it’s Jenna. For all we know, it could be some poor guy you accosted on the street and paid to sit in the car and make noise… :)

  23. On FreeJennaNow.com and Rainn’s YouTube account, there are new videos. I wish he had a Myspace account.

  24. 18.7 million is quite a hefty ransom. Unfortunately, my policy is not to negotiate with terrorists, so… I’ll have to catch it during the matinee.

  25. i think that actually is jenna. i know that sounds silly but it sort of looks like her hands and arms and the way she is hitting the window seems very jenna like to me. i can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be jenna.

  26. There’s a new video! it’s quite funny, but the first is definitely better! :) These guys are the best!!

  27. 1. Creed’s shirt (Luzurne CCC) my friend actually attended and that totally made me smile.

    2. This just shows why the office and cast are amazing.

    3. I totally believe Jenna is in that trunk. And will see the rocker to set her free.

  28. i hope all this promotion works, a little embarrassing if it doesn’t :/

    whatever though, i’m loving the vids.

  29. There’s a new video on freejennanow.com with Angela stopping by asking Rainn to let her out so they can go to Target.

  30. Did anyone else notice something in the car with Jenna in the third movie (with Angela?) It’s to the left side of the screen, almost behind Rainn.

  31. #54 – alex
    i can’t speak for everyone else but, yes you are alone. i think this is absolutely hilarious! it is so funny. but i can see it not appealing as much to everyone. this is very dry. i have a very dry sense of humor so this totally cracks me up! i like it better than the webisodes (which i also liked – especially oscar!)

  32. I love these.

    Also, love that Creed went to (or at least stole a t-shirt from, haha) the same community college I take summer courses at.

  33. These are hilarious clips! Rainn’s “She’s pre-indisposed.” and “They have a Shabby Chic line at Target???” just kill me.

  34. Is it just me or does the fact that they’re going this far to promote “The Rocker” tell you that it’s not funny enough to promote itself? It just doesn’t show confidence in the movie to me.

  35. There are SO MANY normal ways to promote a movie. Taking your “Office” costar as a hostage? Oh well. Just see the movie. Bring your friends. Because we all want Jenna free!

  36. “Angela stopping by asking Rainn to let her out so they can go to Target.” LMAO! I am loving these clips.

  37. And may I also add that I love how it went from a renegade movement on YouTube to now being an official NBC clip. Way to hop on the bandwagon, NBC!

  38. HAHA “well, that’s destructive, and not, helpful…” oh man how does he keep getting funnier every time?

  39. haha! i love angela.

    but i do not understand all this “hot” talk about rainn….he will always be dwight (who btw, is NOT a catch!)


  40. #59 – Schrutastic
    I have to agree that at first I was sorta thinking the same thing. However, there is a DJ on my local LA radio station who does the morning entertainment news who is very picky when it comes to the movies he likes, and I more often than not agree with his taste.

    He has already seen The Rocker and he does nothing but rave about it almost every morning. He said that it is way more funny than the commercials make it out to be, and it comes highly recommended.

    Also, it seems to me that to Rainn it’s more about getting people to see a good movie than actually making money. The man probably doesn’t need money that bad, being on TO. :-) I genuinely think he’s proud of the movie and wants people to see it because he believes in it.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this whole thing, I think it’s a fun and unique way to promote the movie!

  41. Am I the only one who, at that picture of Jenna drinking water, IMMEDIATELY tried to see if there was a ring on her finger? Yes?

    This campaign’s hilarious. I love Rainn!

  42. Bigtunette you are not the only one who looked for the ring. I am also guilty of looking.

    Also I nearly cried laughing when I saw the picture of Rainn squirting water in her mouth.

  43. I’m going to plan a covert CIA joint operation with the JLU (Jenna Lovers United) to go in and rescue her from this bondage!

  44. Let it be known that at the theater tonight I told 3 people to go see the Rocker. (Would’ve been more but it was a late showing…. what can you do)

    Meanwhile – “could you crack a window” haha

  45. “One squirt, little squirt!” Haha! I am so thankful for these antics. It helps me forget how long I have to wait for the premiere of Season 5. To Rainn and company: thanks for being you. You guys are such nerds- it rocks!!!

  46. 120 degrees….that cracked me up.

    I think Malone’s Cones needs to make a visit and provide some relief for Jenna.

  47. The latest one is the funniest – “One squirt, little squirt!”

    I’ll go see the movie – heck, if Rainn has this much faith in it!

  48. Could you crack a window? Totally cute! I heart Jenna and Rainn. My mom saw these vids and put a big group together to go see the rocker on the 20th.

  49. Guys, can you imagine what the back of Dwight’s Firebird must be like?….ew….

    Stay strong Jenna!

  50. They should have a malone’s cones tie-in with these clips! haha that would be awesome.

  51. Glad to know I wasn’t hallucinating, jkrasislove. Rainn and Jenna should have more scenes together. It’s like watching Christmas and New Year’s collide into a super-holiday!

