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Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending August 31.


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  1. Although I didn’t really understand anything they said. that Chilean Office is hilarious :D

    You can pretty much understand the jokes as they just did the original UK Office’s script, but man, that is some funky stuff :D

    That dude is the most stupid-looking Dwight ever.

  2. “Clothes Off Our Back” is also auctioning Jenna Fischer jeans — link

    You know, to make it a combo for a good cause — John and Jenna jeans :-)

  3. A six episode arc for Amy Ryan?! Does this mean Holly is going to be leaving?! I hope not! I love her!

  4. Insert “only way I’ll ever get in John Krasinski/Jenna Fischer’s pants” joke….here.

  5. Me gusta mirar La Oficina en español… y este Jim esta guapo también! Hoy es un buen día.

    Also, I’m crossing my fingers that we get to see Creed with a pet squirrel. I would pay money for that.

  6. Oh where oh where are you John??? Come out of hiding…we want to see pictures and talk show appearances!!

  7. Holy Crap! I speak Spanish and I could barely understand the Chilean accent. They must eat like every other syllable. I’m glad I knew what the episode was about and could just distinguish some cultural differences. Does anyone know how many versions there are? I only knew about the German and French versions.

  8. Wow, the Chilean office is awesome. I like how Chilean Jim put Dwight’s stuff in a sandwich instead of Jello. I guess Jello doesn’t translate in Chile.

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