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  1. Although I didn’t really understand anything they said. that Chilean Office is hilarious :D

    You can pretty much understand the jokes as they just did the original UK Office’s script, but man, that is some funky stuff :D

    That dude is the most stupid-looking Dwight ever.

  2. “Clothes Off Our Back” is also auctioning Jenna Fischer jeans — link

    You know, to make it a combo for a good cause — John and Jenna jeans :-)

  3. A six episode arc for Amy Ryan?! Does this mean Holly is going to be leaving?! I hope not! I love her!

  4. Insert “only way I’ll ever get in John Krasinski/Jenna Fischer’s pants” joke….here.

  5. Me gusta mirar La Oficina en español… y este Jim esta guapo también! Hoy es un buen día.

    Also, I’m crossing my fingers that we get to see Creed with a pet squirrel. I would pay money for that.

  6. being from Bolivia, watching the Chile version of the Office was pretty neat. thanks.

  7. Oh where oh where are you John??? Come out of hiding…we want to see pictures and talk show appearances!!

  8. Holy Crap! I speak Spanish and I could barely understand the Chilean accent. They must eat like every other syllable. I’m glad I knew what the episode was about and could just distinguish some cultural differences. Does anyone know how many versions there are? I only knew about the German and French versions.

  9. Wow, the Chilean office is awesome. I like how Chilean Jim put Dwight’s stuff in a sandwich instead of Jello. I guess Jello doesn’t translate in Chile.

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