  52. The Jenna video takes the cake – hahaha! I’ve laughed as much at these as some of the best moments on The Office, and that’s a pretty high standard for me.

    “We can take the cushion off the front seat.”
    “I think you’re not getting what I’m saying.” Too funny.

  53. ok i know it is a little early but PLEASE put these and the olympics promos on the season 5 dvd!

  54. This was the best thing ever! I love how many times Jenna said “like”. So funny. And Rainn using some more Dwight quotes. “Step lively”. So great.

    I intended to see this film regardless of this stunt. An hour and a half of Rainn Wilson is obviously going to be awesome!

  55. AWW!! Jenna is absolutely hysterical in this!! I love how they’re eating pringles!

  56. This most recent clip is so cute. Jenna is adorable. I’d love it if this is her Pam-at-Pratt attire, but I’m thinking it’s just Jenna. It’s hard to tell, is Rainn in wardrobe?

  57. It might be her Pam at Pratt attire, Sara. Remember she did the sideways ponytail for her art show. Plus she started experimenting with different clothes last season, it could continue.

  58. This “Free Jenna” campaign is so much funnier and more creative than any publicity tour a studio might have come up with. Kudos to Rainn for putting his own mark on the promotion of his movie.
    Someone at 20th Century Fox must have remembered Ryan’s comment to Michael: “I’m delegating creativity to creative professionals.” Rainn is without a doubt an awesome creative professional.

  59. oh, i am loving these more and more as they keep coming out!

    but has anyone noticed how almost blatant the project placement is in these little videos? Target, Pringles. There’s pringles in most episodes.

    I’m just wondering why….if these are YouTube videos that don’t need money to be made and posted.

  60. I am waiting for JK to give us the greatest laugh.
    This is the funniest thing ever!!!

  61. wow these are just getting better and better! haha I agree with “Schrute”, when are we gunna see John??? :)

  62. #54 No you aren’t alone. I don’t think these are that funny and it’s obvious she isn’t really a hostage. I also don’t think The Rocker looks that funny either.

  63. #96- I think Rainn says “Callate!” which means “shut up” or “be quiet” in Spanish, but I’m not positive…

    These are so funny!

  64. “Would it help if we killed her?”
    “Or we could lay a trap for Steve”

    LMAO. Words cannot describe how much I love these people.

  65. #92, I highly doubt those are product placement ads. I don’t think Rainn thought these would get that much play, and no ad executive is going to pay for only a few thousand hits.

  66. hehehe, I love these. #99, I never noticed they keep switching cars – LOL, fantastic!

    And on a geeky note, I love that Rainn’s wearing an Iron Man mask in the last one with Mindy.

  67. I really want to eat Pringles after watching these.

    Loved Mindy’s lines, as posted in #100.

  68. These videos are hilarious! I have a feeling john krasinski is going
    to be the one to rescue jenna!

  69. ..I don’t see how the cars are different? But anyways, these videos are so cute; I love how supporting the cast is of Rainn’s new movie. I totally can’t wait to see it (:

  70. I’m pretty sure they aren’t switching cars. The license plates are the same in every video.

  71. I don’t know if the movie is going to be that good and I’m broke. But this guerrilla ad campaign has convinced me to see it anyways. I like how sadly honest/funny Rainn is when he says that if this movie doesn’t make enough money, he won’t get another leading role in a movie.

  72. Bone cancer. Wow. Did not expect that.
    And telling Jenna to be quiet in French, now. I think the next language he silences her in should be like, Vietnamese, or Dutch, or something.

  73. 113-

    Yikes, all I can say is yikes.

    But I love, “I’ve been trying to do more stuff that establishes me as a Native-American performer.”


  74. This video confirms that if Ryan comes back in Season 5, he’s coming back without our favorite beard.

  75. “would it help if we killed her?” Mindy Kaling, I could not love you more.

    When Dwight broke out into his favorite Native American song, I thought BJ was about to lose it. I wish these videos would go on forever!

  76. that is funny, i was totally like “so… no more beard huh?” always looking for the spoiler!

    i loved “i’ve been trying to do more stuff that establishes me as a native-american performer.”
    and “i will give you a dollar the way i would tip a street performer”

    these are great, it is fun to see the cast being hilarious in a different context.

  77. also, is it just me or does b.j. look jacked? working out in the prison yard perhaps :)

  78. Loved the vid but on a side note, there must be way too much traffic on the FreeJenna website – it has completely crapped itself!

  79. Cooooooome on down Jim! Jim! Jim…next? I love these; they are making my days and weeks. :)

  80. These videos just keep getting better and are so funny. It’s like a whole ‘nother set of webisodes for us lucky fans! Ha ha–When I was shucking corn earlier tonight of course I had to say the, “Maize; my people call it corn” line. My husband actually laughed! Rainn is onto some kind of weird stand up routine that will be loved by a really tiny audience!

