Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: A Final Message from Rainn Wilson

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated August 29, 2008:

A Final Message from Rainn Wilson

Dear MySpace community of the late Jenna Fischer

There was an unfortunate end to one half of the ‘JAM’ phenomenon due to the unfortunate box office performance of my new motion picture comedy film, ‘The Rocker’.

Ms Jenna Fischer was buried yesterday after 15 days in my trunk. Dehydration and emotional neglect. No peach smoothie for America’s sweetheart, I’m afraid. You can see actual footage of this event on my (failed) promotional website

As you can see from the videotape cassette, Miss Phyllis Smith has agreed to spend some time in the back seat of my Firebird to help out in my new quest, the pursuit of the coveted ‘Emmy’ award statuette.

Well, the pressure is now off of all of your collective shoulders, but The Rocker, a truly fun, sweet and funny comedy, is still at a theatre near you, entertaining literally hundreds of people across this great nation. Check it out!

That is all.

Rainn Wilson

PS. Jenna Fischer ‘appears’ to be alive and well – having fled her shallow grave. She is, in fact, a member of the undead. She’s a zombie actress. Still sweet as pie.

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