  81. Now we just need a Jim/John and a Michael/Steve, and i will be satisfied. Great videos!! It’s cool to see the cast hang out outside of work, even though it looks like they’re in the parking lot of the show.
    P.S. Wow #129, I didn’t know we were allowed to curse when leaving a comment. Here’s mine. Poopy. Now that word is dirty.

  82. i did my part and saw it, and you know, it’s actually not half bad.
    also, I support the movement for a jim clip next!

  83. I love that it is still Jenna in the car.

    I will be seeing The Rocker on Saturday. You got my ticket, Rainn!

  84. B.J’s beard is completly shaven off- so what does that mean about his Ryan in season 5

  85. Just got back from seeing The Rocker and recommend it highly. Has a bit of a School of Rock vibe. Rainn was excellent and the supporting cast was great. Although the outcome was kind of predictable the acting was very good, the story moved at a good pace and it was funny.

    Go see it. You’ll be entertained and free Jenna in the process.

  86. “Maybe I’ll just do an in-memoriam blog. ‘She was great.'”

    I cannot stop laughing over this. I freaking love these people.

  87. My first thought was ‘Doesn’t Rainn know he is supposed to feed Jenna three times a day?’

  88. LMAO memorial blog! And poor Ali Larter… she’s just not as cool as Pam. :)

  89. On the board in the video: Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Ryan, Stanley, Phyllis, Andy, Oscar, Angela, Kevin, Kelly, Toby, Creed, Jan, and Meredith.

  90. Just saw the movie. Really, really loved it. Rainn is so proud of that backside, too. He’s really rockin’ those underwear…

  91. Anyone have good crowds at the theatre? Ours was mostly empty but it was a late showing and I think high school football games started yesterday around here, so I’m not surprised. The movie was pretty funny–I don’t think there’s gonna be any problem getting Jenna out of that trunk.

  92. I don’t think Jenna is going to be “freed” guys. I believe it made just over 1 million on its first night

  93. I saw “The Rocker” and laughed a lot. The two best lines were “…it’s like Abercrombie is making people now” and when the stretch yellow Hummer is referred to as a “school bus for a**holes.” Classic.

    Unfortunately there was only one other person in the entire theater, so Jenna may never get out of Rainn’s trunk.

  94. I went on Sun. afternoon and there were only a few of us in the theater (8 counting me). It’s too bad because it is a funny movie. There are a few gross out moments that I think it could have done without. But overall I thought it Rocked! I’m surprised that it didn’t do better this weekend…maybe it will pick up after people hear how funny it is. Fingers crossed!

  95. poor Rainn, I didn’t get a chance to see The Rocker yet, but I plan on seeing it still, while in theaters

  96. Poor Jenna… now she’s dead.

    And apparently Rainn and brian smoke now. Yikes!

    i saw it though, and it was very funny. I liked you, Rainn!

  97. I like that he can keep a sense of humor about the whole thing.
    Not liking the smoking all that much.

  98. I love how the dog barked at the end! Don’t worry Rainn your movie was WAY better than Gigli, Pluto Nash, and that Ninja movie

  99. awww poor rainn. it’s nice he keeps a good sense of humor on this. how much did it make?

    Oh and I thought he was keeping Jenna hostage until it made 18.7 mil. Right? wasn’t that why he said it was possible she’d be there until 2009?

    oh well. you’ll get ’em with Bonzai Shadowhands.

  100. I heard it only made 3.7 million on its opening weekend..not even close to the 18 million he wanted

  101. Clever Brian – if they can’t find the body, then it’s a victimless crime…..

  102. What no more JAM? …Is there JELLY in the works? And if Phyllis joins the undead too…we could have BELLY too. I’ve got a million of them…oh now that I think about it…I only have two. Hey Darryl and Kelly make Delly (Delhi)…ahhh that’s not cool…it’s Diversity Day all over again. I Schruted it.

  103. Ha that’s pretty funny. I was watching to see how the Rocker would do on its opening weekend. I would have enjoyed this more if he didn’t previously post one of Jenna being released. Oops.

  104. Jessica-That was a fantasy video. If you watch it all the way through, there’s a disclaimer at the end about how we let America’s Sweetheart down and she wasn’t released. Jenna’s a good sport, IMO :)

  105. Since it hasn’t been totally officially posted, here’s the weekend recap for The Rocker’s debut:
    1. Tropic Thunder – $16.2 million
    2. *The House Bunny – $14.5
    3. *Death Race – $12.6
    4. The Dark Knight – $10.5
    5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – $5.6
    6. The Pineapple Express – $5.4
    7. Mirrors – $5 million
    8. Mama Mia! – $4.3 million
    9. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – $4.1 million
    10. *The Longshots – $4.1 million
    11. Vicky Christina Barcelona – $3 million
    12. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 – $2.8 million
    12. *The Rocker – $2.6 million

    * denotes debut at box-office

  106. I saw The Rocker today!!!! I was actually surprised that I liked it so much. It’s sad that it didn’t do too well at the box office :(

  107. Poor Rainn. The Rocker did however earn a 30% better grade on Rotten Tomatoes than Gigli did. So there’s a plus!

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